Marco Huck

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Marco Huck (b. November 11, 1984 in Ugao, Sjenica, Sandzak) is a German professional cruiserweight boxer of Bosniak roots.

Before his pro career

1993 his family fled the oppression by Milosevic's regime to Germany. He started kickboxing and became world champion with only 18 years. He had a brief amateur boxing career was undefeated 15-0 but never won a major title.


2004 he proved himself in sparring for promoter Sauerland and turned pro under Ulli Wegner. There he showed a crowdpleasing aggressive style, good stamina, power, a decent chin and a strong will to win but a volatile temper and an extremely dirty fighting style making him a controversial character. In the build-up he bested amateur stars Michael Simms and Claudio Rasco and had his first major fight against contender ( rated in the Ring Magazine) Pietro Aurino. In a typical wild affair he was butted by the Italian and kicked him in the stomach in return. When he wasn't disqualified the Italian stormed out of the ring in disgust and was declared loser. Right afterwards he outpointed another world class fighter in undefeated (23-0) contender Vadim Tokarev this time without controversy. He is rated #7 by the Ring Magazine but was KO'd in the 12th round by Steve Cunningham in Cunning