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Shaun George (b.March 20, 1979 in Brooklyn, NY, USA ) is a US American professional boxer. He's a contender in the light-heavyweight division, best known for sensationally upset former heavyweight champ Chris Byrd. George is the nephew of former world title challenger and trainer Lennox Blackmoore. He earned a degree in paralegal studies in Northern Michigan University.


As an amateur, George accumulated a record of 51-7. In 1993 and 1995 George won Junior Olympic titles. George won 1996 and 1997 New York Golden Gloves titles in the 178-pound division. In '97 George also took home Nation Golden Gloves honors in the 178-pound class. During his amateur career George defeated current-IBF cruiserweight champion Steve Cunningham (x2) and 2004 US Olympian Devin Vargas.

George turned professional in 2000 at the cruiserweight division. He frequently found himself matched against naturally bigger fighters.

"When I was a cruiserweight I was having to eat large amounts the day before the fight just to look like I wasn't giving up too much weight. I would come in the ring at about 188 pounds and the guy across from me was closer to 210 or so on fight night."

George sat out 2001 with shoulder problems to his right arm that needed to be operated on twice.

Shaun George remained unbeaten for five years, racking up wins over Dhafir Smith, Chad Van Sickle and Jermell Barnes. George lost his first fight to Matt Godfrey in May of 2006 by TKO1. George rebounded by winning two consecutive fights.

In February of 2007 George fought Alexander Gurov in Gurov's Russian hometown. Despite a 12th round knockdown against George, most ringside observers felt George handily decisioned Gurov. To a chorus of boos, the three judges returned a controversial decision win for Gurov.

George then moved down to light-heavyweight to fight former light-heavyweight title challenger Richard Hall. Hall was hurt seriously in the 7th round by a left hook but never went down. George won a unanimous decision.

When former two-time heavyweight champion Chris Byrd attempted to make a run at light-heavyweight he chose George as his first fight. To the shock of many George scored a knockdown in the first round and then followed up with two more in the ninth round to score a TKO in the 9th.

In the second of the third knockdowns, Byrd fell on his right shoulder, dislocating it.

George's current record is 17-2-2 (8 KO). He is trained by Tommy Brooks, promoted by Dibella Entertainment and advised by Donna Brooks. His public relations is handled by Boxing Buzz Media.