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Sports Illustrated: December 18, 1989

One For The Ages

Sugar Ray Leonard, 33, beat Roberto Duran, 38, in a fight dedicated to posterity

Sports Illustrated: December 4, 1989

The Cornerman

Ralph Citro helps boxers survive the cut

Sports Illustrated: November 13, 1989

One Angry Man

No. 1 heavyweight contender Evander Holyfield got mad, and then he got Alex Stewart

Sports Illustrated: October 16, 1989

You Can Count Them Out

Palookas, tomato cans, 'opponents.' Whatever they're called, these are the fighters who go down so that the hometown heroes can go up

Sports Illustrated: August 28, 1989

In Your Face, Jose Luis

Pernell Whitaker thrashed Jose Luis Ramirez

Sports Illustrated: July 31, 1989

The Beatings Go On

Mike Tyson KO'd another victim, and a battle looms for the champ's future

Sports Illustrated: July 24, 1989

Lean and Mean

Evander Holyfield sent a message to Mike Tyson with his KO of Adilson Rodrigues


Sports Illustrated: July 17, 1989

Still Hungry After All These Years

George Foreman lost he world heavyweight title 15 years ago, but now his appetite for boxing has returned, and he covets Mike Tyson as the entree

Sports Illustrated: June 5, 1989

The Hit Man

Forty-six wins and these three losses

Sports Illustrated: June 5, 1989

There's No Place Like Home

North Dakota's own Virgil Hill defended his light heavy title

Sports Illustrated: May 22, 1989

Nunn Better

Michael Nunn stopped dancing, started punching, and fought his way to the IBF middleweight title

Sports Illustrated: May 22, 1989

Stop Meeting Like This

Julio Cesar Chavez KO'd Roger Mayweather again

Sports Illustrated: May 8, 1989

The Ageless Warrior

Archie Moore, who waited for 16 years to become the light heavyweight champ, remains boxing's most fervent disciple

Sports Illustrated: April 10, 1989

We've Grown Accustomed To His Face

Lou Duva has become boxing's most ubiquitous personality

Sports Illustrated: April 3, 1989

This Time Nunn Chose Not To Run

IBF middleweight champ Michael Nunn scored a quick KO over Sumbu Kalambay

Sports Illustrated: March 20, 1989

You're Next, Tyson

Evander Holyfield KO'd Michael Dokes and earned a title bout with the champ

Sports Illustrated: March 20, 1989

Fat City For Rusty Pugs

In yet another lucrative fight for over-the-hill guys, Macho Camacho narrowly beat Boom Boom Mancini

Sports Illustrated: March 6, 1989

Stonehands Rules Again

The amazing 37-year-old Roberto Duran beat Iran Barkley in Atlantic City to win the WBC middleweight title

Sports Illustrated: March 6, 1989


After a tumultuous layoff of eight months, Mike Tyson returned to the ring and knocked out Frank Bruno

Sports Illustrated: February 27, 1989

'Belt The Body'

Pernell Whitaker followed that sound advice and won a title from Greg Haugen

Sports Illustrated: December 19, 1988

Waiting For The Big Bout

Someone took something away from Pernell Whitaker, and he wants it badly

Sports Illustrated: November 14, 1988

Fighting A Decision

When the judge in Seoul robbed Olympic boxer Roy Jones of a gold medal, they also bruised his will to pursue his craft

Sports Illustrated: November 7, 1988

All The King's Man

Ignoring commitments and logic, Mike Tyson put his fate in Don King's hands

Sports Illustrated: November 7, 1988

Take That, Amigo

Julio Cesar Chavez beat pal Jose Luis Ramirez for the WBA lightweight crown

Sports Illustrated: October 31, 1988

Nothing But Lumps

For Donny Lalonde, who will meet Sugar Ray Leonard in Las Vegas on Nov. 7, life has been anything but sweet

Sports Illustrated: October 10, 1988


The U.S. placed six boxers in the final rounds -- then they had to take on the judges

Sports Illustrated: September 26, 1988

Ring Foul-up By The U.S.

Anthony Hembrick missed the bus -- and bout -- and Kelcie Banks took it on the chin

Sports Illustrated: September 19, 1988

A Tale Tall As A Tree

After Mike Tyson's aboreal fender bender, a story was planted that the heavyweight champ is mentally disturbed

Sports Illustrated: July 11, 1988

No Foe To Be Found

What's Mike Tyson to do, now that he has all but wiped out the heavyweight division?

Sports Illustrated: July 4, 1988

'I'm Gonna Hurt This Guy'

And Mike Tyson did, knocking out Michael Spinks in 1:31 of Round 1

Sports Illustrated: June 27, 1988

The Big Showdown

After a soap-opera prelude, Mike Tyson and Michael Spinks meet at last

Sports Illustrated: June 20, 1988

An Iran You Can Root For

With his surprising KO of WBC middleweight champion Thomas Hearns, Iran Barkley is an underdog no more

Sports Illustrated: June 13, 1988

Who Owns The King?

In the aftermath of Jimmy Jacobs's death, many are hungering for a piece of Mike Tyson

Sports Illustrated: April 25, 1988

Ali And His Entourage

The champ and his followers were the greatest show on earth, and then the show ended. But life went on

Sports Illustrated: April 25, 1988

A Champ Like No Other

Recollections of Ali when he really was the greatest

Sports Illustrated: April 18, 1988

Cruising For A Bruising

Evander Holyfield, king of the cruiserweights, bravely plans to take on Mike Tyson

Sports Illustrated: March 28, 1988

Tyson Takes Tokyo

The heavyweight champion began his world tour in Japan, where he KO'd a tubby Tony Tubbs in two

Sports Illustrated: March 21, 1988

Tyson The Timid, Tyson The Terrible

What consumes the heavyweight champion of the world, what makes Mike Tyson as imposing as any fighter in boxing history? His own fear, perhaps

Sports Illustrated: February 22, 1988

Time To Hail Cesar

WBA lightweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez may be the world's best fighter

Sports Illustrated: February 15, 1988

Still Fighting Old Wars

Former lightweight champ Beau Jack lives out his legend

Sports Illustrated: February 15, 1988

Hands Of Stone, Belly Of Jelly

Unlike cheese and wine, prizefighters -- even the great champions -- do not get zestier with advancing age

Sports Illustrated: February 15, 1988

Old Enemy, New Ending

Greg Haugen won revenge and the IBF lightweight crown from Vinny Pazienza

Sports Illustrated: February 1, 1988

The End Of The Trail

Youth was served as Mike Tyson knocked out Larry Holmes

Sports Illustrated: January 18, 1988

'I Had to Come Back'

Larry Holmes is taking on Mike Tyson to regain a heavyweight title that he considers rightfully his

Sports Illustrated: December 14, 1987

Tuning Up For Tyson

Heavyweight-to-be Evander Holyfield paused in this new-wave training to defend his 190-pound title against Dwight Qawi

Sports Illustrated: November 30, 1987

Too Good For His Own Good

In winning a lightweight title, Julio Cesar Chavez hurt his opponent -- and himself

Sports Illustrated: November 16, 1987

Fighting Is In His Blood

IBF junior middleweight champ Matthew Hilton has earned the acclaim his rough-and-tumble father never had

Sports Illustrated: November 16, 1987

A Fighter Who Will Be Heard From

David Davis is deaf, but his message in the ring comes through loud and clear

Sports Illustrated: November 9, 1987

Fourth Title For Thomas

Thomas Hearns knocked out Juan Roldan to gain a singular boxing niche

Sports Illustrated: November 2, 1987

The Corner Man

Angelo Dundee may be fresh out of top fighters, but he's still sticking and moving and keeping himself at the top of a very tough business

Sports Illustrated: October 26, 1987

Very Tough Night At The Office

Tyrell Biggs made $1.25 million for fighting Mike Tyson, and, bloodied and dazed, earned it all the way

Sports Illustrated: October 12, 1987

Like Father, Like Son

Linebacker Ken Norton Jr. of UCLA is one hard hitter, as was his dad, the ex-champion

Sports Illustrated: September 28, 1987

'Let The World Know I'm OK'

Despite reports to the contrary, Marvin Hagler says he hasn't let his life go to pieces since losing to Sugar Ray Leonard

Sports Illustrated: September 28, 1987

Was Jack Dempsey Robbed By The Long Count?

Jack E. Steele column

Sports Illustrated: August 31, 1987

Off The Mark

Marlon Starling terminated Mark Breland's brief reign as WBA welterweight champ

Sports Illustrated: August 10, 1987

Only One No. 1

Iron-fisted Mike Tyson beat Tony Tucker to stand alone at the top

Sports Illustrated: August 3, 1987

Weavers Of Boxing Dreams

Floyd, Lloyd and Troy, the fighting Weaver siblings, can hit hard, harder and hardest

Sports Illustrated: July 27, 1987

Loud Left From A Quiet Champ

Junior middleweight titleholder Mike McCallum knocked out Donald Curry -- now at last he may get some real attention

Sports Illustrated: July 13, 1987

Bittersweet Twilight For Sugar

Sugar Ray Robinson loved high living, but now the great fighter's health is failing, and his name has been usurped

Sports Illustrated: July 22, 1987

Say Good Night, Gerry

Michael Spinks pounded Gerry Cooney into submission and retirement

Sports Illustrated: June 15, 1987

Local Boy Makes Good

Vinny Pazienza scrapped his way to a title in Providence

Sports Illustrated: June 8, 1987

A Bout Against Doubt

Will Gerry Cooney ever be hungry enough? Not even he seems to know

Sports Illustrated: June 8, 1987

Iron Mike Passes A Test

Pinklon Thomas had some class, but took it on the chin from Tyson

Sports Illustrated: May 25, 1987

G'day, Aussie Joe!

Joe Bugner is Down Under looking for a title shot

Sports Illustrated: May 11, 1987

You Ready, Boom Boom?

Hector Camacho beat Howard Davis and challenged Mancini

Sports Illustrated: May 4, 1987

One Real Honey Of A Dandy

Welterweight champ Lloyd Honeyghan is hungry, proud, stylish and, unlike many another British fighter, able

Sports Illustrated: April 13, 1987

Comeback For The Ages

Idle for almost three years, Sugar Ray Leonard made a spectacular return to the ring by beating Marvin Hagler to win the middleweight title

Sports Illustrated: March 30, 1987


After taking into account logic, history and the odds, the author punches out his selection for the Hagler vs. Leonard showdown

Sports Illustrated: March 30, 1987

One Will Be Made Whole

Marvelous Marvin Hagler needs Sugar Ray Leonard, and vice versa. One of them is about to be fulfilled.

Sports Illustrated: March 30, 1987

The Sugar Ray Of His Day

Like Ray Leonard, Harry Greb suffered a detached retina

Sports Illustrated: March 16, 1987

They Could Have Danced All Night...

...and unfortunately, they did

Sports Illustrated: March 2, 1987

Boning Up For A Battle

Bonecrusher Smith won the WBA title as a last-minute fill-in for Tony Tubbs. Now the 33-year-old upstart sets his sights on WBC champ Mike Tyson

Sports Illustrated: February 16, 1987

Tough In So Many Ways

Before becoming a world champion, Bobby Czyz had to learn to deal with loss, in the ring and out

Sports Illustrated: February 2, 1987

Fighting Lady

Josephine Abercrombie has brought an unlikely new presence to boxing

Sports Illustrated: January 12, 1987

A Real Nobody Did It Better

Stevie Cruz was unknown, but then he beat popular champ Barry McGuigan to win the WBA featherweight title

Sports Illustrated: December 22, 1986

Still King Of The Ring

Bonecrusher Smith won the fight, Don King won the money

Sports Illustrated: December 1, 1986

Getting A Belt Out Of Life

With a second-round TKO over Trevor Berbick, 20-year-old Mike Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion ever

Sports Illustrated: November 24, 1986

Mighty Mike Shoulders A Heavy Task

Mike Tyson hopes to become the youngest heavyweight champion ever by defeating Trevor Berbick

Sports Illustrated: October 13, 1986

Dick Tiger Was A Champion

In both the ring and his African homeland

Sports Illustrated: October 6, 1986

A Shocker Over Cocktails

In a Boardwalk lounge, an unknown knocked off Donald Curry's crown

Sports Illustrated: September 15, 1986

He's Right On Target

Mike Tyson kept on pace to become the youngest heavyweight champion ever

Sports Illustrated: September 8, 1986

'There Is A Burning Desire In Me'

So says Sugar Ray Leonard of his astounding decision -- for someone at once rich and renowned and ring-rusty -- to challenge Marvelous Marvin Hagler

Sports Illustrated: Date

Biff! Zap! Pow! It's Tyson Again

Heavyweight sensation Mike Tyson needed just 30 seconds to knock out Marvis Frazier -- precisely the way he had planned it

Sports Illustrated: July 28, 1986

And Another Brit Bit The Dust

The sad saga of British heavyweight boxing bankruptcy continued when Tim Witherspoon KO'd Frank Bruno

Sports Illustrated: July 21, 1986

The Great Blighty Hope

Has an authentic contender at last bloomed in a boxing desert? Or is Frank Bruno just another brittle Brit?

Sports Illustrated: July 21, 1986

Meeting The Gold Standard

Cruiserweight boxer Evander Holyfield gilded his bronze medal with a WBA title

Sports Illustrated: July 9, 1986

Hello, Gerry, Where Ya Been?

After stopping Eddie Gregg, the long-AWOL Gerry Cooney insists he's back on the right track

Sports Illustrated: May 12, 1986

Winning One The Hard Way

After 19 straight KOs, Mike Tyson went the distance to get a decision

Sports Illustrated: April 28, 1986

Battle Of The Ballot

Michael Spinks held onto his heavyweight crown with a split decision over Larry Holmes that came in for second-guessing

Sports Illustrated: March 31, 1986

Dark Days For Neon Leon

He had the heavyweight title and the headlines, but Leon Spinks is now fighting mostly for survival

Sports Illustrated: March 24, 1986

OK, Now Bring On The Next Victim

After KO'ing John Mugabi in Vegas, Marvin Hagler has his fists set squarely on Thomas Hearns

Sports Illustrated: February 17, 1986

After A Wobbly Start, Kaboom!

For three rounds against Billy Costello, 33-year-old Alexis Arguello looked ready for re-retirement. Then he exploded

Sports Illustrated: February 10, 1986

The Author Savors The Memory Of A Run With His Idol, Muhammad Ali

Matt Bowen

Sports Illustrated: February 3, 1986

'I Want It Twice As Much'

In the face of controversy, amputee Craig Bodzianowski is now doubly determined about this boxing career

Sports Illustrated: January 13, 1986

A Book On Boxing Weighs In With A Welter Of Often Irrelevant Detail

Jeremiah Tax

Sports Illustrated: January 6, 1986

Ready To Soar To The Very Top

Hard-punching Mike Tyson, 19, has a lofty ambition -- to become the youngest heavyweight champ ever

Sports Illustrated: December 16, 1985

Curry Was A Man In A Hurry

Donald Curry scored a stunning Round 2 KO of Milton McCrory to unify the welterweight title

Sports Illustrated: October 21, 1985

Adrift In A Sea Of Choices

Alexis Arguello once considered suicide as an escape from the contradictions and ambiguities that filled a rich life with betrayal and despair

Sports Illustrated: October 7, 1985

A Champ With Strange Ideas

Michael Spinks beat Larry Holmes thanks to a training camp regimen that took the light out of heavyweight

Sports Illustrated: September 30, 1985

Michael Played The Heavy

Michael Spinks upset Larry Holmes, becoming the only light heavyweight ever to win the heavyweight crown

Sports Illustrated: September 23, 1985

Triumphs And Trials

By World War II, Joe Louis was a hero for all Americans, but financial troubles, illness and changing racial attitudes dimmed his image

Sports Illustrated: September 16, 1985

Black Hero In A White Land

A new book illuminates the pivotal role played by hard-hitting, gentlemanly Joe Louis in the civil rights revolution

Sports Illustrated: September 9, 1985

KO'd By His Demons

Unbeaten and still a champion, Aaron Pryor is angry, despondent and confused. And he's in no condition to fight, either in or out of the ring

Sports Illustrated: August 19, 1985

All Spruced Up For A Big Vegas Bash

Hector "Macho" Camacho's attire was as flashy as his fists when he beat Jose Ramirez for the WBC lightweight championship

Sports Illustrated: July 22, 1985

A Real Tower Of Power

Joey Oliver, a lofty 5'8", is the first American junior flyweight champion

Sports Illustrated: July 1, 1985

How Did Heavyweight Boxing Become The Muddle It Is?

Time for a quiz

Sports Illustrated: June 24, 1985

Right On, Pinklon

WBC champ Pinklon Thomas KO'd Mike Weaver with a wicked right

Sports Illustrated: June 17, 1985

The Boxer And The Blonde

This is the story of Billy Conn, who won the girl he loved, but lost the best fight ever

Sports Illustrated: June 17, 1985

Barry Sure Did Beef Him

Barry McGuigan relied on his right hand to take Eusebio Pendroza's crown

Sports Illustrated: May 20, 1985

A Champ With Lots Of Clout

Eusebio Pedroza is lord of two rings: He's WBA featherweight king and a member of Panama's senate

Sports Illustrated: April 22, 1985

Eight Minutes Of Fury

Marvin Hagler unleashed an all-out assault against Thomas Hearns to retain the middleweight crown

Sports Illustrated: April 8, 1985

Better Than A Barroom Brawl

Middleweight champion Marvelous Marvin Hagler and challenger Thomas Hearns both insist that their April 15 fight will not go beyond the third round. Don't bet on that

Sports Illustrated: March 25, 1985

The Lord Of The Ring

Larry Holmes pummeled an outmatched David Bey to score a 10th-round TKO and improve his record to 47-0

Sports Illustrated: March 11, 1985

Popeye The Whaler Man

Heavyweight champ Larry Holmes will be in deep water if David Bey can biff like his comic-book idol

Sports Illustrated: March 4, 1985

Good Show By A Bold B'hoy

After decisioning Juan LaPorte, Barry McGuigan wants a title shot

Sports Illustrated: February 25, 1985

Bloody, Beaten, But Unbowed

Though the judges said it was close, WBA lightweight champ Livingstone Bramble routed a courageous Boom Boom Mancini


Sports Illustrated: February 18, 1985

They're All For One

In Northern Ireland, Catholics and Protestants are united whenever Barry McGuigan goes into the ring

Sports Illustrated: January 28, 1985

A Tale Told In Anguish

Donald Curry cut down a gutsy Colin Jones to retain his crown

Sports Illustrated: January 14, 1985

Riding A Lonely Road To The Top

Donald Curry, the WBA welterweight champ, missed out on the fame and fortune that comes with an Olympic gold, but his time may be coming

Sports Illustrated: December 3, 1984

Boxer Billy Miske Put Up The Fight Of His Life For One Last Christmas

Dick Gordon Column

Sports Illustrated: November 26, 1984

Olympic Fame Is Now Olympic Fortunes

Five boxers who won medals in L.A. made their profitable professional debuts at Madison Square Garden

Sports Illustrated: November 19, 1984

He Doesn't Make Any Bones About It

To Larry Holmes, Marciano's mark is gravy. He keeps fighting for bread

Sports Illustrated: November 12, 1984

He's The King of Kingston

Champion Bill Costello pleased his hometown by foiling Saoul Mamby

Sports Illustrated: October 29, 1984

A Marvelous Debut In New York

Marvelous Marvin Hagler was a big hit against Mustafa Hamsho in the Big Apple. Now he wants the Motor City Hit Man


Sports Illustrated: October 8, 1984

After The Fall

Ten years go this month George Foreman and Muhammad Ali met in the ring in Zaire. While Ali won the war, it's Foreman who has found lasting peace

Sports Illustrated: October 8, 1984

This Comeback Party Was A Blast

After 28 months away from the ring, Gerry Cooney made a triumphant return with a TKO of Phillip Brown

Sports Illustrated: September 10, 1984

The Champ's In The Pink

Pinklon Thomas beat Tim Witherspoon for the WBC heavyweight title

Sports Illustrated: Date

Mining a Rich Vein of Gold ... and Rancor

August 30, 1984

Sports Illustrated: June 23, 1984

Moore Was Just Too Much

Ex-champ Davey Moore stopped ex-champ Wilfred Benitez in Monte Carlo

Sports Illustrated: July 18, 1984

A Road Least Traveled

No Canadian has won an Olympic boxing gold medal since '32, but Toronto's Shawn O'Sullivan and Willie deWit should alter that

Sports Illustrated: July 16, 1984

Their Fists Did All The Talking

It's on to the Games for 12 U.S. boxers, including three who atoned for losses in the trials

Sports Illustrated: July 9, 1984

The Writing Is On The Wall

That Mark Breland, a five-time Golden Gloves champion, will win an Olympic gold medal is as plain as the graffiti on the buildings in Bed-Stuy

Sports Illustrated: July 2, 1984

Still No Cigar For Howard

Howard Davis lost a close one to WBC lightweight champion Edwin Rosario

Sports Illustrated: June 25, 1984

There Was No Doubting Thomas

By stopping Roberto Duran in two rounds, Thomas Hearns retained his crown and regained his nickname

Sports Illustrated: June 18, 1984

A Case Of Pride And Prejudice

Gerrie Coetzee is driven by a need to succeed and, as WBA heavyweight champion, haunted by his homeland of South Africa

Sports Illustrated: June 18, 1984

A Gulliver Big On Lilliputians

CBS's Mort Sharnik gave early boosts to Ray Mancini and Hector Camacho

Sports Illustrated: June 11, 1984

Lowering The Boom On Boom Boom

Ray Mancini lost his zip and then his title to Livingstone Bramble

Sports Illustrated: June 11, 1984

A New Passbook For Boxers Could Cut Down On Injuries In The Ring

Armen Keteyian column

Sports Illustrated: May 28, 1984

'Look Up And He's Got Your Money'

Gambler Billy Baxter, who won big when Miami toppled Nebraska, is also a fight manager who does road work -- in his car

Sports Illustrated: May 21, 1984

For Leonard It was Down, And Then Out

Though Sugar Ray got up and won his comeback, he called it quits

Sports Illustrated: April 23, 1984

A Six-pack With Real Punch

The U.S. won a half dozen world titles in the last pre-Olympic fights

Sports Illustrated: April 9, 1984

Easy Wears The Crowns

Marvelous Marvin Hagler retained a title, Wilfredo Gomez won one

Sports Illustrated: March 26, 1984

Rosario Turned On The Juice

The electrifying Edwin Rosario made short work of Roberto Elizondo

Sports Illustrated: March 19, 1984

The Ivy's Irish Pug

Princeton grad Henry Milligan, the amateur heavyweight champ of the U.S., has Olympic homes

Sports Illustrated: March 19, 1984

The Whale Got Himself Whaled

Tim Witherspoon beat Greg Page, a heavyweight in more ways than one, for the vacant WBC championship

Sports Illustrated: February 13, 1984

His Recipe Is A Mix Of Sugar And Curry

Donald Curry hopes, perhaps vainly, that his win over Marlon Starling will lead to a bout with Ray Leonard

Sports Illustrated: February 8, 1984


A notes & quotes column

Sports Illustrated: January 23, 1984

It Was Boom! Boom! Boom!

WBA lightweight champion Ray Mancini made quick work of Bobby Chacon by bloodying him in the first round and stopping him in the third

Sports Illustrated: December 26, 1983

Zap! Pow! He's A Real-Life He-Man

With moves worthy of a cartoon character, bantamweight champion Jeff Chandler beat Oscar Muniz

Sports Illustrated: December 12, 1983

'Do You Know Who I Am?'

Jeff Chandler, noted Groucho Marx look-alike, is the first bantamweight champion from the U.S. since 1950

Sports Illustrated: December 5, 1983

No Chip Off The Old Block

By wading in like his slugging dad, Marvis Frazier fell to Larry Holmes

Sports Illustrated: November 21, 1983

Marvelous Was Something Less Than Marvelous

Marvelous Marvin Hagler retained the middleweight title but tarnished his image in beating Roberto Duran

Sports Illustrated: November 7, 1983

'I'm Still A Pistol'

So says Roberto Duran, who three years after "No Mas" is challenging Marvin Hagler for his fourth world title

Sports Illustrated: October 3, 1983

He Changed Hands, As Did The Title

Gerrie Coetzee of South Africa depended on his left as well as his right to take away Michael Dokes' heavyweight crown

Sports Illustrated: September 26, 1983

A Tough Way To Save Face

Boom Boom Mancini took his lumps before keeping his title with a KO

Sports Illustrated: September 19, 1983

Good Night, Sweet Prince

After 15 glorious years, Alexis Arguello is hanging up his gloves because Aaron Pryor again KO'd his bid for a fourth title

Sports Illustrated: August 22, 1983

A Crown For The (N)iceman

Mild-mannered Milton McCrory finally earned the WBC title

Sports Illustrated: August 15, 1983

Macho: Too Mucho For Bazooka

Macho Camacho went home to Puerto Rico and knocked out Bazooka Limon to win the WBC super featherweight title

Sports Illustrated: August 8, 1983

He's A Brit Who Can Hit

Colin Jones of Wales takes his countrymen's hopes and a powerful left into his welterweight title rematch with Milton McCrory

Sports Illustrated: August 8, 1983

His Trainer Believes In Pressuring A Boxer Into Stretching His Talent

Allen Barra column

Sports Illustrated: August 1, 1983

Now Here's A Macho, Macho, Macho Man

Hector "Macho" Camacho used to steal cars for fun, but now he's seriously riding his streetwise style to fame and fortune in the ring

Sports Illustrated: July 25, 1983

Hamsho Put on Some Kind Of Show

The unanimous decisions: Mustafa Hamsho was the easy winner and Wilfred Benitez is no middleweight

Sports Illustrated: July 11, 1983

'Fighting Is Like A Wife'

Bobby Chacon's wife took her life, and his title was taken away, but he remains wedded to boxing

Sports Illustrated: June 27, 1983

He That Was Lost Has Been Found

By beating the WBA middleweight champion, Davey Moore, Roberto Duran won his third title and recaptured his good name

Sports Illustrated: June 6, 1983

Going ... going ... gone!

Neither Wilford Scypion nor the game's pooh-bahs could lift Marvin Hagler's title

Sports Illustrated: May 30, 1983

Holmes Really Had A Spoonful

Larry Holmes is talking about hanging 'em up after unheralded Tim Witherspoon just missed taking away his WBC heavyweight championship

Sports Illustrated: May 30, 1983

They Had To Draw On All Their Reserves

Ralph Wiley column

Sports Illustrated: May 9, 1983

The Pigeon Was A Tough Bird

Edwin Rosario barely beat Jose Luis Ramirez for the WBC lightweight title

Sports Illustrated: May 2, 1983

Big Fish In A Big Pond

Even in a deep pool of lightweight talent, 20-year-old Edwin Rosario may be the toughest boxer to catch

Sports Illustrated: April 18, 1983

Mother Fletcher

As a kid, Lucille fletcher beat up on boys. Now she's a fight judge who also guides the careers of her three boxing sons

Sports Illustrated: April 11, 1983

Too Many Punches, Too Little Concern

With boxing's ills under fresh public scrutiny, new research on brain damage in experienced fighters suggests a road to medical reform

Sports Illustrated: April 11, 1983

An Encounter To Last An Eternity

Boxers Benjamin Davis, 22, and Louis Wade, 16, knew each other for only 2 minutes, 57 seconds, but for both of them, that was far too long

Sports Illustrated: April 11, 1983

How Punchy Was Slapsie Maxie?

Jeff Wheelright column

Sports Illustrated: March 28, 1983

Starting Up The Long Road Back

Consumed with shame at losing to Larry Holmes, Gerry Cooney dropped out. Now he's boxing again

Sports Illustrated: March 28, 1983

A Crowning Achievement

Michael Spinks reigns over all the light heavies after defeating Dwight Braxton

Sports Illustrated: March 14, 1983

A Yawning Gap In His Life

His wife dead, Michael Spinks faces his biggest fight, with tiny Michelle as the special someone in his corner

Sports Illustrated: February 21, 1983

Another Small Step Toward Greatness

Marvelous Marvin Hagler squashed Tony Sibson and showed why he's one of history's best middleweights

Sports Illustrated: December 20, 1982

Fast Work -- In Fact, Too Fast

Michael Dokes snatched Mike Weaver's heavyweight title in 63 seconds

Sports Illustrated: December 13, 1983

The Hitman Becomes The Hit-and-run Man

A renowned slugger turned boer, Thomas Hearns separated Wilfred Benitez from his WBC super welterweight title

Sports Illustrated: December 6, 1982

He Took It All And Would Not Fall

Bent but unbroken, Tex Cobb stood up to Larry Holmes's hardest shots

Sports Illustrated: Nevember 22, 1982

Then All The Joy Turned To Sorrow

It was a glorious day in Vegas for Ray Mancini until he found what it had cost challenger Duk-Koo Kim

Sports Illustrated: November 22, 1982

It Was A Pryor Engagement

Aaron Pryor made sure there would be no more crowns for Alexis Arguello

Sports Illustrated: November 8, 1982

The Champion Of Confusion

WBA junior welterweight titleholder Aaron Pryor has everything in order in the ring, but out side of it, his life is a mess

Sports Illustrated: November 8, 1982

Hey, Fully Didn't Fill The Bill

Middleweight champion Marvelous Marvin Hagler dispatched Fulgencio Obelmejias and then verbally sparred with his next big foe (he hopes), welterweight champ Sugar Ray Leonard

Sports Illustrated: October 18, 1982

What's In A Name?

When middleweight champ Marvin Hagler added Marvelous to his name, he wasn't on an ego trip, only confirming what hard work has wrought

Sports Illustrated: September 27, 1982

The Networks Fight It Out

In the duke-out over ratings, boxing has proved that it packs a big punch

Sports Illustrated: September 6, 1982

A Hard-driving Macho Man

Hector Camacho, a street fighter and car thief, has cleaned up his act

Sports Illustrated: August 16, 1982

The Might Of Dwight, A Saad End

Dwight Braxton battered Matthew Saad Muhammad at will in their WBC light heavyweight rematch

Sports Illustrated: August 9, 1982

Alexis Arguello KO'd Kevin Rooney and now has a date with Aaron Pryor

Sports Illustrated: August 2, 1982

Mean Streets, Hard Time

Long years in the ghetto and prison have taught WBC light heavyweight champion Dwight Braxton to reject "negativity"

Sports Illustrated: August 2, 1982

A Shining Ray Of Hope

In Ohio's depressed Mahoning Valley, the return of WBC lightweight champ Boob Boom Mancini was a joy, as he beat Ernesto Espana

Sports Illustrated: July 26, 1982

The lure of one last payday keeps 37-year-old Earnie Shavers in the ring

Sports Illustrated: July 12, 1982

A Dream House

Los Angeles' Olympic Auditorium has been a haven for fighters and their fans for going on 57 years

Sports Illustrated: July 12, 1982

Psst! Didja Know That Tom Edison Staged Illegal Fights For Flicks?

Richard Sassaman column

Sports Illustrated: June 21, 1982

Heavyweight champion Larry Holmes laid claim to greatness by beating Gerry Cooney

Sports Illustrated: June 7, 1982

The Glory That Is Caesars

Whether it be boxing or baccarat, wheeling or dealing, Las Vegas' palatial emporium of please is dedicated to the proposition that the play is the thing

Sports Illustrated: June 7, 1982

A Classic Confrontation

It's boxer against slugger, experience against youth, as undefeated heavyweight champ Larry Holmes takes on undefeated Gerry Cooney in Las Vegas

Sports Illustrated: May 31, 1982

WBC lightweight king Alexis Arguello got off the deck to KO Andy Ganigan

Sports Illustrated: May 17, 1982

A Workman's Compensation

Ralph Wiley column

Sports Illustrated: May 17, 1982

Faster Than You Can Say 'New Champion'

Boom Boom Mancini separated Arturo Frias from his senses and his WBA lightweight championship in a furious first round

Sports Illustrated: April 26, 1982

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Champion, loving father and gentleman in and ring, Alexis Arguello is a hero world over, but a stranger in his own land

Sports Illustrated: May 17, 1982

Now All Is Right With Cooney's Left

The contender's shoulder has healed, so he and champion Larry Holmes can get it on for the heavyweight title on June 11

Sports Illustrated: March 1, 1982

Finch Was A Pidgeon For Sugar Ray

Ray Leonard awoke to time to send Bruce Finch straight to dreamland

Sports Illustrated: February 8, 1982

In Defeat, Roberto's Redemption

Though Wilfred Benitez beat him, Roberto Duran exhibited no mas in what surely was his finale

Sports Illustrated: January 25, 1982

Now You See Him, Now You Don't

Even if you catch three-time champ Wilfred Benitez, you probably won't hit him often

Sports Illustrated: December 28, 1981

One Life Fulfilled

Ray Leonard was the hit of '81, beating Ayub Kalule and then Thomas Hearns to win a pair of titles

Sports Illustrated: December 28, 1981

From The Big House To The Big Time

The redemption of Dwight Braxton continued as he wore the WBC light heavyweight title

Sports Illustrated: December 21, 1981

Not With A Bang But A Whisper

After losing to Trevor Berbick, a subdued Muhammad Ali softly admitted that his illustrious career had come to an end

Sports Illustrated: November 16, 1981

It Was Spinks, Hands Down

Vonzell Johnson discovered how unforgiving of error the bittersweet science can be

Sports Illustrated: November 16, 1981

The Night They Called It A Daze

Larry Holmes's WBC title and his big payday with Gerry Cooney are still safe, but Renaldo Snipes nearly knocked both for a loop

Sports Illustrated: November 9, 1981

A Young Admirer Made Contact With His Lord Of The Ring, Muhammad Ali

Davis Lee column

Sports Illustrated: November 2, 1981

A King Without A Crown

Sean O'Grady held the lightweight championship and did as his father wanted -- and that cost him his title

Sports Illustrated: October 19, 1981

No Fly In The Soup So Far

The Ayala family has had its up and downs, but Tony Jr., 18, is undaunted and undefeated

Sports Illustrated: October 12, 1981

One Goring, One Boring

One of Saturday's title fights resembled bayonet practice at Parris Island. The other, in effect, was a 15-round footrace that went to the slowest.

Sports Illustrated: October 12, 1981

Lowering The Boom Boom

Lightweight champ Alexis Arguello was too classy, too cunning and too much for 20-year-old Ray Mancini, who may have learned a valuable boxing lesson

Sports Illustrated: September 28, 1981

On Top Of The World

On a hot, summer desert night, Sugar Ray Leonard punched Thomas Hearns's lights out and became the undisputed welterweight champion

Sports Illustrated: September 14, 1981

...and In This Corner

Emanuel Steward has been a laborer, a die setter, an auto worker and a trainer of young boxers. Now he has put his life on hold for Thomas Hearns

Sports Illustrated: September 14, 1981

Sugar Should Frost Him

Thomas Hearns is an imposing physical presence, but in the showdown fight for the welterweight title, he'll find Sugar Ray Leonard too quick and too good

Sports Illustrated: August 31, 1981

Knocked Over By A Ferocious Feather

Wilfredo Gomez got an eye-opening, and closing, beating from top featherweight Salvador Sanchez

Sports Illustrated: August 17, 1981

Back, But Still A Long Way To Go

Returning to the ring for the first time since disgracing himself in New Orleans, Roberto Duran narrowly defeated young Nino Gonzalez

Sports Illustrated: August 3, 1981

Precisely The Right Touch

Joltin' Jeff Chandler had that -- plus a powerful follow-up right cross -- in knocking out challenger Julian Solis and retaining the WBA bantamweight championship

Sports Illustrated: July 27, 1981

A Golden Moment For Leon's Little Brother

The "other" Spinks, Michael, fulfilled the promise of his Montreal gold by winning the WBA light heavyweight crown

Sports Illustrated: July 20, 1981

Puncher Of Cows And Men

All you may need to know about Quick Tillis as he prepares for his WBA heavyweight title fight is that as a boxer he's a great calf roper

Sports Illustrated: July 13, 1981

Boom Boom Time Again

July 13, 1981

Sports Illustrated: July 6, 1981

Clearing The Way For The Big Payday

Against a background of lurid dealing, Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns won their Houston semis and advanced to the welter finals

Sports Illustrated: June 29, 1981

A Fight Without The Phony

In a bout in which Jim Watt lost his WBC lightweight title to Alexis Arguello, neither man felt compelled -- before, during or after -- to behave like an idiot. Amazing!

Sports Illustrated: June 22, 1981

No Ifs Or Ands, Some Butts

When middleweight champion Marvin Hagler and Vito Antuofermo put their heads together, the loser in every way was the bloody challenger

Sports Illustrated: June22, 1981

Now, Does Anyone Have A Question?

Larry Holmes' stature as a champion is endlessly denigrated, but his effortless handling of Leon Spinks was the McCoy

Sports Illustrated: June 1, 1981

The Son Is Coming Up

Smokin' Joe Frazier's by, Marvis, burns to make a name for himself in the ring -- while his dad fans the flame

Sports Illustrated: June 1, 1981

He Got Good Weight For His Money

It cost Wilfred Benitez $575,000 to move up in class, but he earned a big reward in any case: Maurice Hope's super welterweight title

Sports Illustrated: May 4, 1981

Gerry Cooney Can't Beat His Old English Teacher, But He Could Become Heavyweight Champ

Cooney, who fights Ken Norton on May 11, has dominated everyone he has faced in the ring, but on his frequent trips back to his old school he meets his match in two-fisted Geraldine Gorman

Sports Illustrated: May 4, 1981

An Unsentimental Education

A little learning can go a long way -- 12 rounds, as Thomas Hearns found out

Sports Illustrated: April 20, 1981

The Dreamer

Adulation has come at last to Detroit's Thomas Hearns, and if his grandest visions of glory become reality, that will be bad news for Ray Leonard

Sports Illustrated: April 6, 1981

He's Living A Fantasy

"There's a correlation between pulling 'em out and knocking 'em out," says Herb Odom, a dentist and, at 48, a reborn boxer

Sports Illustrated: April 6, 1981

In Sum, It Was Sweet For Sugar

Though Ray Leonard took some lumps from a challenging garbage man, he retained his title and strengthened his future bargaining position

Sports Illustrated: March 23, 1981

Fighting The Rulers Of The WBA

More brazenly even than the WBC, its counterpart, the World Boxing Association has spun a web of dubious practices from its base in Panama

Sports Illustrated: March 23, 1981

Galindez And The Scrutable Orient

Pat Putnam column

Sports Illustrated: March 16, 1981

Time To Clean Up Boxing Again

Two nickle-and-dime outfits, the WBA and the WBC, now run the fights -- to their own aggrandizement and to the detriment of the sport. First of two parts

Sports Illustrated: March 16, 1981

Brenner's Suit Against The WBC

Pat Putnam sidebar


Sports Illustrated: March 16, 1981

How The WBC And WBA Rose To Power

Pat Putnam sidebar

Sports Illustrated: March 16, 1981

Paraguay, Ole

Pat Putnam sidebar

Sports Illustrated: February 9, 1981

Boxing Gets A Sudden Case Of The Shorts

A promoter and big bucks are missing. Gone, too, are boxing's big purses

Sports Illustrated: January 26, 1981

Marvin's Mystery Guest

Middleweight champ Hagler's obscure No. 1 challenger was sent into oblivion

Sports Illustrated: December 8, 1980

A Big Bellyache

In a stunning fall from glory, Roberto Duran, the apostle of machismo, blamed stomach cramps as he surrendered his welterweight title to Sugar Ray Leonard

Sports Illustrated: November 24, 1980

Cradle Of Champions

Fighting is a way of life in Palenque, Colombia, a village of 3,000 whose heritage now includes three world champions

Sports Illustrated: November 3, 1980

The Battle Of Bophuthatswana

A phony South Africna republic was the setting for the first title defense of WBA heavyweight champ Mike Weaver, who withstood Gerre Coetzee's hardest shots before landing a humongous right

Sports Illustrated: October 13, 1980

Doom In The Desert

The ravages of age and his training regimen left Muhammad Ali helpless before the swift fists of Larry Holmes

Sports Illustrated: October 13, 1980

A Parking Lot Paved With Gold

William Nack column

Sports Illustrated: October 13, 1980

Stranded In Donkingland

Frank Deford column

Sports Illustrated: October 6, 1980

It Was Blood, Sweat And Beers

Marvin Hagler's defeat of Alan Minter set off a barrage of bottles in London

Sports Illustrated: October 6, 1980

'The Best Man Most Of Us Know In Kansas City'

So says one of Nick Haywood's People, a coterie of blacks and whites, of rich and poor, but who all but idolize the tiny man whose success as a trainer of youthful boxers is partly attributable to his inability to read

Sports Illustrated: September 29, 1980

Better Not Sell The Old Man Short

The Holmes-Ali title bout once figured to be a grotesque mismatch. It'll be anything but

Sports Illustrated: September 22, 1980

Ali And His Educators

Michael Brennan column

Sports Illustrated: September 22, 1980

The Champ Who Would Be Champ

Confused with Ernie Holmes, introduced as the next heavyweight champion of he world, WBC champ Larry Holmes wants his due -- while realizing he won't get it no matter how he fares with Ali

Sports Illustrated: August 11, 1980

A Detroit Tiger For Sure

Thomas Hearns was burning bright in Motown, stopping Pipino Cuevas to win the WBA welterweight championship

Sports Illustrated: July 28, 1980

A Big Wheel In Motor City

Detroit fans can't get enough of unbeaten welterweight Thomas Hearns, but his 28 foes beg to differ

Sports Illustrated: July 7, 1980

A Punch-up That Led To A Knees-up

Alan Minter so firmly established himself as middleweight champ with his win over Vito Antuofermo that it was time for a Cockney fest

Sports Illustrated: June 30, 1980

Right On For Roberto

Implacable and totally relentless in pursuit of Sugar Ray Leonard, Duran bludgeoned and bruised his way to the welterweight title

Sports Illustrated: June 16, 1980

From Hard Punches, A Life Of Ease

The hands that cradle Pedro the bunny on a patio in Panama will rock welterweight champ Sugar Ray Leonard -- says Roberto Duran

Sports Illustrated: June 2, 1980

Boom Time On The Boardwalk

Gerry Cooney found a right to go with his strong left hand and beat Jimmy Young in Atlantic City, where he finally passed GO en route to a heavyweight title shot

Sports Illustrated: April 21, 1980

The Mexican Machine Makes His Mark

WBC featherweight champion Salvador Sanchez stamped out Ruben Castillo

Sports Illustrated: April 14, 1980

The Latest From The Greatest

He may be way out of shape and 38, but an $8 million purse beckons, and so Muhammad Ali has gone to the mountain

Sports Illustrated: March 24, 1980

No Man Was His Keeper

There is blame and censure all around for the death of middleweight Willie Classen: a classic case for reform

Sports Illustrated: March 24, 1980

'CB' plus 'CA' spelled 'V'

Obedient to the code of his corner for 'clever boxing' and 'controlled aggression,' England's Alan Minter beat Vito Antuofermo for the middleweight championship

Sports Illustrated: March 13, 1980

Vito And Marvin Tie One On

SI column

Sports Illustrated: Date

The Future Is Soon

With Muhammad Ali overweight as well as overage, the heavyweight division is the pits -- but some young boxers could pull it out of the hole

Sports Illustrated: January 21, 1980

Spinks Was No Sphinx

Inscrutable Leon got his act together -- for now -- and KO'd Alfredo Evangelista

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