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Nicolino Locche

"The Untouchable"

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"Some time back, when the secretive lair was finally penetrated and the crown jewels sparkled in the sudden sunlight, I realised with a sense of wonder that every great thing ever said about Nicolino Locche was true. There he was, moving casually and almost contemptuously around the ring, an imperious master of his trade, taunting his hapless opponent with gifts of body and mind that only come from the gods."

-- Mike Casey


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Nicolino Locche (
September 2, 1939 September 7, 2005) was an Argentine boxer from Tunuy�n, Mendoza Province in the west of Argentina.

Locche was known as "El Intocable" (�The Untouchable�), and became Jr. Welterweight World Champion in Tokyo, Japan on December 12, 1968, after defeating Paul Takeshi Fuji by technical knockout after Fuji refused to start the 10th round out of frustration because of exhaustion and his inability to connect punches on "The Untouchable," according to the Argentine boxing commentators' recount of the bout (Dotora, 2004).

Locche became an idol in Argentina and routinely sold out the Luna Park, Buenos Aires every time he fought at the well known boxing arena. His boxing style made him a legend, with a defense that dodged the opponent�s punches, making them pass as close as possible, but without touching him.

Locche defended his title six times, against Carlos Hernandez, Joao Henrique, Adolph Pruitt, Antonio Cervantes and Domingo Barrera Corpas, to lose it in Panama to Alfonso Frazier on March 10, 1972. Locche failed to regain the World Champion belt in a rematch with Cervantes (a.k.a., Kid Pambel�) and retired in 1975.

He was champion of Mendoza, Argentina, and South American lightweight and Jr. welterweight. He debuted at the age of 9, and his amateur record was 117-5-0. Locche turned professional at the age of 19 and amassed a record of 117-2-14 (14 KOs). He was inducted to the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2003.

Locche died in Las Heras in 2005.

Preceded by
Takeshi Fuji
WBA Light Welterweight Champion
12 Dec 1968 � 10 Mar 1972
Succeeded by
Alfonso Frazer


Preceded by
Flag of Argentina Roberto de Vicenzo
Olimpia de Oro
Succeeded by
Flag of Argentina Alberto Demiddi
Sporting positions
Preceded by
Flag of Japan Takeshi Fuji
WBA Light Welterweight Champion
12 December 1968 10 March 1972
Succeeded by
Flag of Panama Alfonso Frazer