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Albert Griffiths

"Young Griffo"

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Albert Griffiths better known as Young Griffo (born January 1, 1871 in Millers Point, Sydney, Australia � died December 10, 1927) was a world featherweight boxing champion.

Professional career

Griffo turned pro in 1886 and fought primarily in his home land of Australia. He held the Australian featherweight title for many years, and in 1890 challenged Torpedo Billy Murphy for the World Featherweight Title and won in the 15th round after Murphy retired. He defended the title four times before vacating it to fight at a higher weight. His last bout was in 1904.

In a tribute to Griffo from the March 6, 1916, Tacoma Daily News, written by Tommy Sullivan: "Not known as much of a puncher, but his skill was uncanny. He had wonderful headwork, almost inpenetrable defense, dazzling feints, and rapid two-handed methods of attack. The cleverest boxers and hardest punchers were made to look ridiculous when exchanging swats with him. He had a dislike of training and was deemed lazy. There were times he got drunk before a match [such as the Ike Weir and Tommy Tracy bouts]."


In 2003, Griffo was inducted into the Australian National Boxing Hall of Fame.