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Peter Jackson

"The Black Prince"

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Peter Jackson
Real name Peter Jackson
Nickname(s) Black Prince
Rated at Heavyweight
Nationality Flag of Australia Australia
Birth date July 3, 1861(1861-07-03)
Birth place Christiansted, Danish West Indies
Death date July 13, 1901 (aged 40)
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Boxing record
Total fights 85 (31 No Decisions)
Wins 45
Wins by KO 30
Losses 4
Draws 5

Peter "Black Prince" Jackson (July 3, 1861 - July 13, 1901) was a boxer from Australia.

Jackson was born in Christiansted, Saint Croix, Danish West Indies. Standing at the Height of 6' 1 1/2" tall and weighing in at 192-210 lbs he became the winner of the Australian Heavyweight championship in 1886. Originally working on ships as a deck hand in the Sydney Docks since he was 14, he used his fist to quell a mutiny. This garnered him some notoriety and brought him to the attention of Larry Foley and started his career in boxing. He came to be known as "Black Prince".[1]



Jackson won the Australian heavyweight title in 1886 with a knockout of Tom Leeds in the 30th round, and the British Commonwealth title against Jem Smith by KO in the second round. In 1888 he beat "Old Chocolate" Godfrey to gain the colored heavyweight championship.[1]

On May 21, 1891, in San Francisco, California Jackson fought James Corbett because the reigning John L. Sullivan wouldn't fight him because he was black. The match went 61 rounds before it was declared no contest because both boxers were too exhausted to continue.[1]

Jackson died of tuberculosis in Roma, Queensland.[1]


NAME Jackson, Peter
SHORT DESCRIPTION Australian boxer
DATE OF BIRTH July 3, 1861
PLACE OF BIRTH Christiansted, Saint Croix, Danish West Indies
DATE OF DEATH July 13, 1901
PLACE OF DEATH Roma, Queensland, Australia