Chris Finnegan (23-2-1, 15 KOs)

vs. Bob Foster (48-5, 41 KOs)

Sept. 26, 1972 at Empire Pool, Wembley, England

 Foster already was regarded as the greatest light heavyweight since Archie Moore, and even at 33 he was supremely confident that he would knock out the 28-year-old Finnegan, who won an Olympic gold medal in 1968 at Mexico City. The boxing oracles didn't doubt it, figuring Finnegan was in way over his head, literally, against the 6-foot-3 knockout king from New Mexico. But with the WBC and WBA titles on the line, Finnegan, the southpaw, fought the fight of his life and turned this perceived mismatch into The Ring Magazine's 1972 "Fight of the Year."

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Chris Finnegan