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That time Ali tapped the Thrilla in Manila into a napkin [Marty Smith]
Muhammad Ali in Phoenix hospital with respiratory issue [Mitch Abramson]

Ali reported fighting for his life in Phoenix hospital
[Mitch Abramson]
Media frenzy, conflicting reports, over Muhammad Ali's health
[Boxing Clever]
Muhammad Ali, 'Greatest of All Time,'dead at age 74
[NBC News]
Ten-Count for Muhammad Ali
[Robert Ecksel]

Muhammad Ali: 1942-2016
[Thomas Gerbasi]
Ali's death caused by septic shock
[Boxing Clever]
Muhammad Ali: Inside his final hours
Ali's illness brought worry, speculation
[USA Today]
Ali's doctor doubts boxing caused Ali's Parkinson's
[Boxing Clever]

Ali became face of the fight against Parkinson's [Lindsey Tanner]
Final photos of Ali show ravages of disease, defiance
[Jay Busbee]
Doctor: Ali had no regrets about boxing
[Associated Press]
Laila Ali: I'm happy knowing my father isn't struggling anymore
[Boxing Clever]
Ali's Parkinson's may not have been caused by boxing
[Kevin Iole]

A truer kind of bravery
[New York Times]
Ali released from hospital in time for 73rd birthday
[Boxing Clever]
Muhammad Ali fights on at 73
[Ken Hissner]
Ali 'in great spirits' upon release from hospital
[Boxing Scene]
Muhammad Ali hositalized with 'mild pneumonia'

Ali has pneumonia, 'prognosis good'
[Lem Satterfield]
Muhammad Ali's health worsening, says brother
[Boxing Clever]
Muhammad Ali doing well, says daughter Laila
[Boxing Clever]
Muhammad Ali: The Saddest of Ironies
[Gordon Marino]

Champ in Purgatory: Ali returns to Vegas [Gary A. Poole]


Ali reportedly rushed to hospital unconscious [Fox News]

Ali recovered from major health scare [Boxing Clever]

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The world mourns Muhammad Ali
[John Dennen]
Bill Clinton, Billy Crystal say goodbye at moving service [Mitch Abramson]

Ali procession through Louisville starts day of mourning
[Mitch Abramson]
Top quotes from Muhammad Ali's funeral
[Boxing Clever]
Photos: Muhammad Ali funeral gallery [Boxing Scene]

From Louisville with love [Pat Forde]
Farewell to 'The Greatest'
[Kevin Iole]
One last time, Ali came to the people
[Pat Forde]
In the end and always, Ali was the people's champ
[Michael A. Fletcher]
Lennox Lewis 'flabbergasted' over pallbearer pick


Ali's body arrives in Louisville ahead of Friday funeral [People Magazine]
Muhammad Ali's funeral will take place on Friday [John Dennen]
Huge crowd expected for Muhammad Ali's funeral
[Boxing Clever]
Bill Clinton to give eulogy at Ali's funeral [The Guardian]
Lennox Lewis, Will Smith will be among Ali's pall bearers
[Boxing Clever]

Lennox Lewis honored to serve as pallbearer for 'The Greatest'
[Tom Gray]
Lennox Lewis on Muhammad Ali: He was like a father
[Sky Sports]
Will Smith, who played Ali on silver screen, to be a pallbearer
[Mitch Abramson]
Tickets to Ali's funeral run out in an hour
[Jay Busbee]
Ali spokesman disgusted with sale of memorial tickets
[Boxing Clever]

Thousands attend Ali's prayer services [Boxing Scene]
Holmes, Foreman to be pallbearers for Ali
[Boxing Clever]

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Ali remembered with joy at IBHOF [Bernard Fernandez]
NYC temporarily renames street 'Muhammad Ali Way'
[Boxing Scene]
Even death can't keep Muhammad Ali down
[John J. Raspanti]
Sports greats share their memories of Muhammad Ali
[Boxing Clever]
How Muhammad Ali brought people together
[Richard Lapchick]
Ali: Forever Young
[Joe Masterleo]

Ali: Transcendent. Timeless.
[Mark Livitz]
Ali on lesbian couple: They look happy together [Thomas Hauser]

Mourners: Ali's death tough, given US politics
[Associated Press]
President Barack Obama on Muhammad Ali
[John Dennen]
Team Fury reflects on the passing of Muhammad Ali
[Boxing News]
Keith Thurman gives thoughts on Muhammad Ali
[Ryan Burton]

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Muhammad Ali: Forever Young [Joe Masterleo]
Video:: Muhammad Ali tribute [HBO]
Muhammad Ali: The man behind the icon
[Thomas Hauser]
Ali evolved from blockbuster fighter to a country's conscience
[Wesley Morris]
Robert Lipsyte: Ali was not a saint, was not a teddy bear
The real reason we'll miss Muhammad Ali
[Mike Barnicle]

Muhammad Ali's fight for the right to fight
[Adam J. Pollack]
When Muhammad Ali refused the draft
[Craig Hlavaty]
Muhammad Ali and Vietnam
[The Atlantic]
Arum: Ali was right, I was wrong on war stance [Boxing Clever]
HBO's tribute to Muhammad Ali
[Bad Left Hook]

Video:: Lampley gets emotional discussing Muhammad Ali [Boxing Scene]
Video:: Max Kellerman shares fond moment with Muhammad Ali
Max Kellerman shares fond moment with Muhammad Ali
[Boxing Scene]
Video:: Roy Jones Jr. explains how Ali inspired him [Boxing Scene]
Video:: Justin Juuko on what Ali meant to Africa [Radio Rahim]
There will never be another Muhammad Ali
[Frank Warren]

Ali's hometown unites for prayer, remembrances
[Associated Press]
Muhammad Ali: Gone, but not forgotten
[Ken Hissner]
George Foreman reflects on the legend of Muhammad Ali [Boxing Clever]
Lebron, Clinton, Sanders, Trump praise Ali [Boxing Clever]
Muhammad Ali transcended the sport
[Ricardo Arduengo]

Video:: Why Ali was a hero by so many [Kevin Iole]
Video:: Muhammad Ali rememberedMuhammad Ali remembered [RingTV]
Boxing stars react to the passing of Ali
[Tom Gray]
HBO reacts to the passing of Muhammad Ali [Boxing Clever]
Video: Freddie Roach reflects on Muhammad Ali
[Boxing Scene]

Tribute to The Greatest
[Matt Christie]
Don King on Muhammad Ali: This is a sad day for life [Boxing Clever]
One of the greatest sportsmen ever
[Mitch Abramson]
Muhammad Ali: Unparalleled Showman
[John Schulian]
Ali: The boxing poet who inspired
liquid prose [Bill Chappell]

'Soul of a Butterfly:' Muhammad and Hana Yasmeen Ali [Ken Hissner]
Return to Muhammad Ali's Deer Lake
[Ken Hissner]

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Muhammad Ali Timeline
Cassius Clay and Muhammad Ali: From Anger to Peace [Norman Marcus]

'The Greatest' photos you've never seen
Measured Against All Time: Muhammad Ali [Cliff Rold]
Photos: Muhammad Ali's legendary life [Boxing Scene]
Remembering Ali's 10 greatest fights
[Ari Gilberg]

Ali: 12 of his most-memorable boxing moments
[Kevin Iole]
Best performances of Muhammad Ali
[Matt Christie]
Muhammad Ali The 20 best moments
[The Guardian]
Muhammad Ali's most-important fights [Boxing Clever]
Ali's virtuoso performance? Cleveland Williams

Muhammad Ali on '60 Minutes'
American Hunger: The most magnetic athlete of the century
[New Yorker]
Muhammad Ali: In the fighter's words
[Thomas Hauser]
Still nobody has surpassed Muhammad Ali
[Lyle Fitzsimmons]
Muhammad Ali: Don't idolize me
[Harry Mullan]

Why unbeaten Mayweather can't compare to Ali
[Kevin Iole]
Muhammad Ali: Most recognizable person ever?
[Ken Hissner]
As Muhammad Ali proved, size does not matter
[Gavin Evans]
Year-end notes on Muhammad Ali and others
[Thomas Hauser]
The Latest on The Greatest: 'I Am Ali'
[Jerry Glick]

Outside the Ring: Muhammad and Lonnie Ali [Jill Diamond]
Ali, Robinson, Leonard, Mayweather: The Art of Movement
[Robert Elmore]
Robinson, Ali put U.S. atop boxing's Rushmore
[Kevin Iole]

Muhammad Ali's grandson now a model [Timothy Mitchell]

Muhammad Ali: The Saddest of Ironies [Gordon Marino]



Muhammad Ali is crowned 'King of Boxing' [James Blears]

Book Review: Muhammad Ali, The Life of a Boxing Hero [Antonio Santiago]

Defining Ali and his toughest foe [Pedro Fernandez]

Muhammad Ali tops all-time heavyweight poll [Boxing.com]

Ali's 10 greatest moments in the ring
[Lem Satterfield]

Why Ali has never gone away
[Alex Reid]
Muhammad Ali celebrates 70th today
[Ken Hissner]
Ali: Living & dying with the greatest
[John J. Raspanti]
Ali analyzes the pre-1970 heavyweights
[Scoop Malinowski]
Ali seeks release of Iran-held hikers
[Bradley Klapper]
Top 10 fights of Muhammad Ali's career [Kevin Iole]

Ali's opponents reflect on his life, legacy [Ed Koch]

Muhammad Ali: A man first, a boxer second [Christian Giudice]
Arum: Ali may have had the most impact of anybody [Boxing Clever]
Ali's grandson on the last piece of advice [Huffington Post]
Forever truculent: Muhammad Ali shook up our world [Las Vegas Sun]

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When Ali took on America [Slate]
How kids playing war made Ali refuse the draft [The Sun]
Muhammad Ali refuses Army induction [History.com]
Ali risked all by opposing Vietnam War [Huffington Post]
HBO film finds fresh angle on Muhammad Ali [Cliff Rold]

When Ali became more than a sports icon [Kevin Iole]
Five facts about Ali and the Vietnam War [Heavy.com]

'Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight' debuts Oct. 5 on HBO [Boxing Scene]
Why did Ali refused to be drafted? [Bustle.com]

Film looks at Muhammad Ali's most important fight
[Kevin Iole]

Muhammad Ali refuses to fight in Vietnam [The Guardian]

Ali and the First Amendment [David L. Hudson Jr.]
When Ali refused the draft in Houston [Chron]
The radical reverberations of Muhammad Ali [The Nation]
Muhammad Ali and the draft [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

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In this March 1, 1964 file photo, Muhammad Ali, world heavyweight boxing champion, right, stands with Malcolm X outside the Trans-Lux Newsreel Theater on Broadway at 49th Street in New York.

Muhammad Ali: An American Muslim [Eurasia Review]

Muhammad Ali's complicated relationship with Jews [Haaretz.com]

Ali to be mourned with traditional Muslim prayer service [Yahoo Sports]

Ali smacks Trump, other Republican Islamophobes [Walter Einekel]

Ali and the First Amendment [David L. Hudson Jr.]


Muhammad Ali vs. Donald Trump [Robert Ecksel]

Muhammad Ali and Those Days in L.A. [David A. Avila]

Cassius X: Inside Cassius Cla's conversion to Islam [The Undefeated]

Remembering Ali as a conscientious objector [WNYC]


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What's in a name? Meet the original Cassius Clay [Time]
Who beat Cassius Clay in the amateurs? [Chris Kempson]
Louisville in the Age of Ali [Keith Runyon]

Ali's Louisville friends recall early days [Bruce Schreiner]

Ali in the ring, still Clay in the newspapers [New York Times]
Cassius Clay: A kid who got his bike stolen [Washington Post]
Cassius X: Inside Cassius Clay's conversion to Islam [The Undefeated]
When Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali [Randy Roberts]

Becoming Muhammad Ali
[John Dennen]

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Ali and Cosell: Irresistible Enigmas [NPR]
Cosell backed Ali from the start [Christopher Ross]
Ali and Cosell: Boxing's Odd Couple [Jon Sacareno]
Ali and Cosell: Friends bound by mutual respect [New York Times]
Ali's relationship with Cosell will never be duplicated [Bob Raisman]

Ali and Cosell: A mismatched pair who were perfect for each other [Ken Fang]
Ali and Cosell were must-see sports TV [Los Angeles Times]
Ali and Cosell: A relationship like no other [Boston Globe]
Ali and Cosell had 'magical' relationship [Sports Illustrated]

FILE - In this April 13, 1981, file photo, sportscaster Howard Cosell, right, is pictured laying one on the chin of former world heavyweight boxing champ Muhammad Ali during a dinner in New York. Ali, the magnificent heavyweight champion whose fast fists and irrepressible personality transcended sports and captivated the world, has died according to a statement released by his family Friday, June 3, 2016. He was 74. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

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When the Beatles met the boxer who became Muhammad Ali
[Tim Dahlberg]
How Ali and a Jersey guy tried to reunite the Beatles [NJ.com]

How the Beatles met Muhammad Ali [Jerry McCulley]
The Day the Beatles Met Cassius Clay [Classic Rock]
Flashback: When Ali met the Beatles [Rolling Stone]
Beatles were a knockout for Muhammad Ali in '64 [Miami Herald]

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Muhammad Ali quotes [Brainy Quotes]
Muhammad Ali poetry and quotes [Wikiquote]
21 of Muhammad Ali's best quotes [Parade]
Muhammad Ali's 10 best quotes [ESPN]

Muhammad Ali in quotes [John Dennen]

More Muhammad Ali quotes
[Boxing News]
Fighters recall Ali's greatest quotes [USA Today]
Top 10 Muhammad Ali quotes [John Dennen]
Muhammad Ali's best quotes [The Guardian]
Ali's inspirational quotes on boxing success, racism [Aljazeera]

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Mobsters shake down Muhammad Ali Jr. over dad's fortune [Radar Online]

Muhammad Ali talks suicidal man off ledge [Daily Mail]

Foreman, Holmes, Shaq honor Muhammad Ali [Boxing Scene]

Tyson to present Ali for Nevada Hall of Fame induction [George Gigney]

Muhammad Ali to receive Grawemeyer Spirit Award [Random Hits]

Muhammad Ali exhibit opens in London [Boxing Scene]
Muhammad Ali's Deer Lake camp for sale
[Boxing News]

Renovation of Ali's boyhood home back on track [Associated Press]

Ali Center to give award honoring humanitarianism [Associated Press]

Julius Menendez, Ali's Olympic coach, dies at 90 [Associated Press]

Stars line up for Ali at birthday bash [Las Vegas Sun]

Gala to celebrate legendary Muhammad Ali [Steve Carp]


Ali's opponents reflect on his life, legacy [Ed Koch]

When Muhammad Ali found 'more to life' [Ed Koch]

Muhammad Ali writes to people of Norway [AP]

Ali files suit over Louisville mansion purchase [Tom Weir]

Ali seeks release of Iran-held hikers [Bradley Klapper]

Elvis, Ali photos tell stories of two American icons [Kathy Matheson]


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Legendary trainer Angelo Dundee dead at 90 [Boston Globe]
Ali trainer Angelo Dundee dies at 90 [John J. Raspanti]
Dundee was arguably the best trainer ever [Michael Marley]
So much more than the man in the corner [BBC]
'The Great One' passes [Pedro Fernandez]

Services for Dundee scheduled Friday [ESPN]

Ali says goodbye to Angelo Dundee [Rick Folstad]

Ali attends funeral of Angelo Dundee
[Fred Goodall]
Dundee's best move: Never trying to change Ali [Frank Lotierzo]
Only Dundee, Pacheco remain from Ali's corner
[Michael Marley]
How Angelo Dundee met Muhammad Ali
[Matt Christie]

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The Ali-Frazier trilogy
[Chuck Marbry]
Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier: A brutal trilogy [Newsday]
Frazier battled Ali in timeless trilogy [Mike Sielski]

Tears for Joe: Remembering the Frazier-Ali trilogy [Gordon Marino]

Fourteen Rounds of Hell
[Tom Gray]
Ali-Frazier feud was vicious, lasted decades
[Boxing Clever]
Ali family reached out to Frazier clan during final days
[Mitch Abramson]
Thrilla in Manila turns 30 [Charles Polodian]
Thrilla in Manila: 40 years after [Sports Illustrated]

The greatest rivals, inside the ring and outside
The greatest fight of all time? [Gareth A. Davies]
Ali-Frazier III: Greatest fight of all time?
[Gareth A. Davies]

Photos: Ali vs. Frazier in 'Thrilla in Manila' [Time Magazine]

Thrilla in Manila: 40 Years Later [Lee Groves]

Best I Faced: Muhammad Ali [Bob Goodman]

On This Day: Frazier, Ellis fight for Ali's vacated title [Sam Corbishley]

Ali, Frazier nearly paid the ultimate price [Daily Mail]

Why Ali-Frazier in Manila remains a boxing benchmark [Daily Mail]

'Fight of the Century' remembered [International Business Times]

The greatest fight of all time [Boxing News]


Ali's 'Fight of the Century' gloves sell for nearly $400K [Maurice Richter]

Memories of Ali-Frazier IV [Bernard Fernandez]

Interview: Joe Frazier Unplugged [Pedro Fernandez]

Ali-Frazier II plus 40: Ferdie Pacheco remembers [Tom Gray]

Muhammad Ali's gloves fetch $385K at auction [Random Hits]

Ang Lee film presents Thrilla in Manila in 3D [Kevin Jagernauth]

Frazier and Ali comparison [Diffen.com]




Remembering Joe Frazier [Thomas Hauser]

First Ali-Frazier bout was best ever [Frank Lotierzo]

Smokin' Joe Frazier laid to rest in Philly [CNN]
Frazier's funeral [Jason Van Hoven]
Joe Frazier: Requiem for a champion [Bernard Fernandez]

Ali, fellow mourners pay tribute to Frazier [Las Vegas Review]
Smokin' Joe mourned as self-depracating champ [John Smith]

Joe Frazier, 67, dies of liver cancer [Bob Velin]
Frazier & Ali forever linked [Time Magazine]
Ali: I'll remember Joe Frazier with respect [CBS News]

Fans offered to become liver donors to Frazier [Tom Weir]
Final bell for Philly legend [Philadelphia Inquirer]
Seeing beyond Frazier's combative self [New York Times]
Smokin' Joe dies [Associated Press]
Frazier was a symbol of the sport [Rich Mancuso]

There will never be another Joe Frazier [Thomas Gerbasi]
Joe Frazier passes away from liver cancer [Eric Thomas]
Smokin' Joe's 10 greatest moments [Hans Olson]
Personal memories of Smokin' Joe [Gianluca Di Caro]
Ali-Frazier: The wars between the greats [Mark Kram]

Important lesson learned from Frazier [New York Post]
'Fight of the Century' remembered [Dan Levy]
Joe Frazier's five greatest moments [Ryan Rudnansky]

Muhammad Ali praying for stricken Joe Frazier [Dahvi Shira]
Emaciated Frazier may be treated in Russia [Bernard Fernandez]

Ali-Frazier: The wars between the greats [Mark Kram]
Important lesson learned from Frazier [New York Post]
Joe Frazier's five greatest moments [Ryan Rudnansky]
Frazier under hospice care [ESPN]

Frazier: If I had one loaf, I'd give Ali half [Michael Marley]


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AP was there: The Ali-Liston rematch [Will Grimsley]

Ali-Liston I: The FBI investigation [Gabe Zaldivar]

Phantom Punch: The 50-year anniversary of Ali-Liston II [Tom Gray]

Ali-Liston II: Sonny got hit, but wasn't KO'd [Frank Lotierzo]

How Liston and Ali gave boxing two great debates [Shaun La]

Ali-Liston gloves fetch almost $1 million at auction [Boxing Clever]


Sonny, George and the indelible Ali stain [Mike Casey]

Adopting Sonny Liston [George Thomas Clark]

Muhammad Ali's gloves fetch $385K at auction [Random Hits]

This just in: Ali's hernia killed Liston [Paul Gallender]

Bid for Ali-Liston gloves at $219,615 [Michael Woods]

Liston: Only Joe Louis was more punishing [Ted Spoon]


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Foreman's insight on Ali on 'The Fight Game' [Kevin Iole]

A Second Look: Foreman vs. Ali [John J. Raspanti]

Remembering Ali's Rumble in the Jungle [Time]

Foreman: Ali's demand to re-hire trainer prevented rematch [Tom Gray]

Rumble in the Jungle: A Retrospective [Lee Groves]
Rumble in the Jungle remembered

How Ali's Rope-A-Dope myth suckered America [Deadspin]

40th anniversary of 'Rumble in the Jungle' [Gav Duthie]

The night Ali KO'd 'a Belgian' for the title [Kevin Iole]

Sonny, George and the indelible Ali stain [Mike Casey]

Video: George Foreman: I wanted to kill Ali, Norton [Graham Bensinger]

George Foreman mourns Muhammad Ali [Boxing News]


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On This Day: Ken Norton breaks Muhammad Ali's jaw [Matt Christie]

One Punch: How Ken Norton became a boxing legend [Jonathan Snowden]

Hal of Famer Ken Norton dead at 70 [Kevin Iole]

Ali's jaw broken by Norton's fist [Two Views]

Ali vs. Norton at Yankee Stadium [Newsday]

Ali-Norton III: Who really won? [Gordon Marino]



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Ron Lyle: The dog of the block [Castle Chalice]

Ron Lyle: Ali just transcended the sport [Percy Crawford]


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On This Day: Ali dismantles Cleveland Williams
[Matt Christie]
Ali vs. Cleveland Williams: Facts, stats, highlights [Fight Saga]
Greatest Knockouts: Ali vs. Cleveland Williams [Bert Randolph Sugar]
Remembering Cleveland 'Big Cat' Williams [Jim Amato]
Cleveland Williams: Brought low by Cassius Clay ... and a bullet [Mike Lewis]

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Our 'Enry: British boxing great Henry Cooper dies [Dennis Taylor]
Bastion of a bygone era [Gareth A Davies]
Henry Cooper was a British icon
[Barry McGuigan]
Sir Henry's top 10 British boxers
[Gareth A Davies]
Hatton: Cooper was a true British legend
[Boxing Scene]
Boxing world mourns Cooper
[Boxing Scene]
What if Cooper had beaten Cassius Clay?
Ali, McGuigan lay praise on Henry Cooper
[Terence Dooley]
Henry Cooper in his own words
[Robert Ecksel]

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Ali, Spinks, and the Battle of New Orleans [New York Magazzine]
Ali meets his match as Spinks takes his title [New York Daily News]
Ali-Spinks II: Superdome, 1978 [Peter Finney]
On This Day: Leon Spinks shocked Ali and the world
[Boxing News]
Leon Spinks hospitalized in Vegas with surgery complications
Former heavyweight champ Leon Spinks hospitalized
[Lem Satterfield]
Leon Spinks: Only man to take a title from Ali in the ring [David Hines]
Remembering Ali's 'September to Remember' [WWLTV]

Ali-Spinks 2: Facts, stats, highlights [Fight Saga]

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Earnie Shavers takes spotlight in Edmonton [CBC]
Shavers says Ali is in a league of his own [BBC]
Ali vs. Shavers: One of the best [Jim Amato]
Ali's penultimate career victory: Earnie Shavers [James Slater]
Shavers: Ali was in a league of his own [BBC Sport]
'Only God hits harder:' The life of Earnie Shavers [Brian D'Ambrosio]
Ali's 10 greatest fights: Ali-Shavers, Sept. 29, 1977 [Sports Illustrated]
Earnie Shavers on fighting Ali, Holmes, Norton [Michael J. Jones]
Interview with Earnie Shavers: Hardest hitting boxer in history [Ken Hissner]

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Muhammad Ali and The Pussycat [Mario Rivera Martino]]
Muhammad Ali's one-nighter in San Juann[Sports Illustrated]]
Ali KOs Jean-Pierre Coopman for his 50th winn[On This Day]]
Flemish boxer pays tribute to Muhammad Alii[Flanders News]]

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Brian London on facing Muhammad Ali [Matt Christie]
Brian London: I wasn't good enough to fight Ali [Matt Christie]
Ali annihilates Brian London [Thomas Georgiou]

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On This Day: Ali hammers Zora Folley in his last fight of '60s
[Matt Christie]
Zora Folley's son recalls dad's title shot against Ali [Weldon B. Johnson]
Ali vs. Folley: Another phantom punch? [Boxing On Broadway]
The Rise and Fall of Zora Folley [Pete Ehrmann]

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On This Day: Ali withstands spirited test from George Chuvalo [Boxing News]
45th anniversary of George Chuvalo vs. Muhammad Ali [Lou Eisen]
Brutality, beauty mingled in a truly epic brawl [David Giddens]
George Chuvao reflects on friendship with The Greatest [CBS News]

Chuvalo wishes Ali a happy 70th [Toronto Star]
Best I've Faced: George Chuvalo [Tom Gray]

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Muhammad Ali vs. Wilt Chamberlain: What if? [Bernard Fernandez]
Wilt Chamberlain challenges Muhammad Ali to fight [VideoSift]

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Stevenson vs. Ali: Greatest fight that never was [Brin-Jonathan Butler]
Teofilo Stevenson: Reports of near-death exaggerated [Associated Press]
Could Teofilo Stevenson have beaten Ali? [The Mirror]
Teofilo Stevenson: Greatest boxer you've never heard of [Alexander Diegel]
What if Teofilo Stevenson had turned pro? [Fox Doucette]
Ali vs. Stevenson: The biggest fight that never was [Juan Jose Ferro]

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+ Strength, Courage & Wisdom  Muhammad Ali:

Muhammad Ali & daughter Laila, 1978, photo by Michael Gaffney:

Muhammad Ali and Sam Cooke:

The Greatest.:

5th street gym, Miami Beach, FL 1961 Young Ali




Training camp : Muhammad Ali: Rare photos from Ebony







Muhammad Ali and 5 Other Famous American Heavyweights Who Fought in Britain











































Muhammad Ali is pictured with his second wife Belinda Boyd and their four children, twin daughters Reeshemah (left) and Jamillah, son Muhammad Jr and older daughter Laila:



In  1974 Muhammad Ali was training  to reclaim his heavyweight boxing title from George Fo...:

Ali in Louisville, Ky., 1961 Freddie Roach: “As a kid, I was always a Joe Frazier fan. But I became a fan of Ali later in life. Ali never went by the book. He was an unorthodox fighter. He did everything technically wrong in the ring, but he won. He changed the game of boxing. He brought big money to the sport. Several years ago, Ali came to my gym, the Wild Card. He flirted with the girls. He talked with everyone. He was there for hours. I didn’t call anyone. The regulars just came in, and there was Ali hitting the bags. It was the greatest moment my gym has ever had. He hit the heavy bag, and the tremors went away, just like when I get in the ring to work the pads, my tremors go away.” Freddie Roach is a Boxing Hall of Fame member and five-time Trainer of the Year. Source: TIME.com:

See him enjoy both tea and poetry while training for the Rumble in the Jungle.

Mohammed Ali with mom and dad!!!

Muhammad Ali:

Muhammed Ali with his daughter Maryum, in 1974.:

Muhammad Ali:


Ali vs Henry Cooper:

Just Chillin


<strong>Not published in LIFE.</strong> James Earl Jones (left), star of the play <em>The Great White Hope</em>, talks with Ali following a performance, New York, 1968.:

Muhammad Ali-Ernie Terrell staredown:

Muhammad Ali. Music man.

Ali in Chicago, 1976  Harry Benson:: "It was 1976, America's bicentennial. I asked Ali to pose as George Washington for a portrait. When I arrived in Chicago, Ali changed his mind and said, 'I won't pose as Washington, he had slaves. I want to be a slave.' I had to find an authentic slave costume with no zips or buttons, just tied together with rope, in two hours on a Sunday. My taxi driver knew of a seamstress who came to my rescue. Ali was pleased with the outfit and said he knew exactly where he wanted the photo taken. So off we went to a park on the South Side of Chicago. As we walked into the park, I carried the chains around Ali's legs so he wouldn't trip. We walked up a slight hill. Looking down into the ravine below we saw several young black men with stocking caps on their heads, drinking beer and talking. Ali looked at them and started shouting at the top of his lungs, 'Look at me! Look at what this white man has done to me! Brothers, he has me in chains! Why are you standing there? Look at me!' I hesitated as their expressions changed from surprise to serious, and I must say, a bit menacing. I looked around to see if I could out-run them, but there was no way. Finally Ali broke into laughter and hugged me, and the tension subsided. After the shoot, as we were walking to the car, a young boy came up to Ali who graciously and quietly shook his hand. A memorable day if I do say so!"  Harry Benson is a world-renowned photographer. Source: <a href="http://TIME.com" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">TIME.com</a>

Muhammad Ali & Angela Davis:

Greatness goes the distance. #MondayMotivation #MuhammadAli:

Remembering the Remarkable Life of Muhammad Ali:



Muhammad Ali vs Jackson Five

Frank Sinatra and Muhammad Ali in stands before Ken Norton vs. Jimmy Young fight at the Sports Pavilion of Caesars Palace. Las Vegas, NV, November 5th, 1977. Photos by Neil Leifer



Joe Frazier - 1944-2011

talented10th: Family portrait of Muhammad Ali with (L-R) his brother Rahman Ali, his mother Odessa, and his father Cassius Clay Sr. during ...:

At his training camp cabin, Ali pushes a boulder during a photo shoot in Deer Lake, Penn., in August 1973. Ali was training for his rematch against Ken Norton, who broke his jaw five months earlier.

Cassius Clay in his 1960 Cadillac with a record player:

Legends: Mr. Bill Russell, Mr. Muhammad Ali and Mr. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar:



(Muhammad Ali, not Howard Cosell.)

















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June 5, 2016
'The Greatest'
Remembering Ali

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April 5, 2016
George Foreman
Before and after Ali
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Oct. 30, 2011
Angelo Dundee
The cornerman

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July 26, 2010
Dr. Ferdie Pacheco
The fight doctor

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March 17, 2010
George Chuvalo

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Nov. 14, 2010
Ron Lyle
Ahead on the cards

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Sept. 25, 2011
Chuck Wepner
The real 'Rocky'
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June 26, 2011
Bob Foster
King of the
light heavies

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Muhammad Ali & Martin Luther King The greatest of all times with the greatest of all times.

The young Cassius Clay.  RIP Champ, we'll remember you.  For ever.:




Muhammad Ali

































Muhammad Ali


Atlanta Braves outfielder Hank Aaron and Ali in Los Angeles, 1969

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Todd Bridges, Muhammad Ali & Gary Coleman:

Ali [The 50 Most Stylish Men of the Past 50 Years]

11 Incredible Pictures Of Muhammed Ali Training On London's Streets:

Float Like a Butterfly: Muhammad Ali's Life in Photos - NBC News

Muhammad Ali carries the torch


Muhammad Ali


Muhammad Ali:

Muhammad Ali.....:

4/28 ~ On this date, in 1967, boxing champion Muhammad Ali refused to  be inducted into the U.S. Army and was immediately striped of his heavyweight title.  Ali, a Muslim, cited religious  reasons for his decision to forgo military service.:

Muhammad Ali



Boxing champ Muhammad Ali affectionately holds his twin daughters, Jamillah and Rasheda, prior to a TV interview with Howard Cosell in 1974.

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Gerald ford listens to Muhammad Ali with an attentive ear.

The Bare Cave

On April 28, 1967, Muhammad Ali walked into an army induction center in Houston, Texas. There he would inform the draft board that he was refusing to take the army oath, saying he was exempt because of his ministership in the Nation of Islam. On April 28, 1967, the same day Ali refused to be inducted, the New York State boxing commission indefinitely suspended his license to box and stripped him of the title of heavyweight champion of the world.....

Muhammad Ali:

Muhammad Ali, Chicago, Illinois, 1978. Photographed by Annie Leibovitz


Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman legendary fight in Kinshasa. The Rumble in the Jungle, now 40 years ago.

Muhammad Ali:

&lt;b&gt; Ali before a fight in Chicopee, Mass., 1965&lt;/b&gt;&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt; &lt;b&gt;Chuck “the Iceman” Liddell:&lt;/b&gt; “I never make a big effort to meet celebrities, but I was at a charity event, and Ali was there, so I made sure I introduced myself. It was just for a second. I don’t know if he really knew me, but he said my name. It was such an honor. As a fighter, he was just the complete package — as a ring strategist, his timing, footwork, speed and how he played the mental game and promoted his fights. I woul...

Muhammad Ali

Isaac Sutton/EBONY Collection - Muhammad Ali is photographed carrying then wife, Sonji Clay, over the threshold after their wedding.:

Ali at the Alvin Theater, New York City, 1968 James Earl Jones: "This young American man! To all of us he is forever young — young in brash, bold self-proclamation! When he came and saw The Great White Hope, he mounted the stage and proclaimed, 'This is my story!'  And when I see his eyes now, the twinkle still shines through." James Earl Jones is a Tony Award–winning actor. Source:  TIME.com:

Muhammad Ali:

Muhammad Ali

henry cooper muhammad ali - Google Search


Muhammad Ali and Howard Cosell

Bill Russell x Ali


Ali with Sonny and Cher

U.S. boxing legend Muhammad Ali (top) smiles as he stands behind his Daughter Laila Ali


Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali.....


The Outsized Life of Muhammad Ali (Muhammad Ali in Chicago, in 1966)

Ali.....This is the punch that sent George Foreman sprawling to the canvas in the 8th round. The "Rumble in the Jungle" was the fight that Muhammad Ali deployed his famous Rope-A-Dope strategy (allowing big George to punch himself out)...the rest is history.

Muhammad Ali. He was known as Cassius Clay during his run through the Olympics.


Muhammad Ali.  That's me!

Muhammad Ali. °:

It was October 30, 1974, and the event was billed as “The Rumble in the Jungle.”:

Muhammad Ali and his daughter Hana

Muhammed Ali

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali.

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“Bye…Legend" <a class="pintag searchlink" data-query="%23MuhammadAliRIP" data-type="hashtag" href="/search/?q=%23MuhammadAliRIP&rs=hashtag" rel="nofollow" title="#MuhammadAliRIP search Pinterest">#MuhammadAliRIP</a>

Muhammad Ali.

Norton takes a right hook during the heavyweight title fight against Ali. The bout, which Ali won by a unanimous, but controversial, decision, was the last boxing match at Yankee Stadium until 2010.


Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali page: <a href="https://www.facebook.com/MuhammadAligoat?ref=hl" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">www.facebook.com/...</a>


Muhammad Ali & Oscar Bonavena, 1970


Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman legendary fight in Kinshasa. The Rumble in the Jungle, now 40 years ago.

Muhammad Ali Turns 70: 70 Pictures of the Greatest Boxer - LightBox:



Muhammed Ali - Float Like a Butterfly Sting Like a Bee.


Ali & Frazier

Ali is on the ropes, from a patented Frazier left hook.Smokin Joe Frazier

Muhammad Ali & Walter Payton

Muhammad Ali.....