Felix Sturm

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Real name

Adnan Ćatić


Felix Sturm

Rated at



5 ft. 11½ in. (181 cm.)


Flag of Germany German

Birth date

31 January 1979 (1979-01-31) (age 29)

Birth place

Leverkusen, West Germany



Boxing record
Total fights




Wins by KO






No contests


Felix Sturm whose real name is Adnan Ćatić (born on 31 January 1979 in Leverkusen, West Germany) is a German middleweight boxer of Bosnian ancestry, who won the title at the 2000 European Amateur Boxing Championships in Tampere, Finland. He is the current WBA middleweight champion.

 Professional career

On 27 January 2001, Sturm made his debut as a professional boxer facing Antonio Ribeiro from Angola. Six months earlier he had qualified for the Olympic Games in Sydney, but lost his fight to future middleweight champ Jermain Taylor.

After 16 successful matches, Sturm won the WBO Inter-Continental middleweight title on 10 May 2003. On 13 September 2003, he replaced the injured Bert Schenk in a WBO title bout against Argentinian Hectór Javier Velazco and won the match.

Sturm defended the title against Rubén Varón Fernández from Spain and was defeated on 5 June 2004 by Oscar de la Hoya under controversial circumstances. De la Hoya already had a super-fight against Bernard Hopkins lined-up and a loss against Sturm would have scuppered these plans. In the fight, De la Hoya appeared to be getting out-boxed and out-fought by the bigger man Sturm for the majority of the fight before being awarded the close verdict.

On 11 March 2006, Sturm defeated Maselino Masoe for the "regular" WBA middleweight title by a unanimous decision. Sturm then lost his title against former champion Javier Castillejo via TKO on 15 July 2006 but won it back on 28 April 2007 by a twelve round unanimous decision in Oberhausen.

He is a devout Muslim and prays five times a day. [1]

 Amateur career

Highlights included:

Preceded by
Hector Javier Velazco
WBO Middleweight Champion
13 September 2003 5 June 2004
Succeeded by
Oscar de la Hoya
Preceded by
Maselino Masoe
WBA Middleweight Champion
Regular Title
11 March 2006 15 July 2006
Succeeded by
Javier Castillejo
Preceded by
Javier Castillejo
WBA Middleweight Champion
28 April 2007present