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Tony DeMarco slumps to the canvas below Carmen Basilio in a fight at Boston Garden in December 1955.

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Sports Illustrated: September 7, 1959

Despite a journalistic lifetime spent with its dragons, this magazine still believes there is a while knight for boxing

Sports Illustrated: July 20, 1959

He's Jose Becerra, a skinny kid from Guadalajara, who knocked out Alphonse Halimi in Mexico's finest fistic hour

Sports Illustrated: July 6, 1959

Mr. Anderberg's Oddyssey

One of our European correspondents joins Sweden's No. 1 boxing fan

Ingemar Johansson, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: July 6, 1959

The world-shaking victory of Ingemar Johansson, Swedish winner of boxing's heavyweight crown, opened a bright new era for the sport and revived a star-crossed promoter's luck

Sports Illustrated: July 6, 1959

Welcome to the Ingo Era

Sports Illustrated: June 15, 1959

Beginning with the extraordinary story of Jack Johnson, the Negro fighter whose brilliant skill won for his race the first championship of theworld, and for himself a life of spectacular excess and ultimate tragedy

Sports Illustrated: June 1, 1959

Defending his lightweight title, Joe Brown stakes it against Paolo Rosi

Sports Illustrated: May 4, 1959

It seems some smart money went astray when the Honeybear tried to regain his title

Sports Illustrated: April 13, 1959

In secrecy an some confusion, boxing nonetheless seemed to confirm its new vitality

Sports Illustrated: March 2, 1959

Bill Rosensohn, the first of the Ivy League promoters, stumped the country like the last of the oldtime drummers, pricing cities for his heavyweight fight

Sports Illustrated: February 9, 1959

The facts and the law refute the naive cynics who contend that Jim Norris, stripped of Madison Square Garden and his IBC, still will monopolize boxing through his stoogers

Sports Illustrated: July 5, 1959

Some soothsayings on the Supreme Court's IBC decision, two Patterson fights, and Sugar Ray's portrayal of Hamlet

Sports Illustrated: December 22, 1958

After four trips to the canvas, a venerable but gallant Archie Mooe saved his championship by knocking out French Canada's hero, Yvon Durell

Sports Illustrated: December 15, 1958

The Word For Jose Is A Loud Ol�

Jose Torres, exciting new middleweight, thrills his Puerto Rican compatriots

Sports Illustrated: October 20, 1958

He is Gustav Scholz, who beat tuberculosis to become European middleweight champion

Sports Illustrated: October 13, 1958

Faraway places and strange-sounding names threaten the presitge of our big boys

Sports Illustrated: September 29, 1958

That master of the devious, Willie the Wisp, may have reached the end of the trail

Roy Harris, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: September 1, 1958

The Fight That Changed Two Faces

Valiant Roy Harris, pride of Cut and Shoot, had his handsome face altered by the fast, hard fists of Floyd Patterson in a fight that also changed the economic face of boxing

Sports Illustrated: August 18, 1958

Unlike most from the Lone Star State, this one is true: the lurid story of Cut And Shoot and its attractive son, Roy Harris

Roy Harris, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: August 18, 1958

Still studying, Roy Harris, a tough galoot from Cut and Shoot, takes on the champ

Sports Illustrated: August 11, 1958

Ignition trouble bothers the champion as he trains for the Roy Harris title fight

Sports Illustrated: June 30, 1958

Light heavyweight Jesse Bowdry is expected to explode against Jerry Luedee at Louisville on July 4, and Ike Logart takes on a West Coast puncher two days before

Sports Illustrated: June 16, 1958

Virgil Akins becomes welterweight champon by finding a fatal flaw in Vince Martinez's otherwise-perfect defense

Sports Illustrated: June 2, 1958

A honey bear who turned tiger meets a very catlike boxer for the welterweight title

Sports Illustrated: May 26, 1958

A champion's kid brother, a French lightweight and a cool heavyweight appraised

Sports Illustrated: April 28, 1958

Nothing but trouble has been the fate of the International Boxing Club

Sports Illustrated: April 7, 1958

A blinded eye made the doughty Basilio fight harder, but he lost a furious battle to the 'Amazing Mr. Robinson'

Sports Illustrated: April 7, 1958

The fabulous Sugar Ray Robinson, the man in the light fuchsia Cadillac, has illuminated 19 brilliant years of boxing history

Sports Illustrated: March 17, 1958

As a wrestler Dan Hodge had no peer, but using his fists is different

Sports Illustrated: January 20, 1958

An appraisal of the champions and leading contenders of 1958 in the six heavyweight boxing divisions -- featherweight to heavyweight

Sports Illustrated: September 30, 1957

The Chittenango Choo Choo, Carmen Basilio, had a rough ride -- but he sapped the strength of an aging champ and captured Robinson's middleweight title

Carmen Basilio, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: September 16, 1957

It is Mr. Carmen Basilio's left, which Sugar Ray may find gloved in iron when the two meet for the middleweight crown

Sports Illustrated: September 2, 1957

But before he did, Vice President Rademacher of Youth Unlimited staed nearly six rounds with heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson

Floyd Patterson, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: July 29, 1957

Calm Before The Battle

Sports Illustrated: July 1, 1957

Ruling for the People, a federal court judge this week ordered boxing's dirty business cleaned up now

Sports Illustrated: May 6, 1957

It was a fabulous era, and the great promoter, through success and scandal, played it like the gamber he was

Gene Fullmer, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: April 29, 1957

Trying to regain the title he has already won three times, Sugar Ray Robinson faces champion Gene Fullmer in a return bout at Chicago

Sports Illustrated: March 18, 1957

With rare and human insight, Russell Hoban re-creates in words and a painting the bright moment when young Floyd Patterson changed forever and became heavyweight champion of the world

Sports Illustrated: March 18, 1957

The courts have caught up with the boxing monopoly of James D. Norris

Sports Illustrated: February 11, 1957

An ex-Army sergeant named Spike Webb joined the Navy in 1919 -- and taught the budding admirals how to fight

Sports Illustrated: January 14, 1957

Not without honor, Sugar Ray Robinson surrender3ed his title to bull-strong Gene Fullmer in a battle of wit vs. brawn

Sports Illustrated: December 10, 1956

When Floyd Patterson knocked out Archie Moore to become history's youngest heavyweight champ, it was more than a ring triumph -- it was also a defeat of the boxing monopoly

Sports Illustrated: August 20, 1956

On the moon in the year 2056, the kid looked like a great fight prospect, but the machines said he'd never win on earth. Then...

Sports Illustrated: July 9, 1956

A championship at 23, a big car, fame -- it was all an illusion for the Johnny Brattons, who never had a home life and who today face a tragedy

Sports Illustrated: May 21, 1956

Another thrilling chapter in the continued story of Floyd Patterson, who know looms as the man who

Sports Illustrated: May 7, 1956

There are days on which the sportnig sun goes down and leaves behind a sense that an age has passed into history

Sports Illustrated: April 30, 1956

In 1951 Vinnie Ferguson and his father set out to win a 1956 Olympic boxing berth. Step No. 1: an NCAA title

Sports Illustrated: April 30, 1956

A $10,000 check is variously explained, a judge does his homework,a code is studied and a worm wriggles

Sports Illustrated: April 23, 1956

Here, for the first time, SI presents the government case in the attempt of the Department of Justice to break up the boxing monopoly of James D. Norris

Sports Illustrated: March 26, 1956

Welterweight champ Carmen Basilio outfought and outpunched Johnny Saxton, but he had no chance in Chicago Stadium, where favorites are fated to lose -- as the smart money knows by now

Sports Illustrated: January 30, 1956

A lithe young Brooklyn Negro named Floyd Patterson, star of the '52 Olympic Games, threatens Rocky Marciano's crown

Sports Illustrated: December 19, 1955

Short months ago, middleweight champion Bobo Olson was considered so skillful that he was being matched, on paper, with heavyweight king Rocky Marciano. But on Friday he ran into the fists of Sugar Ray Robinson, 35. The fight, and very likely Bobo's career, ended in round two

Sports Illustrated: December 5, 1955

A.J. Liebling

Sports Illustrated: October 3, 1955

A Champion Proves His Greatness

Rocky Marciano has never met a cleverer, more determined, more dangerous opponent than Archie Moore. In battering, wearing down and finally breaking his challenger, he established himself as a man of incomparable virtues

Rocky Marciano, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: September 19, 1955

Challenger Moore tells in his own words how he expects to win the world heavyweight champion from Rocky Marciano

Sports Illustrated: July 4, 1955

After disposing of most of the heavyweight contenders, Archie Moore licks a middleweight and earns a shot at the title

Sports Illustrated: June 20, 1955

The rugged man who rules boxing has taken command of Madison Square Garden, leading to en masse resignation of its board chairman and five other directors

Sports Illustrated: June 13, 1955

SI's expert fantasizes that Jim Norris takes the stand and talks like a man who really cares about boxing

Sports Illustrated: May 30, 1955

Boxing's news moved off the sports pages and onto the front pages last week -- all because three governors decided to do something to clean up a dirty business

Sports Illustrated: May 23, 1955

Most Britons were unwilling to back a native son seeking Rocky Marciano's title, even at 6-1 odds

Sports Illustrated: April 11, 1955

A jeer for Saxton and a tear for Graham

Sports Illustrated: March 28, 1955

In 1923, a light heavyweight title bout between Young Stribling, just 19, and champ Mike McTigue sparked one of the loudest controversies in the history of the sport

Sports Illustrated: March 28, 1955

Though never intended as such, the Golden Gloves has become a rich training ground for pro boxers

Sports Illustrated: March 28, 1955

Amateur boxing's giant elimination draws 25,000 young hopefuls a year, but only eight can become champions

Sports Illustrated: March 21, 1955

Everyone but Carmen Basilio gets a crack at the welterweight title

Sports Illustrated: January 31, 1955

Boston has Valenti and violence, Detroit offers Piazza and Finazzo, Philadelphia has Blinky and Muggsy, and Los Angeles has Babe, who isn't even the real McCoy

Sports Illustrated: January 24, 1955

An independent manager who develops a good fighter must "cut up" his boy or lose him -- or both

Sports Illustrated: January 17, 1955

A careful examination of the fight game and it's current custodians

Sports Illustrated: December 27, 1954

The 1954 Fighter of the Year and his manager, Sid Flaherty, are in business for money; they've earned respect, as well as dollars, but their new tie-up with the IBC may cost them both

Sports Illustrated: November 29, 1954

The founder of the Association for the Protection of the Poor Put-upon Fight Fan welcomes new members and asks them to cry for an overdue delousing

Sports Illustrated: November 15, 1954

Boxing's crowds are silent and the Carbos and Cocos are still doing fight fans and televiewers right in the eye

Sports Illustrated: November 1, 1954

Light heavyweight champ Archie Moore waited 18 years before boxing's monopoly let him appear at The Garden

Sports Illustrated: October 11, 1954

In TV boxing, there's too much turkey on the menu, and someday wised-up fans may just turn off their sets

Sports Illustrated: August 23, 1954

At 37, the world light heavyweight champion fights for the first time in Madison Square Garden

Sports Illustrated: August 16, 1954

Scrappy Bantams

These jockey-size sluggers would look mighty big on a TV screen

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