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Aaron Lister Brown

"The Dixie Kid"

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Aaron Lister Brown also known as Dixie Kid (born 1883-12-23 in Fulton, MO � died 1934-04-06 in Los Angeles, California) was a world welterweight boxing champion.

Professional career

Kid captured the world welterweight title on April 29, 1904 with a 20-round victory by foul over Barbados Joe Walcott.

In his career as a welterweight and middleweight divisions, he fought such notable fighters as Jimmy Clabby, Mike Twin Sullivan, Willie Lewis, Sam Langford and Georges Carpentier.


Kid fought over 150 bouts, and retired in 1920 and died on April 6, 1934 in Los Angeles. [1]


Kid was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (2002).