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The Ringside Boxing Show airs live, all over the world,
every Sunday at 4 p.m. Pacific, 5 p.m. Mountain,
6 p.m. Central, and 7 p.m. Eastern.

Discover why we've been called
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Dennis Taylor

Expert Analysts

Travis Hartman (top left, with Micky Ward and Arturo Gatti)
and Rizwaan Zahid (top right, with Oscar De La Hoya),
and John J. Raspanti (bottom, with Bobby Chacon)

Christopher James Shelton

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United States and Canada

Anchorage 3 p.m.
Atlanta 7 p.m.
Edmonton 5 p.m.
Halifax 8 p.m.
Honolulu 2 p.m.
Houston 6 p.m.
Indianapolis 7 p.m.
Los Angeles 4 p.m.
Minneapolis 6 p.m.
Montgomery 6 p.m.
Montreal 7 p.m.

New Orleans 6 p.m.
New York 7 p.m.
Oklahoma City 6 p.m.
Ottawa 7 p.m.
Philadelphia 7 p.m.
Phoenix 5 p.m.
San Francisco 4 p.m.
Seattle 4 p.m.
Toronto 7 p.m.
Winnipeg 6 p.m.

Algiers 1 a.m.
Amsterdam 1 a.m.
Athens 2 a.m.
Auckland 1 p.m.
Baghdad 3 a.m.
Bangkok 7 a.m.
Barcelona 2 a.m.
Beijing 8 a.m.
Beirut 2 a.m.
Belgrade 1 a.m.
Berlin 1 a.m.
Bogota 7 p.m.
Brasilia 10 p.m.
Brussels 1 a.m.
Bucharest 2 a.m.
Budapest 1 a.m.
Buenos Aires 9 p.m.
Cairo 2 a.m.
Cape Town 2 a.m.
Caracas 8 p.m.
Copenhagen 1 a.m.
Dubai 4 a.m.
Frankfort 1 a.m.
Geneva 1 a.m.
Guatemala 6 a.m.
Hanoi 7 a.m.
Havana 7 p.m.
Helsinki 2 a.m.
Hong Kong 8 a.m.
Islamabad 5 a.m.
Istanbul 2 a.m.
Jakarta 7 a.m.
Jerusalem 2 a.m.
Johannesburg 2 a.m.
Kathmandu 5 a.m.
Kingston 7 p.m.
Kuwait City 3 a.m.
Lima 7 p.m.

Lisbon 12 a.m.
London 12 a.m.
Madrid 1 a.m.
Managua 6 p.m.
Manila 8 a.m.
Melbourne 9 a.m.
Mexicali 4 p.m.
Mexico City 6 p.m.
Minsk 2 a.m.
Montevideo 10 p.m.
Moscow 3 a.m.
Nairobi 3 a.m.
Nassau 7 p.m.
New Delhi 6 a.m.
Oslo 1 a.m.
Paris 1 a.m.
Perth 8 a.m.
Prague 1 a.m.
Rio de Janeiro 10 p.m.
Rome 1 a.m.
San Juan 8 p.m.
San Salvador 6 p.m.
Santiago 9 p.m.
Santo Domingo 8 p.m.
San Paolo 10 p.m.
Seoul 9 a.m.
Shanghai 8 a.m.
Stockholm 1 a.m.
Sydney 9 a.m.
Taipei 8 a.m.
Tehran 4 a.m.
Tijuana 4 p.m.
Tel Aviv 1 a.m.
Tokyo 9 a.m.
Vienna 1 a.m.
Warsaw 1 a.m.
Zurich 1 a.m.
Boxing on the radio
The Evolution
of a Boxing Radio Show

John J. Raspanti

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El Boxeo

EL BOXEO is a project that deals with race, language, culture, economics, politics – and above all, boxing. It’s an oral history – a story told by fighters, boxing experts and historians, announcers, commentators, comedians, sportswriters, actors, spouses, entertainers and fans – people like Bob Arum, Miguel Diaz, Jose Sulaiman, Francisco “Paco” Valcarcel, Larry Merchant, Al Bernstein, Victor Ortiz, Jimmy Lennon Jr., Juan Laporte, Mia Rosales St. John, Richard Steele, Hanna Gabriel, Armando Muniz, Pepe Correa, Roger Mayweather, Orlando Canizales, and many others — complemented by fight footage, archival photos, and memorabilia.



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Travis Hartman
Rizwaan Zahid
Dennis Taylor
''Irish' Joe O'Rourke
Lou Catalano
Reni Valenzuela
Harvey Dock
Christopher J. Shelton
Gordon Marino
Sam Gregory
Jerry Hoffman
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Rare & fascinating tales, told in their own words, by some of the most colorful personalities of their generation.
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