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Sports Illustrated:  December 10, 1979

When A Tie Is Better Than Kissing Your Sister

For Mills Lane, who refereed the brawling, bloody middleweight title fight which preceded the Leonard-Benitez bout at Caesars Palace, the outcome was as apparent as the many cuts on Vito Antuofermo's craggy face.

Sports Illustrated: December 10, 1979

Marvin Was Fairly Marvelous

Marvin Hagler was too much for 31-year-old WBA light heavyweight champ Victor Galindez

Sports Illustrated: December 10, 1979

On Top Of The World

Sugar Ray Leonard seized the welterweight title from Wilfred Benitez with a TKO -- and thus opened new vistas

Sports Illustrated: November 26, 1979

Sugar Sure Is Sweet

In driving toward a welterweight title shot, Ray Leonard has evoked another Sugar Ray and that venerable Leonard, Benny

Sports Illustrated: November 5, 1979

A Little Guy Who's Riding High

By defending his super bantamweight championship for the 10th straight time with his 10th straight KO, Wilfredo Gomez gave a lift to the sport's lower classes

Sports Illustrated: October 29, 1979

Score One For The Creator

John Tate, who was created wholly by God, battered Gerrie Coetzee and his vaunted "bionic" right hand to win the WBC heavyweight title

Sports Illustrated: October 8, 1979

Holmes, Sweet Holmes

And how sweet it was for Larry, who retained his crown and restored his reputation by dismantling Earnie Shavers

Sports Illustrated: October 1, 1979

Pilgrimage To Mecca

It was a long trek, but heavyweight Earnie Shavers made it to his dream house. Will Larry Holmes pay for it?

Sports Illustrated: September 24, 1979

He Exterminated A Termite

Howard Davis continued his relentless march toward the lightweight title by boring in on Termite Watkins

Sports Illustrated: August 27, 1979

He Saved His Best For The Very Last

Matthew Saad Muhammad withstood John Conteh's sharpest punches -- but required his cut man's deftest touch to keep him in the bout

Sports Illustrated: July 23, 1979

A New Bunch Punches In

The world waits for someone to end the seven-year reign of Cuba's Teofilo Stevenson

Sports Illustrated: July 9, 1979

Vito: Veni, Vidi, Vici

But for the conqueror of middleweight champ Hugo Corro there is a dubious prize: a battle with the belligerent Marvin Hagler

Sports Illustrated: July 2, 1979

'I Send The Dogs Out, And Then I Go In'

So Larry Holmes said, and so he did, defending his title in a week in which Roberto Duran also shone, but Leon Spinks was spanked

Sports Illustrated: July 2, 1979

Down And Out In Monaco

Gerrie Coetzee greatly advanced his career by knocking out Leon Spinks in the first round

Sports Illustrated: May 28, 1979

Losing Search For A Winner

The crowds at the Orlando arena are sparse,and the operation costs more than it makes, but Pete Ashlock keeps spending in hope that one world champ will emerge from his spotless gym

Sports Illustrated: May 28, 1979

An Open And Shut Case

After six rounds in Las Vegas, Harold Weston's left eye was closing fast, and while promising newcomer Thomas Hearns won the fight, it wasn't all thumbs up

Boxers Rossman and Galindez in the Ring, Boxer Mike Rossman (R) slams a looping right hand to the head of light heavyweight champ Victor Galindez (L) during their scheduled 15 round championship fight in the Superdome in New Orleans on September 15, 1978. Rossman won the bout and the championship with a TKO in the 13th round., � Bettmann/CORBIS, RM, 2 and Group, Active wear, Adults, Americans, Argentines, Athlete, Bare, Barechested, Boxer, Boxing, Boxing gloves, Boxing match, Boxing ring, Boxing shorts, Clothing, Competition, Competition, Deep South, History, Intensity, Light heavyweight champions, Louisiana, Louisiana Superdome, Males, Men, Mike Rossman, New Orleans, North America, Partially nude, People, Prominent persons, Shorts, South Americans, Southern United States, Sports, Sports equipment, Sports event, Stadium, USA, Victor Galindez, Whites

Sports Illustrated: April 23, 1979

Losing The Title Singlehandedly

Right hand broken, Mike Rossman carried on with his left, but after nine rounds it was clear that Victor Galindez was back

Sports Illustrated: April 2, 1979

Once More, With Reeling

Challenger Ossie Ocasio and ex-champ Ken Norton were down, up and down again as Earnie Shavers and Larry Holmes set the stage for a return engagement

Sports Illustrated: March 19, 1979

Two Hitters Who Can't Miss

Super bantamweight champ Wilfredo Gomez continued to devastate his division, and featherweight champ Little Red Lopez dropped still another champion as they continued on a course that could end up in a big bang

Sports Illustrated: March 5, 1979

This Was The Fight That Wasn't

Some stubborn bureaucrats who could not agree embarrassed their sport and KO'dthe Galindez-Rossman title bout

Sports Illustrated: February 12, 1979

You Can't Keep A Good Man Down

At least not featherweight champion Little Red Lopez, who goes on the warpath every time he hits the deck

Sports Illustrated: January 29, 1979

Rock And Roly-poly

Placid but powerful, he little heavy took the Toronto tournament by surprise

Sports Illustrated: January 22, 1979

It Was All Over Before The End

He was behind on points after 13 rounds, and when WBC world welterweight champ Carlos Palomino swung into his celebrated fast finish, it turned out to be too little and too late to stop the foxy Wilfredo Benitez

Sports Illustrated: November 6, 1978

Don't hate 'em, just hit 'em

He battled his way out of obscurity, and now Larry Holmes finds his life far more meaningful than it is mean

Sports Illustrated: October 23, 1978

Slambang Win In The Slammer

Eddie Gregory was the No. 1 contender until he met up with inmate No. 57735

Sports Illustrated: September 25, 1978

Blood, Sweat And Cheers

Last Friday in New Orleans, with the world looking on, a bunch of prelim guys performed like champions

Sports Illustrated: August 7, 1978

Beating A Triumphant Retreat

The junior lightweight champ was upset by a cabbie who knew about backing up

Sports Illustrated: July 31, 1978

A Welter Of Welters

Cuevas is the WBA champ, Palomino is the WBC champ. They want each other

Sports Illustrated: June 19, 1978

For Holmes, It Wasn't So Elementary

Larry Holmes had to fight the hard fight and rally in the closing seconds of the final round to wrest the WBC title from Ken Norton

Sports Illustrated: May 8, 1978

Punch Now, Bat Later

He'd rather play shortstop, but Roberto Duran saves his hands for slugging opponents

Sports Illustrated: May 1, 1978

New Hope On The Street Of Dreams

It's too early to call it a big success, but the Times Square Gym sure beats anything else playing on 42nd Street

Sports Illustrated: May 1, 1978

Add This New Page To The Ali Book

He won the AAU title with a borrowed style, and now Greg Page says he, too, is the greatest

Sports Illustrated: April 17, 1978

A Sinister Reputation

Lefthander Marvin Hagler puts fighters into hospitals and managers into shock

Sports Illustrated: March 27, 1978

'They Got Leon All Messed Up'

Everybody wants control of his brother, says Michael Spinks, and the champ is a wreck

Sports Illustrated: March 20, 1978

Send In The Clown

Max Baer could bust them up with a right hand and break them up with laughter, but his boxing career was overshadowed by tragedy

Sports Illustrated: March 13, 1978

The Iron Ball And The Bible

Leon Spinks may fight like a building-wrecker, but he says his mama and the Good Book come before his heavyweight title

Sports Illustrated: February 27, 1978

He's The Greatest, I'm The Best

Ali was his an then and Ali is his man now, but when 24-year-old Leon Spinks attacked, both idol and the heavyweight title came tumbling down

Sports Illustrated: February 13, 1978

This Time Curry Wasn't So Hot

In their first fight, Bruce Curry floored Wilfredo Benitez three times and lost, but the Puerto Rican trained for this one and his opponent was travel-worn

Sports Illustrated: January 30, 1978

A Solid Right To The Title

Switching from slugger to strategist, Roberto Duran soften and then stiffened Esteban DeJesus to seize sole possession of the lightweight championship

Sports Illustrated: December 5, 1977

Making A Comeback From Nowhere

A street fighter out of the East Bronx, Bobby Halpern had five arrests and three fights before doing 17 years in the slammer. Now 44 and out on parole, he's scuffling to start all over

Sports Illustrated: November 14, 1977

Win Some, Lose Some, Split The Rest

For 15 furious rounds it could have gone either way, and often did, but the vote for Ken Norton over Jimmy Young was what counted in the end

Sports Illustrated: October 24, 1977

The Youthful Plimpton vs. The Wily Moore

In 1959, when participatory journalism and the author were both young, he was brash enough to get into the ring with the light heavyweight champion

Sports Illustrated: October 17, 1977

The Ultimate Confrontation

A deep-seated urge to get in the ring with a real fighter like Gene Tunney has led a variety of amateurs, from Lord Byron to Ernest Hemingway to the author of this story, to take that rash step

Sports Illustrated: October 10, 1977

Once More To The Well

Muhammad Ali left them roaring with a marvelous last-round rally against game Earnie Shavers, but one day soon the champ will reach down and come up empty

Sports Illustrated: September 26, 1977

March Of The Hit Paraders

Seven champions kept their crowns in a bang-up week, proving only that boxing's biggest problem may be a short supply of worthy contenders

Sports Illustrated: September 12, 1977

The Importance Of Being Earnie, Act 1

In which Shavers runs up an impressive string of KOs -- interspersed with a few lamentable KOs by -- and gets a title bout with Ali. Act II? Tune in Sept. 29

Sports Illustrated: August 15, 1977

Over The Ropes Is Out

After 14 rounds of waltzing to a rising chorus of boos, young Wilfredo Benitez suddenly unleashed a flurry of punches that left Jose Chavez just hanging around

Sports Illustrated: May 23, 1977

The Inner Life Of A Wealthy Warrior

Behind the guise of Brahmin gentility lurks Peter Fuller, wade-in brawler

Sports Illustrated: Date

He's Not Pretty, He's Just Persistent

Sometime boy gravedigger and Olympic flop, the Great White Hope for the moment, approaches a nice payday with favored Ken Norton

Sports Illustrated: May 2, 1977

Some Very Wrong Numbers

ABC's tournament hoped to find U.S. champs. Instead Don King brought in chump chiselers and pugs who don't belong in "The Ring"

Sports Illustrated: May 2, 1977

How To Get Zapped And Still Be A Champ

In a non-title fight, the two unbeaten bantamweights went zinging at one another. But when Zarate finally unloosed his Z-bombs, everything went zilch for Zamora

Sports Illustrated: April 11, 1977

It's That New College Try

Knocked out as an NCAA sport back in 1960, boxing is getting up off the canvas

Sports Illustrated: April 4, 1977

Boxing Fits This Old Boy Like A Glove

Brussels-bred, Harrow-schooled and Paris-garbed, George Kanter is the U.S. fight game's hot line to Europe

Sports Illustrated: February 21, 1977

Amateur Night On The Americus Plan

The Saturday night boxing shows staged in the ballroom at the old Americus Hotel are both a redolent reflection of the two-fisted past of Allentown, Pa. and a slam-bang success

Sports Illustrated: February 14, 1977

The Day The Gold Turned Green

With Muhammad Ali's trainer, Angelo Dundee, working in his corner, Olympic gold medalist Sugar Ray Leonard brought boxing back to Baltimore and collected a cool $40,044 in his pro debut

Sports Illustrated: January 31, 1977

Staying At The Top Of His Class

In the first championship fight between two college graduates, Carlos Palomino (Long Beach State) KO'd Mando Muniz (L.A. State)

Sports Illustrated: January 24, 1977

This Was The Start Of Something Big

Leon Spinks, bamming like a bazooka, and Howard Davis, slashing like a cat, showed all kinds of promise in their pro debuts

Sports Illustrated: January 10, 1977

The Mad Russian With The Mexican Connection

Harry Kabakoff, born Melville Himmelfarb, is the premier handler of Mexican fighters in the U.S. -- and he may soon have two champs

Sports Illustrated: January 3, 1977

Keeping The Fight Game Afloat

The quarterfinals of Don King's U.S. Boxing Championships get a weigh this month aboard the carrier Lexington

Sports Illustrated: December 20, 1976

Through The Years With Ali

A shuffle down memory lane with the two-time heavyweight champ

Sports Illustrated: December 6, 1976

The Z Bombs

Good friends Carlos Zarate and Alfonso Zamora, both former street toughs, are unbeaten bantamweights headed for a collision

Sports Illustrated: November 15, 1976

Hopes Were High For Mace-Coburn Until The Put Their Dukes Down

A tale of two of the most celebrated miscreants of the bare-knuckle era

Sports Illustrated: November 8, 1976

The Doctor Who Makes Fight Calls

Never one to say "Take two uppercuts and call me in the morning," this phycisian cares for the denziens of a classic gym

Sports Illustrated: October 25, 1976

Elemental, If Not Exactly Artistic

After last month's tepid Ali-Norton title fight, two dependable punchers got back to the basics when George Foreman battered Dino Dennis, and Roberto Duran savaged Alvaro Rojas

Sports Illustrated: October 11, 1976

Not The Greatest Way To Go

If, as Muhammad Ali maintains, his disputed victory over Ken Norton was his last fight, the faded image of his old skills that he left at Yankee Stadium makes the decision a wise one

Sports Illustrated: September 27, 1976

On The Throne Behind The Power

There lounches the enigmatic Herbert Muhammad, son of Elijah and manager of Muhammad Ali, doing business on the phone. If he is so "dull, dull, dull," why is he so frightening?

Sports Illustrated: September 27, 1976

All Set To Slam In The Rubber Match

Norton broke Ali's jaw in winning their first fight, blew his chances by making a bad guess in the second. Still, the author picks Ali inside seven

Sports Illustrated: September 27, 1976

'Nobody Has This Kind Of Crowd'

Ali's entourage is like nothing boxing has ever seen

Sports Illustrated: August 9, 1976

Oh, Brothers -- They Put Punch Into It

The young U.S. boxing team prayed and preyed together, dominating the favored, more mature Communist fighters to win five gold, a silver and a bronze

Sports Illustrated: July 12, 1976

Papa Benitez Knows Best

Introducing the youngest of the Benitez boys and also the youngest champion in boxing history

Sports Illustrated: July 5, 1976

There Was A Fight In Monaco

Carlos Monzon finally met -- and mastered -- Rodrigo Valdez and now reigns as the undisputed middleweight champion

Sports Illustrated: June 28, 1976

Smokin' Joe Burns Out

The second fight between George Foreman an Joe Frazier turned out to be a repeat of the first, with Frazier beaten, and this time for good

Sports Illustrated: June 14, 1976

Man, It Was A Rumble In The Riverfront

After the last bell clanged, concluding the hard-fought Olympic Trials in Cincinnati, there was no doubt that the U.S. will be sending a formidable team to Montreal next month

Sports Illustrated: May 10, 1976

The Champ Looked Like A Chump

Muhammad Ali seemed eager to give his title away, but Jimmy Young just didn't have the heart to take it

Sports Illustrated: December 1, 1976

One-Nighter In San Juan

Jamming the stadium, they came not to see the ludicrous show, but the star. And with good reason, for Ali, embaring upon an unparalleled year, has transcended his sport

Sports Illustrated: December 15, 1975

Man, Big George Is Back

No more blues in the night. Forget all those bad old days. I got a new team with me now and I hope nobody knocks off Ali before I get to him again

Sports Illustrated: December 1, 1975

The Search For A Few Warm Bodies

AAU officials came up with some odd heavies to face the Russians

Sports Illustrated: October 20, 1975

The Pace Is Familiar

Michael Dokes is 17 years old. Like Ali, he's coming on loud and clear

Sports Illustrated: September 29, 1975

Manila -- For Blood And For Money

The Thrilla promised to be more of a chilla as Ali and Frazier expressed bitter thoughts before the showdown

Sports Illustrated: September 15, 1975

There Ain't No Others Like Me

Up from the gutter and reaching for the stars comes ex-con Don King, cast in the flamboyant mold of P.T. Barnum and Tex Rickard

Sports Illustrated: July 14, 1975

A Two-ring Circus

Supporting Ali-Bugner in Malaysia, Madison Square Garden brought in Carlos Monzon and Victor Galindez to defend titles

Sports Illustrated: June 30, 1975

Chacon Was From Hunger

The featherweight champ steamed and starved and finally made the limit, but there was the well-fed challenger licking his chops

Sports Illustrated: May 26, 1975

When Right Made Might

Of all the stuff Ali showed Lyle, the right hand was telling

Sports Illustrated: April 21, 1975

A Free Look At The Champ

The Ali-Lyle fight will only be the fourth heavyweight title bout on live TV in the last 10 years

Sports Illustrated: March 17, 1975

Little Man With A Big Punch

Learning his trade as he fought, young Roberto Duran of Panama figured that a boy's best teacher was a hit in the head

Sports Illustrated: February 17, 1975

The One-minute Angels

Between rounds, they double in psychology and 60-second surgery. Between bouts, they pump fight into fighters

Sports Illustrated: December 23, 1974

Return Of The Big Bopper

Down but determind to fight his way back to the top, Muhammad Ali turned 1974 into a year of great triumph

Sports Illustrated: November 11, 1974

Breaking A Date For The Dance

All through his training Ali had promised fancy footwork that would elude Foreman's power, but he had a secret plan that stunned them all -- and especially the champion

Sports Illustrated: December 11, 1974

Sharp Jab To The Pocketbook

Electronic oddities and heavyweight title fights always seem to go together, but the events in London and a goodly number of other places may have won the championship for international ineptitude

Sports Illustrated: October 28, 1974

Cut 'n' Run Versus The Big Gun

Ali says he his razor-sharp, which is a way of disclosing his strategy against the punching prowess of Foreman

Sports Illustrated: October 14, 1974

Bigger Isn't Always Better

The heavies are fine, but there is more action one division down

Sports Illustrated: September 16, 1974

Going From Bad To The Best

Once a juvenile delinquent, now the darling of L.A., ex-street fighter Bobby Chacon has demonstrated that converting to the good life is a great way to the featherweight title

Sports Illustrated: September 9, 1974

A Case Of Setting Them Up For The Kill

Hospitable old Havana opened its heart to the fighter sin town for the first world amateur championships

Sports Illustrated: August 12, 1974

Winning One For The Slipper

Buttery smooth as ever and still the master counterpuncher, an aging Jose Napoles battered Hedgemon Lewis to keep the welterweight title

Sports Illustrated: June 24, 1974

Sweet As The Old Sugar

Rising above all the bedlam of the AAU Nationals, he overwhelmed his division, inspring recollections of another Ray

Sports Illustrated: June 10, 1974

On, Brave Old Army Team

After an 0-10 football season, sport at West Point is bloodied and bowed, but there is something left for a general to cheer -- a cadet boxer named Al Fracker

Sports Illustrated: March 18, 1974

He'd Rather Be Red Than Rich

Capitalist millions do not tempt Cuban heavyweight Teofilo Stevenson, who is still punching for fun

Sports Illustrated: February 18, 1974

Jose Was Attacked By The Entire Zoo

Paris had caled middleweight champ Carlos Monzon a wolf, a bull, a jaguar -- and he hate Jose Napoles alive

Sports Illustrated: July 23, 1973

Another Test For Boxing On The Tube

Ray Lampkin had the style and the steps, but top-ranked lightweight contender Esteban DeJesus countered with power and persistence to take a tinselly title

Sports Illustrated: June 18, 1973

One Little Move, A Giant Step

The opponent is only Joe Roman, who is hardly the nobelist of them all, but after a long wait the champion of the earth's heavyweights -- remember George Foreman? -- is fighting and the division is abuzz

Sports Illustrated: April 23, 1973

The Mouth That Nearly Roared

His wired jaw kept the decibels down, but the message was clear: Norton, Frazier and Foreman are in trouble

Sports Illustrated: January 29, 1973

Meet The New Champ

George Foreman, big and confident, surprised everybody but himself by taking the world title from Joe Frazier

Sports Illustrated: January 15, 1973

Set For A Wood Chopper's Brawl

They'll cut Joe Frazier off at the pass; it will be the Fight of the Century. The talk is big, but so is George Foreman's knockout punch

Sports Illustrated: October 30, 1972

Pampas Bull Who's Sweet As Sugar

Grim Carlos Monzon, Argentina's world champion, has a mighty right and a record Ray Robinson would envy

Sports Illustrated: July 31, 1972

A Couple Of Hit And Miss Propositions

The big hit and hitter of the Olympic Trials was Duane Bobick, but Bobby Lee Hunter missed enough to miss out on Munich

Sports Illustrated: July 3, 1972

Saga Of A Three-Hour Champ

The name Young Stribling Evokes images of unfulfilled promise and blazing talent cleft by tragedy

Sports Illustrated: May 15, 1972

The Blast Was One Big Bust

The Ali-Chuvalo fight went quite handsomely, but the party pooped when the money ran out

Sports Illustrated: April 17, 1972

A Heavy Loss To A Light Heavy

Vicente Rondon was the light heavyweight champion (two pounds overweight) and so was Bob Foster. So the pair had it out in Miami, and after two terrified rounds, Rondon was out for good

Sports Illustrated: February 28, 1972

Gored By A Sagging Bull

Weak from making weight, Mando Ramos still hooked hard enough to keep his lightweight title

Sports Illustrated: February 14, 1972

You Go Poom, Poom And I'll Go Pow

The has-beens and never-wases whom John Huston assembled for 'Fat City' found that pulling punches is as much of an art as throwing them

Sports Illustrated: September 27, 1971

The Scot Was A Cut Above The Challenger

Ken Buchanan held on to his world lightweight title by a razor's edge -- and by some late flurries against fast-retreating Ismael Laguna

Sports Illustrated: August 23, 1971

Good Things Come In Large Packages

A 205-pound prizefighter and a 304-pound weight lifter won gold medals for the U.S. at the PanAm Games

Sports Illustrated: August 16, 1971

In Defense Of The Sweet Science

Considering boxing's rich history, it's artistic and wholesome nature, it is difficult to understand how the moral interpreteneurs regularly manage to stir up so much righteous indignation

Sports Illustrated: August 2, 1971

The End Of A Beautiful Friendship

There were times when Muhammad Ali appeared to be sparring with his old partner, pacing himself over 12 rounds, relearning his skills. Then, at the very end, he swiftly destroyed Jimmy Ellis

Sports Illustrated: July 26, 1971

He Has Heavy Things On His Mind

Monday's fight with Jimmy Ellis barely interests him. Only in the gym, before an audience, does he seem like the old Ali

Sports Illustrated: June 21, 1971

The Ironclad Punching Bag

Fighters who can absorb punishment, whether or not they can also dish it out, are generally crowd favorites

Sports Illustrated: May 31, 1971

Out Of This I Am Getting Not A Nuickl

But many a dime he gets as George Parnassus rises at dawn, picks up his phone, and shows why he's boxing's hottest matchmaker

Sports Illustrated: February 22, 1971

All The Scotsman Managed To Lose Was $2

Ken Buchanan had to battle through a hundred prefight hassles before he got to defend his title in the ring -- and he won them all

Sports Illustrated: February 15, 1971

Bundini: Svengali In Ali's Corner

He's the 'float like a butterfly' man who psychs up Muhammad before fights and in the ring. As usual, he was the first to embrace the champion after the sudden knockout of Oscar Bonavena

Sports Illustrated: February 8, 1971

The Fighting Carpenter From Scotland

The slickest boxer since Sugar Ray, lightweight champion Ken Buchanan prepares a title defense next week in Los Angeles

Sports Illustrated: November 30, 1970

One Round Of Boxing Was More Than Enough

Annoyed that Bob Foster had called him "dumb," the champion spent nearly three minutes trying to show how clever he was. Then, in 49 seconds, Joe Frazier destroyed his man

Sports Illustrated: November 23, 1970

Watching The Man In The Mirror

Though millions saw Muhammad Ali return to the ring after years of exile, none had a closer view than his old friend George Plimpton

Sports Illustrated: November 16, 1970

The World Champion Nobody Knows

Joe Frazier plans to beat Bob Foster next week, and then Muhammad Ali, and then retire to his life's goal: oblivion

Sports Illustrated: November 16, 1970

Carlos Made A No-no Out Of Ni-no

Who is this Carlos Monzon? Does he really deserve to be in the same ring with that handsome hero, Nino Benvenuti? For pizza's sake, can anyone beat Nino in Rome? Italian fans got all the answers last Saturday

Sports Illustrated: September 14, 1970

Welcome Back, Ali!

Overweight and undertrained, Muhammad still looked mighty good as he worked up a sweat against three sparring partners

Sports Illustrated: June 1, 1970

The Ulterior Motive For Umag

Americans swarm over Italy every summer but seldom go east of Venice, and that's why Nino Benvenuti defended his title against Tom Bethea in a Yugoslav hamlet you've never heard of

Sports Illustrated: February 16, 1970

Show Biz Is Out, Boxing Is In

Joe Frazier and Jimmy Ellis -- shunning horseplay and hysteria -- bring only their fighting talents to the task of deciding who is the "official" heavyweight champion.

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