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Sports Illustrated: Dec. 1, 1969

Nino's Hook Stopped A Roman Riot

Italian fight fans had a staunch ally in the referee, but they would have gone berserk if Luis Rodriguez had somehow won

Sports Illustrated: October 27, 1969

Jose Settles An Old Account

Nemesis of a succession of Cuban fighters, Emile Griffith ran into problems with Jose Napoles

Sports Illustrated: June 16, 1969

A Brawler At The Threshold

Jerry Quarry, bred for the ring but an erratic performer, prepares for the most important bout of his life against Joe Frazier

Sports Illustrated: May 5, 1969

The Art Of Ali

Analyzing the style of a once-in-a-lifetime boxer

Sports Illustrated: February 3, 1969

Frankie The Banger Gets Bombed

A rough street fighter, DePaula was obliged to appear indoors at the Garden, and Bob Foster won easily

Sports Illustrated: January 6, 1969

Three-time Champ At One Time

The little manager with the big ideas couldn't find a heavyweight, so he grabbed three other divisions

Sports Illustrated: December 23, 1968

Nino Goofed Only One Time

The idea was to get Americans interested in the Italian Riviera. Incidentally, Benvenuti was defending his title

Sports Illustrated: October 28, 1968

If You Beat The Policeman, You Get Ellis

That's Angelo Dundee's offer as he grooms his new fighter, who is not a cop, really, but was a bouncer, and has lost only once

Sports Illustrated: October 7, 1968

George Has The Rhyme, Pappy The Reason

George Foreman, the heavyweight poet, has a golden opportunity in the Olympics if, as Coach Pappy Gault warns, he obeys the rules

Sports Illustrated: October 7, 1968

Great White Hope On The Great White Way

Jack Johnson's legend is played out on the stage

Sports Illustrated: September 23, 1968

Hashup And Hashish In Sweden

Nobody really won -- Jimmy Ellis lost ground in his fight for public acceptance, Floyd Patterson saw a fine effort wasted, the Swedes were melancholy about it all and the draft dodgers just kept smoking

Sports Illustrated: July 15, 1968

The Big Bear Plays With A Cub

Although young Henry Clark never went down, Sonny Liston climbed right over him for another chance at some heavyweight money

Sports Illustrated: July 24, 1968

The Original Aborigine

Out of the Australian bush comes Lionel Rose, who trains on tobacco and -- as the first 'koori' to win a world title -- gives hope to the No Hopers

Sports Illustrated: June 17, 1968

Champs Galore

New York has one, California has one, and the universal state of Ali recognizes only its own. Now a movement has begun to settle matters

Sports Illustrated: June 3, 1968

Mushky Got The Tiger And Foster Tamed Him

Nobody in his division was willing to fight Bob Foster, let alone give him a shot at the light heavyweight title -- so he quit. Then a TV show brought him back, and a new manager led him to the champion

Sports Illustrated: May 20, 1968

Dick Tiger Fights Two Wars

Taking a temporary leave from Biafra's struggle with Nigeria, the light heavyweight champion gets ready for his own battle for survival against Bob Foster

Sports Illustrated: May 13, 1968

What's Become Of The Big Bear?

Sonny Liston, secure at last in a town that suits him well, has championship plans once again

Sports Illustrated: May 6, 1968

Right On The Money

Jimmy Ellis, his days as Muhammad Ali's sparring partner far behind him, crashed home an effective right hand to win the WBA version of the heavyweight title -- and a chance at better paydays

Sports Illustrated: April 29, 1968

Five Homers In Dallas

Curtis Cokes doesn't like the sight of blood, but he carved up Willie Luddick, just the same

Sports Illustrated: April 8, 1968

Rubies For A Great Big Mouse

Raul Rojas, a tough, slugging featherweight, survived a ballooning right eye to lay claim to a flashy belt

Sports Illustrated: March 18, 1968

His Workman's Compensation

Joe Frazier believes in giving full measure for what he gets, and he gave Buster Mathis a beating to win a championship ... of sorts

Sports Illustrated: March 11, 1968

Below The Belt With Bummy

Despite his name, Mr. Davis was not really a dirty fighter. But a Brownsville man's pride can be tried too far

Sports Illustrated: February 19, 1968

For Ali, A Time To Preach

Whether sermonizing in California or at home, Muhammad Ali i still as controversial and colorful as he ever was in the ring

Sports Illustrated: December 11, 1967

Jimmy Ellis Gets His Own Show

He was always the other heavyweight from Louisville. Saturday he emerged from the shadow of Muhammad Ali, using his own devices to beat Oscar Bonavena

Sports Illustrated: November 13, 1967

The Right Man In The Right Place -- At Last

Roger Rouse has been the No. 1-ranked light heavyweight for two frustrating years. Next week he finally gets a shot at Dick Tiger's title

Sports Illustrated: October 23, 1967

Vicente Bored In But Ernie Merely Bored

The Mexicans wept tears of joy as Saldivar beat Winstone, then rained cushions on Terrell and Ramos

Sports Illustrated: October 9, 1967

The Riddle Of The Jolly Do-gooders

Called buffoons, windbags and political hacks, the men of the WBA have achieved a measure of control in the sport

Nino Benvenuti, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: September 25, 1967

Spiritually Set For A New Go

Middleweight champion Nino Benvenuti has his Beethoven, challenger Emile Griffith has his apples-peaches-pumpkin-pie mother

Sports Illustrated: August 28, 1967

He Could Go To Jail And Still Be Champ

The man who beat Karl Mildenberger 'fighting him wrong' is too young and assured, says Dundee, to be ruined as a boxer if draft troubles put him behind bars

Sports Illustrated: August 21, 1967

Ali Takes A Crown And A Cause

As the calm eye of a continuous storm that embraced the Black Muslims, Ali beat Liston again and taunted Patterson

Sports Illustrated: August 14, 1967

Life In A Hot Corner

Muhammad Ali's trainer begins the story of the champ's progress in the ring, describing a kid who strongly believed in himself, learned from every encounter, and absorbed showmanship from Gorgeous George

Sports Illustrated: August 14, 1967

Then There Were Six

The bouts were good and honest in Houston's Astrodome as Jimmy Ellis and Thad Spencer became the first winners in the tournament to replace Ali

Karl Mildenberger, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: July 10, 1967

The Once And Future King?

Though lacking the glowering presence of Sonny Liston -- who waits to challenge the winner -- a tournament of interesting home-televised matches wil determine the No. 1 claimant to Ali's vacated title

Sports Illustrated: July 10, 1967

No Weighty Problems For Carlos

When he defeated Sugar Ramos, Carlos Ortiz looked young and fit

Sports Illustrated: June 19, 1967

'I'm Not Worried About Ali'

Earlier this month a group of prominent Negro athletes held a confidential meeting with Muhammad Ali to discuss his decision to reject Army service

Sports Illustrated: May 1, 1967

Arriverderci, Nino Benvenuti

The best Italian import since olive oil took the title from Emile Griffith. He'll return to the U.S. in July to give Emile another chance and boxing a much-needed lift

Sports Illustrated: April 10, 1967

Gypsy Joe: Fire And Music And Miniculture

Joe Harris burst upon New York -- and welterweight king Curtis Cokes -- like an infant Muhammad Ali. He danced and feinted, and landed just often enough to win a fight his opponent wanted little part of

Sports Illustrated: March 27, 196

Blood, Sweat, Toil -- But No Tears From Tunney

The speakeasy crowd said it was an easy fight for Harry Greb, but somewhere in the midst of it a battered and bleeding young bookworm figured out how the champion could be taken

Sports Illustrated: March 20, 1967

A Book Fighter Who May Change Ali's Style

Challenger Zora Folley is technically the most competant boxer the heavyweight champ has faced

Sports Illustrated: February 13, 1967

Cruel Ali With All The Skills

A vindictive champion punished Ernie Terrell through 15 brutal rounds and convinced remaining doubters

Cassius Clay, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: February 6, 1967

The Left That Was

Ernie Terrell's left hand was a potent weapon against Cassius Clay five years ago, but an older, wiser Muhammad Ali should contain it easily this Monday night

Sports Illustrated: July 16, 1967

Cus Is Back Aboard A Big New Bus

When Cus D'Amato got hold of him, Buster Mathis was fast, blubbery and promising. He's faster now, much slimmer, and both are talking championship

Sports Illustrated: December 12, 1966

The Fighter

Lou Nova came into the sport with nothing -- and left the same way

Sports Illustrated: November 21, 1966

The Massacre

The talk was big about Cleveland Williams before the fight, but all of the action was Muhammad Ali's

Sports Illustrated: November 14, 1966

You Watch Out, Ali!

Cassius Clay is the champion and will be favored when he meets Cleveland Williams, but the Big Cat, in superb condition, is powerful, and his knockout record is awesome

Sports Illustrated: November 14, 1966

Opening Bell For The Scribe

A boy of 15 who was already a professional boxing columnist found it hard to settle down to lessons in school books

Sports Illustrated: November 7, 1966

Camping Out With The Champ

A onetime pennypincher, middleweight champ Emile Griffith has become boxing's classic soft touch and the prime support of his sisters, his cousins and his mama

Sports Illustrated: October 31, 1966

Cops And Robbers In Mexico City

The police waved their pistols, a rioting crowd bombarded the ring, and the winner turned out to be the loser in the wild and bloody Ortiz-Ramos championship fight

Sports Illustrated: September 12, 1966

A Conn Game That Collapsed

Light heavyweight Billy Conn had Joe Louis beaten and the championship won -- for 12 rounds

Sports Illustrated: September 5, 1966

Winning For Old Cornbread

By landing an occasional solid punch on his evasive opponent, Curtis Cokes beat Manuel Gonzalez for the WBA welterweight title, and fulfilled the hopes of his ancient trainer

Sports Illustrated: August 15, 1966

If Cassius Can't Punch, Then London Isn't Down

Brian London talked a better fight than he gave, and Cassius Clay, for a change, gave a better fight than he talked

Sports Illustrated: July 25, 1966

When Emile Got His Irish Up

Joey Archer, evoking old memories of Irish boxing's best, had tradition and the crowd, but Emile Griffith bulled his way to victory to keep the middleweight belt

Sports Illustrated: May 30, 1966

Blood At The Arsenal

A fastidious Cassius Clay managed to avoid Henry Cooper's vulnerable eyebrows for five rounds. But a right in the sixth tapped a geyser, drowning the challenger's hopes for a heavyweight title

Sports Illustrated: May 23, 1966

Ready For The Bloodletting

Cassius Clay is in rare form for his title bout and Anglo-American relations are superb, but there is a problem: bleedin' 'Enery Cooper

Sports Illustrated: May 9, 1966

All Alone With The Future

Cassius Clay nowadays is like a man under voluntary house arrest as the world of reality slips away, and the constricting tentacles of the Black Muslims draw more tightly around him

Sports Illustrated: May 2, 1966

Learning Elijah's Advanced Lesson In Hate

Cassius Clay is a less-than-perfect follower of the Black Muslim movement, except in one respect: He fears the word of 'the boss.'

Sports Illustrated: April 25, 1966

Hysteria Is A Sometime Thing

A loudmouth windbag one moment, quietly and sincerely dedicated the next, Cassius Clay appears to be confused about his real identity

Sports Illustrated: April 18, 1966

Growing Up Scared In Louisville

Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., a man-child as prejudiced as the stiff-necked bigots he professes to detest, was unusual almost from the day he was born

Muhammad Ali, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: April 11, 1966

A Battle Of The Lionhearted

There was supposed to be a little dog in Cassius Clay, a bull in George Chuvalo. What came out of their bout for "The People's Championship" was a feeling that both could hold their own on any street

Sports Illustrated: April 11, 1966

A Case Of Conscience

Call him Cassius Clay or Muhammed Ali, he is the best known and most hated athlete in the world, and an enigma even to those closest to him

Sports Illustrated: March 28, 1966

Showdown With A Punching Bag

In the fight no one wanted, challenger George Chuvalo's hopes lie in wearing out Cassius Clay with his durable chin

Sports Illustrated: March 7, 1966

The Wind That Blew In Chicago

Cassius Clay was stage center as the Illinois commission reopened hearings on his fight with Ernie Terrell, but politicians (and 'patriots') were as much on trial as the champion

Sports Illustrated: February 21, 1966

Youthful, Aggressive And Talented Enough To Revitalize Boxing's No. 1 Division

Even with Clay's career on the ropes, the heavyweight class promises to be healthy for years to come

Sports Illustrated: February 21, 1966

Sudden Rush Of Heavies

A number of good youngsters, led by Jerry Quarry, promise future excitement

Sports Illustrated: February 14, 1966

A Jab From The Intellectual

Italy's unbeaten middleweight Nino Benvenuti laid his big vocabulary aside for 12 rounds and gave Don Fullmer a lesson in boxing semantics

Sports Illustrated: December 6, 1965

Not A Great Fight, But It Was A Real One

Cassius Clay didn't KO Floyd Patterson for one reason: He didn't want to

Sports Illustrated: November 29, 1965

Champion As Long As He Wants

Though he never put a valorous Floyd Patterson down for the count, Cassius Clay displayed an awesome range of skills

Muhammad Ali, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: November 22, 1965

Rabbit Hunt In Vegas

That is whata blithely unconcerned Cassius Clay think's his heavyweight fight will be. But his manager is uneasy and Floyd Patterson figures to do some shooting, too

Sports Illustrated: November 22, 1965

The Bitter End For Sugar Ray

Five times the middleweight champion, Ray Robinson discovers at 45 that it is far better to retire than to keep struggling for the unattainable

Sports Illustrated: November 15, 1965

The Greatest Meets The Grimmest

In the garish limelight of Las Vegas the boastful champ, Cassius Clay, and the dour former king, Floyd Patterson, train for a fight they both see as kind of a religious war

Sports Illustrated: October 11, 1965

Cassius Clay Must Be Beaten

Floyd Patterson tells why he believes he's gonig to beat Cassius Clay and win the heavyweight title for the third time

Sugar Ray Robinson, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: September 6, 1965

Sugar: Down, But Not Quite Out

After back-to-back losses to an unranked fighter, Ray Robinson still dreams of another world title

Sports Illustrated: June 7, 1965

A Quick, Hard Right And A Needless STorm Of Protest

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) knocked out Sonny Liston with a punch so marvelously fast that almost no one believed in it -- but it was hard and true

Sports Illustrated: June 7, 1965

The Drubbing

A Jim Murray column

Sports Illustrated: May 24, 1965

Man In The Champ's Corner

He is Angelo Dundee -- the incomparable manager, chief second and cut man to Cassius Clay

Sports Illustrated: April 19, 1965

A Champ For All Time!!!

The greatest sports hero in the history of the funny papers is Joe Palooka, the ageless and seemingly indestructable heavyweight

Sports Illustrated: April 12, 1965

Liver Trouble And High Living

Party animal Willie Pastrano lost his legs and his title after a hard shot to the liver from Jose Torres

Willie Pastrano, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: March 22, 1965

Two-for-one Revival Meeting At The Garden

The boxing renaissance in New York gets a double lieft when Jose Torres goes after Willie Pastrano's light heavyweight title, and Jose Stable challenges welter king Emile Griffith

Sports Illustrated: March 15, 1965

No Place To Wear His Crown

Ernie Terrell won the WBA version of the heavyweight championship by beating Eddie Machen -- and proved that he is no threat to Cassius Clay, Sonny Liston or Floyd Patterson

Sports Illustrated: March 1, 1965

The Mouth And The Mitt

Big Julie is a horse lover, a horse loser, a big talker and the manager of bigger Ernie Terrell. One or the other of them is goign to fight Eddie Machen next week

George Chuvalo, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: February 1, 1965

The Croatian Candidate

George Chuvalo is a Canadian of Croatian descent who has never been knocked down, dabbles in Freud and Confucius, and feels he is destined to be heavyweight champion

Sports Illustrated: January 25, 1965

Rocky Calls It Skuldujjery

It was the one defeat in a stunning record of victories -- and the thought of that disputed fight still makes Marciano mad

Sports Illustrated: January 4, 1965

For Boxing, A Year Of Decision

Contrary to popular impression, boxing is not dead. There are stirrings of life in the eight divisions, and promise that the sport his headed back to rugged good health

Sports Illustrated: December 7, 1964

Fast Hands And Purple Lights

By pounding stubborn old Bobo Olson, Jose Torres began to restore the adulation he once enjoyed in the lurid glow of Harlem's nightspots

Sports Illustrated: November 23, 1964

The $400,000 Bellyache

The moment Cassius Clay got sick, the red ink began to flow. Now his fight with Sonny Liston is six months away

Muhammad Ali, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: November 16, 1964

Still Hurt And Lost

His famous glare more tortured than terrifying, Sonny Liston cannot escape anguished memories of the beating he took from Cassius Clay in Miami

Sports Illustrated: October 19, 1964

'I Want To Destroy Clay'

Former heavyweight champ Floyd Patterson is rooting for Clay to beat Liston. And then, Floyd says, Clay will have to deal with him

Sports Illustrated: October 19, 1964

Kind Hearts And Cauliflowers

It sort of chokes yo uup when you think of the beautiful friendship between Jake Mintz and Wilf Greaves

Sports Illustrated: September 7, 1964

To Fight Or Not To Fight

That was the foolish question the WBA asked its convention about the Clay-Liston rematch. Expectably, it provided a foolish answer -- but the fight will be held anyway

Sports Illustrated: August 31, 1964

The Pride Of Kid Galahad, Inc.

Not only the pride but the kid himself, Jim Beattie is a stilt-tall boxer backed by a syndicate of enthusiastic amateurs. They hope to make him heavyweight champion

Sports Illustrated: June 22, 1964

A Judge's Report

The author, one of three officials assigned to the Griffith-Rodriguez bout, talks about life as a boxing judge

Sports Illustrated: June 1, 1964

At The Fair With Fat Buster

Buster Mathis, a lively 295-pounder with speed and personality to spare, was an imposing and talkative winner at the Olympic Trials last week. He'll lead a strong Team USA to Tokyo

Joey Giardello, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: May 18, 1964

A Mighty Desirable Fellow

Joey Giardello is the champion of boxing's best division -- the middleweights -- and also a devoted father, friend of the Little League, and beloved at the pool hall

Sports Illustrated: April 6, 1964

The Dingy, Sprightly Home Of The Good Ones

Through the Fifth Street Gym in Miami flows a stream of champions, not the least of them Cassius Clay and Willie Pastrano

Sports Illustrated: April 6, 1964

Taking Stock Of Sonny Liston

An investigation of boxing by a U.S. Senate subcommittee reveals that the ex-heavyweight champion was generous to a fault with the kind of friends he was supposed to have given up long ago

Sports Illustrated: March 16, 1964

Sugar Daddy With A Bongo Beat

In Japan, Urtminio Ramos shows again that he is equally effective against drums and other boxers

Cassius Clay, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: March 9, 1964

Yes, It Was Good And Honest

In a superior fight, young Cassius Clay proved that his fists can speak as loudly as his tongue as he stunningly took the title from Sonny Liston

Sports Illustrated: February 24, 1964

Liston's Edge: A Lethal Left

Sonny Liston is heavily favored to retain his championship, but it is a mistake to count Clay out

Sports Illustrated: January 20, 1964

Days Of Wine And Bloody Noses

In Part II of his memoirs, boxing's most flamboyant manager tells how he split with Dempsey only to find another champion -- and roistering companion -- in the Toy Bulldog, Mickey Walker

Sports Illustrated: January 20, 1964

A Continental Comeback

Floyd Patterson may be a loser at home, but in Sweden, where he won his first fight since the two Liston fiascos, he is a national hero

Sports Illustrated: December 16, 1963

After 15 years and 123 fights, Joe Giardello finally got serious bout boxing. Result: new champion

Sports Illustrated: November 18, 1963

A Rueful Dream Come True

While his backers wring their hands and the heavywight champion goes weak with laughter, Cassius Clay signs for a title fight with Sonny Liston

Sports Illustrated: July 1, 1963

'E said 'e would and 'e did

In a roistering, often farcical fight attended by Liz Taylor and Sonny Liston's manager, Cassius Clay cut up 'Enery Cooper, as predicted, in five

Cassius Clay, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: June 10, 1963

C. Marcellus Clay Esq.

When the sound of trumpets in England turned out to be boxing's brash young man blowing his own horn, staid old London shuddered and dug in

Sports Illustrated: March 25, 1963

A Cumuppance For The Cocksure Cassius

Cassius Clay was roundly jeered after his shaky win over Doug Jones

Sports Illustrated: March 11, 1963

The Eleven Men Behind Cassius Clay

Innocent of prizefighting's bad old ways, these gentlement hope by their example to put an end to the exploitation of boxers

Sports Illustrated: January 26, 1963

Mana And The King of Siam

Pone Kingpetch wins with assistance from the king and a pig's head

Sports Illustrated: December 3, 1962

The Only Pro In The Iron World Of 'State Amateurs'

The middleweight champion of Europe is Laszlo Papp, a handsome Hungarian who trains on hot paprika and always has to fight out of town

Sports Illustrated: November 26, 1962

Campaign's End For An Ancient Warrior

Looming triumphantly over the humbled figure of Archie Moore is young Cassius Clay, whose insistent fists fulfilled his audacious boast: 'Moore must fall in four'

Sports Illustrated: November 5, 1962

Is Professional Boxing Immoral?

A column by Father Richard McCormick

Sports Illustrated: November 5, 1962

The Tattooed Tiger From Nigeria

The tribal scars on Dick Tiger's torso didn't faze Gene Fullmer, but the African's fierce attack did

Sports Illustrated: September 24, 1962

Point Of Fact

A heavyweight championship boxing quiz to excite the memory and increase the lore of fans and armchair experts

Sports Illustrated: Agust 6, 1962

Mr. Boxing, Himself

He is Nat Fleischer, and for more than 50 years he has chronicled, with love, hope and about 40 million words, the glory and decline of the prize ring

Sports Illustrated: July 30, 1962

The Everyman Of Boxing

In the last days of his career, Randy Sandy, a boxer for 13 years, epitomizes the plight of the better-than-average fighter

Floyd Patterson, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: May 28, 1962

Out Of The Night

Heavyweight champ Floyd Patterson tells his own story

Sports Illustrated: May 14, 1962

A Win For Art And Broccoli

Eder Jofre, artist, vegetarian and bantamweight champion of the world, knocks out a raw-tuna eater and stays unbeaten after 45 pro fights

Sports Illustrated: April 2, 1962

A Deadly Insult

Challenger Emile Griffith, infuriated by a taunt from welterweight champion Benny Paret, destroyed him in the ring

Sports Illustrated: March 26, 1962

Floyd Yawns While Sonny Signs

But heavyweight champion Patterson, by his own admission, had better be wide awake mentally as well as physically when he steps out against massive challenger Liston

Sports Illustrated: February 19, 1962

Point Of Fact

A boxing quiz to excite the memory and increase the knowledge of the casual fan and the armchair expert

Sonny Liston, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: February 12, 1962

Will Floyd Fight Sonny?

There's a strong movement against the fight, part of it in Patterson's camp

Sports Illustrated: February 5, 1962

The Fighter At Home With Yogi bear

Middleweight champion Terry Dowries is a cocky Englishman with a strong feeling for 'la vita casalinga'

Sports Illustrated: December 18, 1961

A Week Of Near-fatal Recovery

From Miami Beach to Philly to Toronto to London to Vegas, it was a busy time for the fight mob -- but mostly a bust for fans

Tom McNeeley, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: November 13, 1961

The Night 10 Americans Got Clobbered

In London last week a team of skillful British amateur fighters avenged Phaintin' Phil Scott and Brian London and ages of defeat

Sports Illustrated: October 16, 1961

Cautious Comes Of Age

Cassius Clay, the heavyweight prodigy who is called Cautious by his trainer, was anything but last week in Louisville when he KO'd Alex Mitiff

Sports Illustrated: September 25, 1961

'Who Made Me -- Is Me!'

This claim is made by Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., a bubbling young boxer whose nerve is colossal and whose modest aim is to knock the heavyweight crown off Floyd Patterson's head

Sports Illustrated: July 31, 1961

Fast Talk And A Slow Fight

A brash young Olympic champion gets his eighth straight professional victory, but shows little flair and less power

Sports Illustrated: July 17, 1961

Can't A Fellow Make A Mistake?

Here is an extraordinary report on a disturbing new figure in boxing: Heavyweight contender Sonny Liston

Sports Illustrated: May 22, 1966

Fifty Percent Of Harry

The further adventures of Jack Hurley, the remarkable old fight manager who says, "Don't call me honest -- you'll ruin me."

Floyd Patterson, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: March 13, 1961

Will The Tiger Be Back?

Vengefully, Floyd Patterson felled Ingemar Johansson to regain the heavyweight title. Now the champ will try to prove he's an enduring tiger.

Sports Illustrated: February 20, 1961

The Bare-knuckle Legacy Of Boxing

The early years of the prize ring were filled with mayhem, skulduggery and brutal fights

Sports Illustrated: January 16, 1961

The Invisible Champion

When Floyd Patterson regained the heavyweight title, he said he would abandon his reclusive ways. But he's still a rarely seen, mostly misunderstood champion

Sports Illustrated: December 19, 1960

Norris' Last Stand

The sordid details of the Jim Norris-Frankie Carbo alliance that ruled boxnig for a decade were verified in Washington

Sports Illustrated: December 12, 1960

Put Away The Flowers!

Everybody buried Ray Robinson last spring when he lost twice to little-known Paul Pender. But Sugar Ray came alive again Saturday when he battled middleweight champion Gene Fullmer to a draw

Sports Illustrated: November 7, 1960

Time Runs Out For Archie

Archie Moore -- old, wise and, unfortunately, fat -- was knocked into submission by a hard young Italian named Giulio Rinaldi

Sports Illustrated: October 3, 1960

Al And Kingpetch Of Siam

Pone Kingpetch retained his flyweight title, to the intense satisfaction of a rough-hewn graduate of Stillman's Gym

Sports Illustrated: July 4, 1960

A Success At The Summit

Floyd Patterson and Ingemar Johansson fought for a prize that obviously meant more to each of them and their partisans than a mere divisional boxing title

Sports Illustrated: July 13, 1960

Patterson vs. Johansson: Who Will Win?

Some heavyweights of the sport weigh in with their opinions

Sports Illustrated: June 6, 1960

Breathing Easy

A new 'jet' principle led Old Archie to victory; an old body punch made Paret a champ

Sports Illustrated: May 2, 1960

A Mad Night In Montana

Middleweight champion Gene Fullmer retained his title, but not all of his reputation, in one of the rowdiest brawls in boxing history

Sports Illustrated: April 18, 1960

Of Mink And Men

Middleweight champion Gene Fullmer and manager Marv Jenson, mink ranchers, prepare for a title fight

Sports Illustrated: April 18, 1960

Salute To A Ghost

Marcel Cerdan Jr. climbs cautiously through the ropes for the first time, carrying the burden of his father's famous name

Sports Illustrated: April 4, 1960

Uprising In Manila

Gabriel "Flash" Elorde isn't yet president of the Philippine Republic, but for a few hours the other night he may have had the office by popular acclaim

Sports Illustrated: February 15, 1960

Boxing Boredom Is Knocked Out Cold

Two champions defended their titles in a rare twin bill at Los Angeles. The result was a record gate, two superb fights and new hope for the sport

Sports Illustrated: February 8, 1960

Ingemar Hits The Circuit

The new heavyweight champ is a rookie in that formidable leaguethe winter sports banquet circuit

Ingemar Johansson, Boxing,

Sports Illustrated: January 4, 1960

The Man And The Plan

Ingemar Johansson won world acclaim by winning the heavyweight championship. As Sportsman of the Year, he now lends support to a blueprint to save boxing

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