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Packey McFarland

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Patrick "Packey" McFarland (born November 1, 1888, in Chicago, IL � died September 22, 1936) an American boxer who was a title contender in the lightweight and welterweight divisions.

Professional career

McFarland became a professional boxer in 1904. In 1905 he beat Jimmy Britt, who had a disputed claim to be the lightweight world champion, although this fight was not for a title. In 1908 he defeated future lightweight champion Freddie Welsh in one bout and drew with him in another. He also defeated old foe Britt in another bout that year. In 1910 he met Welsh again for the British version of the lightweight title. The bout ended in another draw, with Welsh retaining his title. McFarland never fought for another world title, although he defeated future welterweight champion Jack Britton during the later part of his career. He retired in 1915 after fighting to a draw with Mike Gibbons.

Life After Boxing

On January 27, 1933, he was appointed to the Illinois Athletic Commission by Governor Henry Horner. McFarland also managed his sizable investments and was director of two banks.


McFarland died at Joliet, Illinois, of a strepococcus infection which had attacked his heart.