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Carmen Basilio and Willie Pep


The Onion Picker: Carmen Basilio and boxing in the '50s [Gordon Marino]

Famous 'Long Count' fight still resonates [Tim Dahlberg]

1921: Atlantic City's boxing genesis [Charles Jay]

Wyatt Earp's boxing scandal, 1896 [Christopher James Shelton]
From the belly of the beast: Doc Anderson [Robert Mladinich]

Remembering Griffith vs. Paret [Bill Gallo]

Famous Ring Wars: Patterson-Johansson III [ John F. McKenna]

Ali's orbit: Characters always flocked to him [Michael Marley]
Ali, MLK hit Vietnam war with strong combination [Michael Marley]
Critiquing a half-century of Ali wannabes [Lyle Fitzsimmons]
Happy 69th, Muhammad Ali [Michael Woods]

Ali gave broke college kid ringside seat to history [Michael Marley]

Bullish on the Bronx Bull [Robert Ecksel]
Raging Bull Redux [Robert Ecksel]

Could Ali walk through hell in gasoline sportcoat? [Michael Marley]
Chris Dundee: More than Angelo's brother [Pedro Fernandez]

The Chronicles of Mayweather, Part I [Percy Crawford]
The Chronicles of Mayweather, Part II [Percy Crawford]



Smokin' Joe takes a swipe at 'The Greatest'

Tears for Joe: Remembering the great trilogy [Gordon Marino]
Ali-Frazier: The day boxing's 'mothership' landed [Kieran Mulvaney]
Red of Tooth and Claw: Frazier's anger still burns [Mike Casey]

40 years later, Ali-Frazier still a classic [Tim Dahlberg]

Ali, Frazier battled in 'Fight of the Century' [Tim Smith]


A piece of Philly history dies with Briscoe [William Dettloff]

Iran Barkley's tumble from glory to homelessness [New York Post]

Remembering 'Flash' Elorde [Eddie Alinea]

Sugar Ray: 'I slipped in Eklund fight' [The Age]

Graziano: Solid like a Rock [Robert Ecksel]
Dundee: 'The cast is broken and you'll never see it again [Lyle Fitzsimmons]

When is it time? Pardoning Jack Johnson [John Curry]

The rise & fall of Prince Naseem [Andy Olsen]

Joe Louis & The Bum of the Month Club [Carl Thompson]

Sanchez-Gomez: Battle of the 'Little Giants' [Pedro Fernandez]
Welcome to Hell: Stanley Ketchel, 1908: Part I [Matt McGrain]

Denny & Phil Moyer: The conondum of boxing [Ted Sares]
George Chuvalo's war on drugs [Robert Ecksel]

Did Dempsey consider AC mayor as manager? [Charles Jay]
Jack Dempsey: I was a hobo, but never a bum [Robert Ecksel]
Henry Cooper: When our best met The Greatest [Mike Walters]
Sir Henry Cooper was modest to a fault [Des Lyman]
Rest in peace, Sir 'Enry [Thomas Hauser]
Diego Corrales: Requiem for a warrior [Thomas Gerbasi]
Who's your daddy, Part II: Monzon-Benvenuti [Jim Amato]

Looking back: Remembering 'Battling' Jackie Turpin [Terence Dooley]

Down goes Frazier! 'The Sunshine Showdown' [Christopher James Shelton]

Redeemed Ron Lyle now living his dream [Denver Post]

Part one: Lloyd Honeyghan recalls 'Ragamuffin Man,' [Terence Dooley]
Part two: Lloyd Honeyghan reflects on Breland [Terence Dooley]

Touching the void: The Hawk and The Schoolboy [Mike Casey]

Gerald McClellan: A tragic story retold [Fernando Arboleda]

Willie Pep-Sandy Saddler [Sam Gregory]

Carlos Palomino: The best I faced [Michael Rosenthal]

Teofilo Stevenson and Felix Savon: The unstoppable Cubans [Leon de Juda]

Carlos Monzon: Once upon a time in The West [Mike Casey]

How great was Bob Foster? [Jim Amato]

Eddie Machen: Murder or sleepwalking? [Pedro Fernandez]

Muhammad Ali vs. Cleveland Williams: The Greatest's punch-perfect fight [James Slater]

Eder Jofre: The greatest fighter who fought under the radar [Ted Sares]

Giving Juan LaPorte his due [Ted Sares]

Back from the brink: Archie Moore vs. Yvon Durelle [Ted Sares]

Primo Carnera: 'The Ambling Alp' [James Slater]

Walcott vs. Charles: Four fights [Sam Gregory]

Bloody night in Chicago [Ted Sares]

Sanchez-Gomez: Battle of the 'Little Giants' [Pedro Fernandez]
Welcome to Hell: Stanley Ketchel, 1908: Part I [Matt McGrain]
Did Dempsey consider AC mayor as manager? [Charles Jay]


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The last call: Ward remembers Arturo Gatti [Lem Satterfield]

Richie Woodhall: The boxer's boxer [Terence Dooley]

Wilfred Benitez: A forgotten champion? [Francisco Cairol]

The greatest slugfest you've probably never seen [W. Gregory Guedel]

Jerry Quarry's painful end [Ted Sares]

The Robert Duran nobody knew [Ernesto Morales]

Bad night in Vegas: Javier Ayala's final fight [Ted Sares]

The crunching power of Carlos Zarate [Jim Amato]

'Manos de Piedra': An eternal flame, Part 1 [Michael Klimes]

'Manos de Piedra': Miracles do happen, Part 2 [Michael Klimes]

Curtis Cokes: A look back at a Hall of Famer [Jim Amato]

A forgotten legend: Freddie Steele [Robert Jones]

Black foursome of the teens: Johnson, Jeanette, McVey & Lanford [Sam Gregory]

Baer/Schmeling: A tale of two Max's [Jeremy Ebert]

Muhammad Ali's legacy revisited [W. Gregory Guedel]

My first one: Lavern Roach vs. Georgie Small, 1950 [Bad Left Hook]

When Sweet Pea reigned supreme [Geoffrey Ciani]

Sibbo vs. Collins: Blast from the past [Ted Sares]

The apparition that was Larry Holmes [Ted Sares]

Doug DeWitt: True grit [Jim Amato]

Goldfield's Golden battle" Joe Gans vs. Battling Nelson [Monte D. Cox]

Benny Leonard: Golden talent of a Golden Age [Mike Casey]

Bobby Chacon: Bad to the bone [Jim Amato]

Benny 'Kid' Paret: Lest We Forget [Ted Sares]

Will there ever be an opening round like Hagler-Hearns? [James Slater]

Barkley-Hearns II: One of the most damaging fights in history [James Slater]

John L. Sullivan: The first gloved heavyweight champ [Zachary Q. Daniels]

Joe Gans vs. Battling Nelson remembered [Sam Gregory]

Ezzard Charles vs. Archie Moore: A classic trilogy [James Slater]

Jack Johnson vs. Barney Oldfield: The Race [John Howard]

Blood brothers: Joey and Jake LaMotta [Ted Sares]

Beau Jack: A true all-time great [Jim Amato]

Wilfredo 'Bazooka' Gomez, Part I [Michael Klimes]

Wilfredo 'Bazooka' Gomez, Part II [Michael Klimes]

When Dick Tiger became light heavyweight champ [Pete Madzelan]

Sugar Ray Leonard: The Closer [Ted Sares]

The greatest trilogy in middleweight history: Zale-Graziano [James Slater]

Dwight Muhammad Qawi: Second greatest cruiserweight ever [James Slater]

Archie Moore's most memorable triumph [Mike Dunn]

Cooper's thunder nearly derailed Clay's title hopes [Mike Dunn]

Letters from Archie Moore [Ron DiMichele]

Michael "Second To" Nunn: What happened? [John Howard]
The man the system could not beat [Martin Kane]

Cyclone: The irrepressible Gene Fullmer [Mike Casey]

Dominant heavyweights of the decades: '60s - '90s [Jim Dorney]

Remembering "Irish' Billy Collins, Part I [Ted Sares]

Remembering 'Irish' Billy Collins, Part II [Ted Sares]

The Time Tunnel: Gene Tunney [Sam Gregory]

Sam Langford: He even predicted where they would land [Simon Henley]

Sammy Angott: The only man to beat a prime Willie Pep [Carl Thompson]

Vicious Victor Galindez [Ted Sares]

Ali-Chuvalo: Tough guy draws blueprint on how to beat The Greatest [James Slater]

Quit clowning around: When Max Baer got serious [Mike Casey]

The St. Valentine's Day Massacre: Robinson slaughters The Bronx Bull [Dax Ferguson]
Part I: The University of Eighth Avenue
[A.J. Liebling]

Part II: The University of Eighth Avenue [A.J. Liebling]

Wasted talent: The tale of 'Macho' Camacho & Edwin Rosario [Francisco Cairol]

Mexico's five greatest fighters [James Slater]



Frankie Carbo

Boxing & The Mob: The Death of Blinky Palermo [Jack Fiske]
Boxing &The Mafia in the Golden Era [Book review]

'Jacobs Beach: The Mob, the Garden, and the Golden Era' [Book review]
Frankie Carbo keeps a promise, Blinky gets a payoff [Dan Parker]


Tepito: The wild neighborhood that spawned great boxers [Ted Sares]

The day Joe Louis saved America [Shaun Murphy]

The win of the century: Frazier over Ali [Timothy Seaver]

Never fall in love with a fighter [Ted Sares]

Saul Mamby: A very memorable boxer [Ted Sares]

The first real giant heavyweight: Ewart Potgieter [Paul McCreath]

Youngstown boxing: A history [Ted Sares]

The 10-month triple title blitz of Homicide Hank [Mike Casey]

The biggest upset in boxing history [James Slater]

Johnny Paychek: From bellboy to The Garden [Ted Sares]

Fighter flashback: Muhammad vs. Muhammad [Percy Crawford]

The Original Slick Willie: Prime Pastrano [Mike Casey]

The 1990s: The boxing decade that never was? [Michael Klimes]

Frankie DePaula's curious bout with Bob Foster: Jan. 22, 1969 [Adeyinka Makinde]

Jack Dempsey: The sudden rush of greatness [Mike Casey]

Zarate & Zamora: The Killer Zs [Ted Sares]

Remembering Tommy 'Hurricane' Jackson [Paul McCreath]

Summer of The Rock and The Cobra [Mike Dunn]

Fritzie Zivic: A law unto himself [Mike Casey]

Tales from the vault: Ray Mancini-Arturo Frias [Lee Groves]

The culmination of Floyd Patterson's redemption road [Pete Madzelan]

Karl Mildenberger: Germany's second-greatest heavyweight [Pavel Yakovlev]

Remembering Bobby Tomasello [Ted Sares]

Black Hamlet of the Heavyweights [Finis Farr]

Jerry Quarry's last hurrah [Steve Edwards]

Remembering Carlos Monzon [James Slater]

Sometimes a great notion: Billy Conn [Mike Casey]

The Invisible Fighter [Gilbert Rogan]

The bare-knuckle legacy of boxing [Mitchell Rawson]

Camacho-Duran I: Roberto got robbed [Jim Amato]

'Terrible' Terry dominaters 'Sugar' Ray [James Slater]

Were the old-time fighters tougher? [Robert Jackson]

Tommy Hearns: Heart of a champion [Conor Ward]

Jem Driscoll: Peerless brilliance [Mike Casey]

Junior Jones recalls facing Barrera [Percy Crawford]

Boxing flashback: Gus Christie [Peter Ehrman]

Gerry Cooney: It all looked so good for him once [James Slater]

Hell in the Old West: The bloody wars of Battling Nelson [Mike Casey]

Tough guys fight tough guys: Ezzard Charles [Ted Sares]

Dempsey's 'forgotten' title defense [Mike Dunn]

Automatic for the People: Mickey Walker [Mike Casey]


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Sharkey-Corbett: A battle of unbeatens [Christopher James Shelton]

As tough as it gets: George "Elbows" McFadden in 1889 [Matt McGrain]

Carlos Monzon: A glamorous but tragic life [Michael Rosenthal]

Buster Mathis Jr. recalls facing Tyson [Percy Crawford]

Gene Tunney: An erudite champion [George Kimball]

Chris Eubank's Indian Summer [Michael Klimes]

What if Joe Frazier had fought Ron Lyle? [Jim Amato]

Tommy Loughran: Poetry in Motion [Mike Casey]

Clever, classy Conn fell late against Joe Louis [Sam Gregory]

Holmes vs. Cooney: The retun of an afterthought [Phil Rice]
Graziano & Zale, vastly different, are forever linked [Sam Gregory]

Corrales-Castillo I: A retrospective [Brandon Desmond]

'Facing Ali' [Book review]
Tommy Loughran: A stylish light heavyweight king [Sam Gregory}

The life and death of Rocky Marciano [John Cameron]

Happy birthday Rocky Marciano [John Cameron]

Lavern Roach vs. Georgie Small, 1950 [Bad Left Hook]

Foreman-Quarry: What a fight it could have been [Jim Amato]

Where are they now? Milton McCrory [Shawn Murphy]

The tragic fate of Gypsy Trollmann [Tobias Hanich]

Noticing Greg Haugen [Phil Rice]

Highlights, lowlights of the past decade [Sports Illustrated]

Right on: Ingo's bingo was a thriller [Mike Casey]

Angelo Dundee: 'The best I've trained' [Doug Fischer]

James J. Jeffries retired at his absolute peak [Matt McGrain]

James 'Quick' Tillis: Memories of a Near-Miss Kid [Lyle Fitzsimmons]

The original 'Fight of the Century' [Sam Gregory]

Spinks upsets Holmes! [James Slater]
'Cinderella Man,' a 10-1 underdog, stuns Baer
[Sam Gregory]

'Ultimate Tough Guy: The Life & Times of James J. Jeffries' [Book review]

Stanley Ketchel: The Irresistible Assassin [Mike Casey]

Michael Watson: A boxer, a man [Ted Sares]

141 KOs: The amazing Archie Moore [Paul McCreath]

R.I.P. Johnny Caldwell [Ryan McArthur]

Sugar' Ray Leonard: Better amateur or pro? [Ken Hissner]

200 years ago ... without gloves [Christopher James Shelton]

Where are they now? 'Caveman' Lee [Shawn Murphy]

Strange Days: The Johnny Saxton story [Carlos Acevedo]

Ali: The greatest, but also the toughest [Graham Houston]



'The Bear'

Closest friends still say Liston was done in [John L. Smith]
Flashback: Johnny Tocco & Sonny Liston [Pedro Fernandez]

'I shook up the world! I'm a bad man!' [John Carter]
Clay vs. Liston: Fake or Legitimate? [Mike Dunn]
Sonny Liston: Say goodnight to the bad guy [Stuart Cornwell]

Sonny's greatest comeback victory [Mike Dunn]
'Liston and Ali' a worthy read [Thomas Hauser]
Leaving Las Vegas: Sonny Liston [Mike Casey]


The most-brutal heavyweight title fight in history [James Slater]

Documentary relives night Seldon's life changed [David Weinberg]

Bob Satterfield: Let's keep the record straight [Ted Sares]

Greatness eluded Brooklyn's Leon Taylor [Sports Illustrated]

Remembering British heavyweight champ Gary Mason [James Slater]

Here's looking at you, Casablanca: Marcel Cerdan [Mike Casey]

The tragic Ali-Holmes fight [James Slater]

Boston's five greatest boxers [Colin Linneweber]

Mexico vs. Puerto Rico: Historical roots of 'The Rivalry' [E.G. Morales-Febus]

Featherweight prospect Robinson Pitalua: Drowned in Miami [Jaime Castro-Nunez]

Tribute to a bare-knuckle legend [Irish Independent]

Unlikely tale of the playwrite and the pugilist [Irish Times]

Boxing's most influential: Nos. 1-50 [Kevin Iole]

Boxing's 100 most influential: Nos. 51-100 [Kevin Iole]

The genius of Bob Fitzsimmons [Mike Casey]

Celebrating Ali [Louisville Courier-Journal]

Tony DeMarco: A Boston legend [Ted Sares]

Ron Lyle: 'You can't do it for the money' [Percy Crawford]

Johnny Owens' death still painful after 30 years [BBC]

Johnny Owen's fatal final fight [Neil Prior]

Chico Vejar: Quintessential '50s [Ted Sares]

Mike Tyson on sex, drugs, spirituality [Sports Illustrated]

A Perfect 10: Remembering James Shuler [Ted Sares]

Farewell to boxing legend Art Hernandez [Pete Ehrmann]

Dokes still dynamite to Akron fans [Akron Beacon Journal]

Chasing Jack Chase, Part I: The Dead End Kid [Springs Toledo]

Chasing Jack Chase, Part 2: A Candle in the Glove [Springs Toledo]

Chasing Jack Chase, Part III: Unredeemed [Springs Toledo]

Chasing Jack Chase, Part 4: Californ-I-Am [Springs Toledo]

Chasing Jack Chase, Part 5: Fade to Black [Springs Toledo]

Legendary Gleason's Gym goes the distance [Reuters]



'The Rock' at his lethal best

FBI files: Marciano got death threats before fight [Matt Stout]

Marciano Revisited: Part One [Thomas Hauser]

Marciano revistied: Part Two [Thomas Hauser]

The life and death of Rocky Marciano [John Cameron]

Happy birthday Rocky Marciano [John Cameron]

Rocky Mariano and generational bias [Ted Sares]
Rocky Marciano: The Slippery Slugger [Ted Spoon]

Holmes & Marciano: Unappreciated vs. beloved [Colin Linneweber]


The mysterious case of undefeated Terry Marsh [Ken Hissner]

Triumph & tragedy: The Ray Mancini story [Matthew Hurley]

Mancini-Kim: Beyond the brink [Ted Sares]

A century later, Joe Gans gets his due [Baltimore Sun]

Cult classic: Danny Nardico vs. Charley Norkus [Ted Sares]

Roberto Duran's last stand as champion [Pedro Fernandez]

Roberto Duran's last stand as champion, Part 2 [Pedro Fernandez]

Roberto Duran's last stand as champion, Part 3 [Pedro Fernandez]

The Kid: Remembering Gavilan [Ted Sares]

Mac Foster was a champ for what he gave us [Fresno Bee]

Joe Gans: The Old Master [Keith Teceira]

10 fights fans never got from De La Hoya [Ben Thompson]

Buster Mathis faced the best during golden era [Mike Dunn, 7-11-10]

Johnson vs. Jeffries, the 100th anniversary [Christopher James Shelton]

Revsiting Holyfield-Lewis I [Geoffrey Ciani]

George Foreman KOs Michael Moorer [James Slater]

Benn vs. Logan: Ferocity extraordinaire [Ted Sares]

Johnson-Jeffries: A flashpoint in U.S. race relations [The Ring]

Race relations: 100 years after 'The Fight of the Century' [San Francisco Chronicle]

No single event can compare today to Johnson-Jeffries [New York Daily News]

Tex Rickard brought famous fight to Reno [Reno Gazette-Journal]

The history of boxing's gold medal winners [Ken Hissner, 6-24-10]

The seminal Master: Why Jack Johnson would be king today [Mike Casey]

Where are they now? Carlos Palomino [The Sweet Science]

Max Schmeling as villain & hero [Karl E.H. Seigfried]

Heavenly art: The wonder of Nicolino Locche [Mike Casey]

Bowe's life since his peak has been full of loss [Washington Post, 7-5-10]

Should have been but never was: Cuevas vs. Palomino [Jim Amato, 6-24-10]

Marvis Frazier: No regrets [William Dettloff]

Bobby Chacon & Danny 'Little Red' Lopez [Ted Sares]


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Sam Langford: Boxing's greatest uncrowned champion [Adeyinka Makinde]

'Simply the best' -- Chris Eubank [Mark Henbridge]

Ezra Sellers: Chill or be chilled [Ted Sares]

San Francisco was once boxing's hub [The Ring, 6-18-10]

Mosley-De La Hoya I, a classic encounter [Tom Gray, 6-15-10]

Cosell was often bigger than fighters, themselves [Michael Rosenthal, 6-12-10]

Harold Johnson: Master mechanic haunted by Archie Moore [Mike Casey]

Aaron Pryor finds peace outside the ring [Dayton Daily News]

Sugar Ray's Montreal memories still good as gold [Dave Spencer, 6-10-10]

Edre Jofre tops all-time bantamweight survey [East Side Boxing, 6-13-10]

Larry Holmes: "Alive and enjoying it" [Colin Linneweber, 6-8-10]

Brooklyn College: Boxing Mecca [Wall Street Journal, 6-8-10]

The 10 greatest KOs in boxing history [Colin Linneweber, 6-19-10]

Joe Frazier still smokin' on his 66th birthday [Robin Leach, 1-18-10]

Kilbane vs. Kilbane: Boxing bout stirred fighting spirit in Canton [Gary Brown, 1-18-10]

McGuigan recalls his 1985 win over Eusebio Pedroza [saddoboxing.com, 6-19-10]

Mercante Jr. walks in dad's huge footsteps [Robert Mladnich, 1-18-10]

Murphy Griffin, Mancini's trainer, dies at 88 [Fox Sports, 1-22-10]

The Third God of War: Henry Armstrong [Springs Toledo, 2-8-10]

Holmes, Frazier recall facing Ali [Luaine Lee, 2-9-10]

Upset specials: Douglas over Tyson is tops [Kevin Iole, 2-10-10]

Ten boxers praise old foe Ali [Bill Brownstein, 2-12-10]

Buster Douglas exposed the Tyson lie [Kevin Mitchell, 2-12-10]

Frazier-Ellis was a must-win for 'Smokin' Joe' [Frank Lotierzo, 2-16-10]

Where have the great heavyweights gone? [Bill Gallo, 2-11-10]

Philadelphia trainer Al ennell dies [John F. Morrison, 2-22-10]

Ex-champ Paul Banke battles on after AIDS [Jerry Crowe, 3-1-10]

Jerry Quarry knew his punches, poetry [Herb Benham, 3-19-10]

Harry Carpenter, voice of BBC boxing, dies at 84 [BBC, 3-22-10]

'Facing Ali' a film that gets it right [Stanley Crouch, 4-5-10]

Lorraine Chargrin earned her place in boxing [Jim Jenkins, 4-8-10]

The best ever? Sugar Ray Robinson [Rick Brown, 4-8-10]

Mercante counts as one of all-time greatest [Bill Gallo, 4-13-10]

Carmen Basilio interview [Geoffrey Ciani, 4-12-10]

Life deals nasty blows to George Chuvalo [Jack Knox, 4-17-10]

Heavyweight history, Part One, with Emanuel Steward [Geoffrey Ciani, 4-22-10]

Heavyweight history, Part Two, with Emanuel Steward [Geoffrey Ciani, 4-22-10]

Heavyweight history, Part Three, with Emanuel Steward [Geoffrey Ciani, 4-22-10]

On being a professional fighter: Interview with Jeff Bumphus [Phil Rice]

Thunder & Lightning: 20 years after Chavez-Taylor [PH Burbridge]

Muhammad Ali had no quarrel with Viet Cong [USA Today, 4-28-10]

Spider Kelly was a Derry hero [Derry Journal, 5-11-10]

How greatness eluded heavyweight Greg Page [Pavel Yakoviev, 5-12-10]

Pain for Love: A tribute to Diego Corrales [13thround.com, 5-7-10]

Blood & Guts: The Incredible Kid Lavigne [Mike Casey]

The Brash Prince: Profile of Naseem Hamed [James Forster]

Interview with Goody Petronelli, Hagler's trainer [Pavel Yakovlev, 5-29-10]

Where are they now? Johnny Bumphus [Shawn Murphy, 5-25-10]

Angelo Dundee: I thought Muhammad was a dope to be on the ropes [Geoffrey Ciani]

The Jewels in Jerry's Crown: Quarry at his very best [Mike Casey]

Hagler-Hearns: Will & Determination [Pete Madzelan]

Lionel Rose can't speak, but he can laugh and cry [Ron Reed, 6-8-10]

Donald Curry's bad night on The Boardwalk [James Foster]

Ali-Norton, through Ed Schuyler's eyes [Lee Groves, 6-5-10]

When ballpark fights ruled boxing [Don Stradley, 6-1-10]

Jim Watt vs. Howard Davis, 30 years later [William Dettloff, 6-6-10]

Feb. 16, 1970: Joe Frazier vs. Jimmy Ellis [Pete Madzelan]

Where are they now? Paul Vaden [The Sweet Science]

Hall of Fame Friday: Ezzard Charles [The Ring, 6-21-10]

Hall of Fame Friday: Joey Giardello [The Ring, 6-27-10]

Five greatest Boston boxers of all time [Colin Linneweber, 6-24-10]

Leon Spinks: 'I just want to be Leon!' [Ken Hissner, 6-21-10]

Sugar Ray Leonard: The Great Illusionist [East Side Boxing, 6-24-10]

Luminaries of Welsh boxing history, part one [Pavel Yakovlev]

Luminaries of Welsh boxing history, part two [Pavel Yakovlev]

The best of all time A to Z: Armstrong [The Ring]

The best of alltime A to Z: Burley [The Ring]

The best of all time A to Z: Charles [The Ring]

The best of all time A to Z: Duran [The Ring]

The best of all time A to Z: Elorde [The Ring]

The best of all time A to Z: Foreman [The Ring]

The best of all time A to Z: Hagler [The Ring]

The best of all time A to Z: Ibeabuchi [The Ring]

The best of all time A to Z: Ketchel [The Ring]

The best of all time A to Z: Louis [The Ring]

The best of all time A to Z:  Moore [The Ring]

The best of all time A to Z: Napoles [The Ring]

The best of all time A to Z: Olivares [The Ring]

The best of all time A to Z: Pep [The Ring]

The best of all time A to Z: Qawi [The Ring]

The best of all time A to Z: Robinson [The Ring]

The best of all time A to Z: Saddler [The Ring]

The best of all time A to Z: Tunney [The Ring]

The best of all time A to Z: Uzcudun [The Ring]

The best of all time A to Z: Villa [The Ring]

The best of all time A to Z: Walker [The Ring]

The best of all time A to Z: Xeque [The Ring]

The best of all time A to Z: Yarosz [The Ring]

The best of all time A to Z: Zale [The Ring]


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