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Sports Illustrated: December 13, 1999

A Puncher Hits A Rough Patch

Fernando Vargas took some lumps but kept his IBF junior middleweight title

Sports Illustrated: November 29, 1999

A Lot More Than Lip Service

February 25, 1964: Cassius Clay beats Sonny Liston

Sports Illustrated: November 22, 1999

Triumph of Timidity

Lennox Lewis finally took undisputed possession of the heavyweight crown by all-too-carefully outfighting aging Evander Holyfield

Sports Illustrated: November 15, 1999

Redefining Moment

Heavyweight enigma Lennox Lewis, gifted but not yet great, has another chance to prove he's a warrior in this week's rematch against Evander Holyfield

Sports Illustrated: October 18, 1999

In the Game of the Father

In her debut, Laila Ali, the daughter of the Greatest, was a chip off the old champ

Sports Illustrated: September 27, 1999

Class Dismissed

Oscar De La Hoya gave Felix Trinidad a boxing lesson -- and his share of the title

Sports Illustrated: September 20, 2009

Oscar vs. Felix

De La Hoya and Trinidad make an oddly perfect match

Sports Illustrated: August 9, 1999

Fighting Back

Hall of Fame heavyweight Jimmy Bivins is on his feet again, only a year after hewas found neglected and near death, a virtual prisoner of his own family

Sports Illustrated: August 9, 1999

Michael Spinks, champion boxer

Before he became a famous boxer, Michael Spinks was a disco king, known for getting his groove on in East St. Louis nightclubs

Sports Illustrated: July 26, 1999

Eyes Wide Shut

A swollen left eye and fifth-round knockdown almost cost David Reid his WBA crown

Sports Illustrated: June 28, 1999

Heavily Anticipated

Three gifted young punchers, led by Michael Grant, heat up the top division

Sports Illustrated: April 26, 1999

The Boxer Next Door

A dimpled and undefeated lightweight champ, the 1998 Fighter of the Year, is putting a fresh, sweet face on an often sour sport

Sports Illustrated: April 5, 1999

Master of a Small Domain

World champion Ricardo Lopez of Mexico rules the lightest weight classes

Sports Illustrated: March 22, 1999

Grand Larceny

After delivering an honest beating of Evander Holyfield that should have unified the heavyweight crown, Lennox Lewis was stuck with an unconscionable draw

Sports Illustrated: February 22, 1999

The Right Stuff

With a thunderous finale against Ike Quartey, his most dangerous opponent yet, Oscar De La Hoya proved that there's guts behind the glitter

Sports Illustrated: February 8, 1999

Grant's Boom

Heavyweight heir apparent Michael Grant is big, strong and ... nice?

Sports Illustrated: January 25, 1999

Sudden Impact

With this devastating punch, Mike Tyson crumpled Francois Botha and proved he still has the hammer after a 19-month absence from the ring

Sports Illustrated: January 18, 1999


Facing what seems sure to be his last chance at boxing redemption, Mike Tyson struggles to lay the storms and shame of his past to rest

Sports Illustrated: December 7, 1998

Hell's Angel

Having survived a dozen car crashes and destructive bouts with drugs and alcohol, Angel Manfredy is determined to be a world champ -- and a symbol of good trumping evil

Sports Illustrated: October 26, 1998

Bare Knuckles

The night Billy Collins fought Luis Resto, something was terribly wrong with Resto's gloves. The beating Collins took cost him his career -- and maybe his life

Sports Illustrated: October 26, 1998

Head Games

To regain his license in Nevada, Iron Mike had to give up his mind

Sports Illustrated: July 27, 1998

Night of the Nuts

They held a light heavyweight title bout at the Garden, and all the loons came out

Sports Illustrated: July 13, 1998

Boom Boom Goes Hollywood

Former WBA lightweight champ Ray Mancini is taking a jab at acting

Sports Illustrated: May 18, 1998

Hitting Below The Gelt

Puny purses force many good fighters to moonlight

Sports Illustrated: May 4, 1998

Will He Be A Tyson Chicken?

After nailing Virgil Hill, Roy Jones wants a big-bank shot against a heavyweight

Sports Illustrated: February 16, 1998

Putting Teeth Into Iron Mike's Budget

Rick Reilly: The Life of Reilly


Sports Illustrated: December 29, 1997

Grisly Requiem

The week before the fight, Mike Tyson was trying on yet another role model (Sonny Liston) for size

Sports Illustrated: November 17, 1997

Floored By The Spirit

Evander Holyfield's convincing TKO of Michael Moorer set the stage for a unification bout with Lennox Lewis

Sports Illustrated: October 13, 1997

Drawn and Cornered

Lennox Lewis woke up the heavyweight division by turning out the lights on Andrew Golota

Sports Illustrated: September 22, 1997

The Long Count

Seventy years ago, in a heavyweight title bout in Chicago, Jack Dempsey knocked Gene Tunney to the canvas. What happened next made this the most famous fight in the Golden Age of Sports

Sports Illustrated: September 22, 1997

Oscar Worthy

By dominating a game but over-the-hill Hector Camacho, Oscar De La Hoya retained his welterweight crown and enhanced his star quality

Sports Illustrated: September 22, 1997

Featherweight champion Danny Lopez

The former WBC featherweight champ always seemed cut from a different cloth than his colleagues

Sports Illustrated: September 15, 1997

Mr. Fix-It

Emanuel Steward, boxing's guru, has created a mecca for fighters in need of repair

Sports Illustrated: July 7, 1997

Fear and Clothing in Las Vegas

Rick Reilly: The Life of Reilly


Sports Illustrated: July 7, 1997

Feeding Frenzy

A raging Mike Tyson dragged his sport to new depths when he sank his teeth into Evander Holyfield

Sports Illustrated: July 7, 1997

Heavyweight boxer Marvis Frazier

"People always ask what it was like growing up in the shadow of my father. I always thought of it as standing in a great light"

Sports Illustrated: June 30, 1997


Heading into his rematch with Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield is a heavyweight king with a new $15 million castle and a wife who has brought romance and order to his life

Sports Illustrated: May 19, 1997

This Guy Could Take a Punch

As middleweight champ, Gene Fullmer was a brawler with a keen sense of humor

Sports Illustrated: March 24, 1997

Fresh Prince

The boxer formerly known as Naseem Hamed is a cocky knockout artist who has slugged his way to a pair of featherweight belts

Sports Illustrated: March 3, 1997

One More Shot

Still unable to find contentment in life outside the room, Sugar Ray Leonard is back for a fifth fling with his first love

Sports Illustrated: December 30, 1996

This One Didn't Faint

An overpowering champion isn't truly interesting until he's beaten

Sports Illustrated: December 23, 1996

Bowe by Low

Andrew Golota sank to the depths to squander a sound beating of Riddick Bowe


Sports Illustrated: December 9, 1996

Singin' The Blue

If boxing has a soul, it may reside in a place that's a throwback to days of smoky clubs and Friday-night fights -- Philadelphia's Blue Horizon


Sports Illustrated: November 18, 1996

Real Deal

In a momentous upset, Evander Holyfield gave Mike Tyson a true whopping


Sports Illustrated: November 18, 1996

Heavyweight Floyd Patterson

As much as Floyd Patterson's peekaboo style of boxing baffled opponents, his ruminations on such unfightly topics as friendship and responsibility intrigued sportswriters


Sports Illustrated: November 4, 1996

A Knockout

When We Were Kings, Gramercy Pictures


Sports Illustrated: September 30, 1996

'The Fight's Over, Joe'

More than two decades after they last met in the ring, Joe Frazier is still taking shots at Muhammad Ali, but this time it's a ware of words


Sports Illustrated: September 16, 1996

Zero Tolerance

Bruce Seldon bowed -- all to eagerly -- to Mike Tyson in 109 seconds


Sports Illustrated: August 19, 1996

Down and Dirty

Andrew Golota has been accused of a lot more than the low blows that incited a Madison Square Garden riot


Sports Illustrated: August 5, 1996

One Tough Grandmother

Eva Shain spends her nights at ringside, as a professional fight judge


Sports Illustrated: July 1, 1996

The Battle of the Bulge

Upset kingg Buster Douglas shed the blubber and returned a winner


Sports Illustrated: June 24, 1996

All in a Day's Work

Roy Jones Jr. took moonlighting to a new level


Oscar De La Hoya delivers a left punch during his WBC Super Lightweight title bout versus Julio Cesar Chavez

Sports Illustrated: June 17, 1996


Oscar De La Hoya, calm in the glare of boxing's spotlight, sliced up his idol, Julio Cesar Chavez


Sports Illustrated: June 10, 1996

The Pugilist and the Professor

Oscar De La Hoya, schooled by a new trainer, is ready for his big test: a showdown with Julio Cesar Chavez


Sports Illustrated: April 29, 1996

Late but Great

After 27 years of piques and valleys, Antonio Tarver heads for Atlanta as the U.S. hope


Sports Illustrated: April 15, 1996

Gritty Woman

Christy Martin is knocking down stereotypes even as she refuses to champion the cause of women in the ring



Sports Illustrated: March 25, 1996

One Down...

...and two to go for Mike Tyson, who regained the first of his three lost titles by demolishing Frank Bruno


Sports Illustrated: March 4, 1996

Dark Days

A year after nearly being killed in the ring, former champ Gerald McClellan is blind, oblivious and buffeted by the feuding around him


Sports Illustrated: February 26, 1996

"I've never been so wrong in my life"

Looking back with remorse on years of promiscuity, Tommy Morrison says he never imagined that he could end up infected with HIV


Sports Illustrated: February 19, 1996

Star Power

Felix Trinidad, the fight game's best-kept secret, finally got top billing and proved he has the punch to remain a main event


Sports Illustrated: December 25, 1995

Full of Fight

Mike Tyson made short work of Buster Mathis Jr. and set his sights on bigger game


Sports Illustrated: November 13, 1995

Good to the Last Drop

Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe went toe-to-toe and pounded out a thrilling end to their epic trilogy


Sports Illustrated: October 23, 1995

Dream of Life, Dream of Death

Super featherweight champion Gabriel Ruelas always had a vision that he would die young. Then he fought Jimmy Garcia and learned to his horror that someone else would do the dying


Sports Illustrated: September 11, 1995

A Blow for Britain

Ever persevering, Frank Bruno finally won his nation a heavyweight title


Sports Illustrated: August 28, 1995

Con Job

Not by Mike Tyson, but by Peter McNeeley's cornerman, who had his eye on a bigger prize


Sports Illustrated: August 21, 1995

The Big Question

Actually, there are three: Who is Mike Tyson these days? Does he have anything left? Will this fight prove anything?


Sports Illustrated: July 3, 1995

Second Chance

Mike Tyson deserves one in the ring, but whether he again merits the public's esteem is another matter


Sports Illustrated: June 26, 1995

One Tough Bird

Roy Jones Jr., the best boxer pound for pound, was raised under the rules of cockfighting: win or die


Sports Illustrated: June 26, 1995

Big Daddy's Back

Riddick Bowe silenced the trash-talking Jorge Luis Gonzalez with a sixth-round knockout


Sports Illustrated: May 29, 1995

Heart and Soul

Evander Holyfield beat Ray Mercer to again become a heavyweight force


Sports Illustrated: May 15, 1995

Glory and Sorrow

Oscar De La Hoya was triumphant against Rafael Ruelas, but not before another tragedy stalked the ring


Sports Illustrated: May 1, 1995

Fat Chance

Axel Schulz didn't have a prayer against George Foreman -- not in Las Vegas, anyway


Sports Illustrated: April 17, 1995

Aging Bull

Jack Dempsey's 1940 'comeback' was a sad and mercifully short spectacle


Sports Illustrated: April 10, 1995

One for the Books

Mike Tyson's infatuation with classics recalls another heavy-reading heavyweight


Sports Illustrated: April 3, 1995

Out of the Darkness

After three years in prison and an hour at a mosque, Mike Tyson has reemerged as boxing's enigmatic main event


Sports Illustrated: March 27, 1995

Up from the Canvas

Mike Tyson's release from prison promises to put him front and center again, and revive interest in boxing


Sports Illustrated: March 6, 1995


A brutal title bout left Gerald McClellan battling for his life and the sport of boxing under attack once more


Sports Illustrated: February 27, 1995

Looks Like a Star

In whipping rugged John John Molina, Oscar De La Hoya boosted his stock ever higher


Sports Illustrated: Febrary 13, 1995

Pryor Restraint

As Aaron Pryor, ex-boxing champion and ex-addict, fights to stay clean, his life is again full of promise


Sports Illustrated: February 6, 1995

Smooth and Nutty

The Ruelas boys, Gabe and Rafael, have grown into a sweet pair of fighters


Sports Illustrated: January 23, 1995

No Mas ... Please!

His glory days but a faint memory, Roberto Duran wants to keep fighting, even after a lopsided second loss to Vinny Pazienza


Sports Illustrated: December 12, 1994

Podium Pugilists

Most of the action came before -- and after -- Riddick Bowe's uninspired decision over Larry Donald



Sports Illustrated: November 28, 1994

High and Too Mighty

After dominating James Toney to win the super middleweight title, Roy Jones Jr. finds himself all alone at the top


Sports Illustrated: November 21, 1994

Three is Quite Enough

Humberto Gonzalez beat Michael Carbajal in a disappointingly dreary rubber match


Sports Illustrated: November 14, 1994


With one blockbuster right to the chin of Michael Moorer, George Foreman stunningly regained the heavyweight crown


Sports Illustrated: October 10, 1994

In Your Face, Buddy

Pernell Whitaker battered Buddy McGirt in a long-awaited rematch


Sports Illustrated: October 3, 1994

A Sudden Leap to the Top

Oliver McCall's knockout of Lennox Lewis regained control of the heavies for Don King


Sports Illustrated: September 26, 1994

Not Done Yet

Julio Cesar Chavez kept his career, and his reputation, alive with a KO of Meldrick Taylor


Sports Illustrated: May 16, 1994

Head Case

Julio Cesar Chavez got his title back thanks to Frankie Randall's noggin


Sports Illustrated: May 2, 1994

Right On

Michael Moorer used a jarring jab to win the heavyweight title


Sports Illustrated: April 4, 1994

Belting the Champions

Jeweler Phil Valentino Sr. makes the trophies that gird the great


Sports Illustrated: February 14, 1994

O Unlucky Man

This SI Classic, reprinted from February 1991, tells the tale of Sonny Liston, upon whom fortune never smiled, even when he was the heavyweight champ


Sports Illustrated: November 22, 1993

Answered Prayers

For Evander Holyfield, recapturing the heavyweight crown was a triumph of the spirit


Sports Illustrated: November 15, 1993

Wild Night

Evander Holyfield regained the heavyweight title from Riddick Bowe in a fight interrupted by an aerial intruder


Sports Illustrated: October 11, 1993

Bloody Poor Show

Lennox Lewis KO'd countryman Frank Bruno in an uninspired outing


Sports Illustrated: September 20, 1993

Beaten to the Draw

Pernell Whitaker outboxed Julio Cesar Chavez, but two judges denied him the win


Sports Illustrated: August 23, 1993

The Rock

Former heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano was a tough-fisted brawler in the ring, and a tightfisted mystery out of it


Sports Illustrated: August 9, 1993

The Untouchable

Pernell Whitaker intends to deal with Julio Cesar Chavez the same way he has all his other victims: He will not allow himself to get hit


Sports Illustrated: July 5, 1993


In a fight to forget, a rusty Evander Holyfield outlasted a listless Alex Stewart


Sports Illustrated: June 28, 1993

Best Man?

Terry Norris continued to show he may be just that, with a TKO of Troy Walters


Sports Illustrated: May 17, 1993

Get a Load of Me!

Former heavyweight champion Buster Douglas, the man who smoked Tyson, is tasting the good life -- in a very big way


Sports Illustrated: April 12, 1993

Rockin' With Rock

By blustering and bluffing, outspoken manager Rock Newman has guided Riddick Bowe to the heavyweight title


Sports Illustrated: March 15, 1993

Out on a Limb

His injured left arm all but useless, Buddy McGirt lost his WBC welterweight crown to Pernell Whitaker


Sports Illustrated: Date

Down and Out in Mexico City

Julio Cesar Chavez, now 85-0, avenged insults to his country by pounding Greg Haugen into submission


Sports Illustrated: February 22, 1993

School of Hard Knocks

James Toney won the IBF super middleweight crown by teaching Iran Barkley a thing or two about boxing


Sports Illustrated: February 22, 1993

Bearing the Burden

Living in violence-plagued Culiacan, boxing champ Julio Cesar Chavez fights to keep his family secure


Sports Illustrated: February 15, 1993


Riddick Bowe, in the first defense of his heavyweight crown, knocked out Michael Dokes in Round 1 for a sorry start to his reign


Sports Illustrated: February 1, 1993

The Great Brit Hope

Lennox Lewis, a product of London's East Ed, may give England its first heavyweight title in this century


Sports Illustrated: December 7, 1992

Arriving With A Bang

Olympic Gold medalist Oscar De La Hoya began his pro career with a quick KO


Sports Illustrated: November 30, 1992

The Family Man

Heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe fancies himself a humorist, but he's serious about living up to his nickname: Big Daddy


Sports Illustrated: November 23, 1992

Let's Get Ready to Rummmble

Even before he won the heavyweight title, Riddick Bowe was impressed with himself. With his thrilling decision over Evander Holyfield, the new champ at last has impressed the rest of the boxing world with his skill -- and guts


Sports Illustrated: November 23, 1992

A Blow to the Senses

Last Friday's fight between TVKO's Al Bernstein and the viewers should have been stopped


Sports Illustrated: November 9, 1992

Good Show!

British heavyweight Lennox Lewis won his countrymen's hearts, and a title, with a KO of Razor Ruddock


Sports Illustrated: November 2, 1992

The Master

George Benton has a lifetime's worth of boxing wisdom that he imparts to the world's best fighters


Sports Illustrated: October 27, 1992

Friendly Fire

Julio Cesar Chavez beat up Hector Camacho in a bruising bout between old acquaintences


Sports Illustrated: Date

Mom, The Mettlesome Manager

Jackie Kallen, parent of two, is den mother to half a dozen fighters. She wanted a champ -- and got one


Sports Illustrated: August 17, 1992

Slight Heavies

The famed Felix Savon of Cuba was just good enough to win the gold in the heavyweight division


Sports Illustrated: July 27, 1992

Bowe Knows KOs

Riddick Bowe earned a shot at the heavyweight title by stopping Pierre Coetzer


Sports Illustrated: July 6, 1992

Prize Pupil

Raul Marquez studied boxing so well under his father that he earned a trip to Barcelona


Sports Illustrated: June 8, 1992

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

Despite rumors to the contrary, Larry Holmes, 42, is not broke, but for $7.5 million he has agreed to curtail his daily finishing trips long enough to fight for Evander Holyfield's heavyweight title


Sports Illustrated: June 1, 1992

Floyd Patterson: His Own Man

In the 30 years since he held the heavyweight title, the former champ has found serenity


Sports Illustrated: May 25, 1992

Arrest the Alphabet Bandits

Boxing's robber-baron governing bodies are ripping off both the fighters and the fans


Sports Illustrated: May 18, 1992

Up From Main Street

A skinny teenager from a one-pawnshop town has big designs on boxing


Sports Illustrated: May 18, 1992

A New Ringleader

Terry Norris laid claim to the title of pound for pound best fighter by KOing Meldrick Taylor


Sports Illustrated: April 20, 1992

Ungorgeous George

George Foreman was a swollen, sorry sight after outpointing a surprisingly tough Alex Stewart


Sports Illustrated: March 30, 1992

The Sins of the Father

James Toney, the IBF middleweight champ, yearns to punish the man who left him and his mother 22 years ago


Sports Illustrated: March 30, 1992

Back With a Bang

Iran Barkley cemented his comeback with a bruising split decision over Thomas Hearns to win the WBA light heavyweight crown


Sports Illustrated: March 23, 1992

The Second Time Around

Harold Smith, the promoter who swindled a bank out of $21.3 million, is back in boxing, guiding Larry Holmes


Sports Illustrated: February 17, 1992

Destined to Fall

The same fury that drove Mike Tyson to glory in the ring brought him shame outside of it


Sports Illustrated: February 17, 1992

A Crushing Verdict

An Indianapolis jury, after deliberating 10 hours, convicted Mike Tyson of raping an 18-year-old beauty-pageant contestant


Sports Illustrated: January 20, 1992

On Trial

An unprecedented legal drama will unfold later this month in Indianapolis as Mike Tyson goes before a jury on rape charges


Sports Illustrated: January 13, 1992

Young Cassius Clay

At 50, Muhammad Ali is a much-admired figure, just as he was in his formative years as a fun-loving but purposeful youth in Louisville


Sports Illustrated: December 23, 1991

Drawing on Experience

Wily Mke McCallum drew with IBF middleweight champ James Toney


Sports Illustrated: December 9, 1991

Big Win for Little Mac

Buddy McGirt battled brilliantly in seizing the WBC welterweight crown from Simon Brown


Sports Illustrated: December 2, 1991

Heavy Going

Evander Holyfield had his hands full with unheralded stand-in Bert Cooper before retaining his title with a seventh-round TKO


Sports Illustrated: November 4, 191

Shadow Boxing

While probing the fight game for the FBI in the 1980s, the author uncovered disquieting links between the mob and powerful promoter Don King

Sports Illustrated: October 28, 1991

The Champ Who Fights Chumps

Britain's Canadian Olympic champion Lennox Lewis has two titles, but little respect


Sports Illustrated: October 28, 1991

Rocky VI: The Pummeling

A thrashing of Tommy Morrison moved Ray Mercer squarely into the heavyweight picture


Sports Illustrated: October 28, 1991

Hit by a Late Blow

A rib injury to Mike Tyson forced him to postpone his bout with Evander Holyfield

Sports Illustrated: September 23, 1991

Postpone The Fight

Rick Reilly column


Sports Illustrated: September 9, 1991

On The Ropes

A stormy visit to an Indiana beauty pageant raises a disturbing question: Is Mike Tyson out of control?


Sports Illustrated: January 29, 1991

Ring In The New

The Olympic Festival showcased a crop of tough young U.S. Boxers


Sports Illustrated: July 29, 1991

Tales of the Fight Game

Boxing is the subject of three new books, each of which delivers a solid punch

Sports Illustrated: July 22, 1991

Let's Get Ready To Rumble!

Heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield will finally fight Mike Tyson because, after much wheeling and dealing, that's what both men want


Sports Illustrated: July 8, 1991

Smash Dance

Mike Tyson beat Razor Ruddock in a tough rematch that went the distance


Sports Illustrated: July 8, 1991

A Setback for an Aussie

His face was raw, his hands were bruised. There was a cut under his left eye. But those weren't the places where Jeff Fenech hurt the most.


Sports Illustrated: June 24, 1991

Where's the Fire?

The controlled fury that not long ago lifted Mike Tyson to the pinnacle of the sort has already ebbed, as have his prodigious ring skills


Sports Illustrated: June 17, 1991

The Last of the Legends

All but one of boxing's legends of the 1980s are, for all intents and purposes, now finished


Sports Illustrated: June 10, 1991

The Real Thing?

After licking Sugar Ray Leonard and, now, Donald Curry, Terry Norris still has a lot to prove


Sports Illustrated: May 20, 1991

Nunn Out

James Toney KO'd Michael Nunn, the IBF middleweight champ, in Nunn's hometown ballpark



Sports Illustrated: April 29, 1991

No Joke

Evander Holyfield discovered that George Foreman was to be taken seriously


Sports Illustrated: April 8, 1991

A Quest for Respect

Heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield isn't one to be taken lightly


Sports Illustrated: March 25, 1991

Voices From His Past

As George Foreman's third career comes to a climax with his April 19 title fight against Evander Holyfield, eight vanquished opponents from his career, and one from his second, reflect on the ageless heavyweight's past and his prospects against Evander Holyfield


Sports Illustrated: March 25, 1991

Fire Fight

Mike Tyson was a study in fury as he -- and the ref -- stopped Razor Ruddock


Sports Illustrated: March 11, 1991

School of Hard Knocks

Riddick Bowe acquired valuable knowledge in a KO of Tyrell Biggs

Sports Illustrated: March 4, 1991

The Man in the Middle

Nobody controls a boxing ring like Richard Steele


Sports Illustrated: February 18, 1991

So Long, Sugar

After taking a beating from Terry Norris, 11 years his junior, Ray Leonard says he is retiring for good

Sports Illustrated: February 4, 1991

O Lucky Man

Fortune never smiled on Sonny Liston, even when he was champ


Sports Illustrated: January 28, 1991

A Hit Parade

Out to prove himself after his lone loss, Meldrick Taylor wrested the WBA welterweight title from Aaron Davis


Sports Illustrated: December 24, 1990

Punching for a Real Payday

Hard-hitting Michael Moorer won again and eyed a more profitable bout with WBA champ Virgil Hill


Sports Illustrated: December 17, 1990

Fire and Fury

Mike Tyson's comeback took a big step forward with a raging first-round KO of Alex Stewart

Sports Illustrated: December 10, 1990

From Hair To Eternity

You can't become a sports immortal, says Don King, without follicles of fabulous fecundity


Sports Illustrated: December 10, 1990

But Seriously, Folks...

...though Riddick Bowe may be a funny man, he's no joke as a heavyweight


Sports Illustrated: November 12, 1990

Rocky The Article

As the bell sounds for Round 5 of the Rock opera, Sylvester Stallone dreams of a box-office knockout


Sports Illustrated: November 5, 1990


Evander Holyfield wonthe heavyweight title by knocking out a plodding Buster Douglas


Sports Illustrated: October 22, 1990

The Fight Of His Life

Buster Douglas, the heavyweight champion, has had a harder time dealing with his father, Bill, than any of his ring opponents


Sports Illustrated: August 27, 1990

Baryshnikov, Anyone?

Many boxers are dancing instead of duking


Sports Illustrated: August 6, 1990

Less Can Be More

Michael Carbajal won the IBF light flyweight title in a furious bout


Sports Illustrated: July 16, 1990

'Make Believe a Cop is Chasing You'

At 67, Willie Pep looks back on a remarkable ring career that spanned four decades


Sports Illustrated: June 25, 1990

Punch and Duty

History is served as KO artists Mike Tyson and George Foreman connect


Sports Illustrated: June 25, 1990

An Australian Fights For Fame

Only true fans know Jeff Fenech holds three world titles


Sports Illustrated: July 11, 1990

Now It Gets Serious

After beating Seamus McDonagh, Evander Holyfield finally gets his shot


Sports Illustrated: May 21, 1990

All The King's Men

Putting Mike Tyson together again is the goal of Don King & Co.


Sports Illustrated: May 14, 1990

Two Champions And Enemies

Bad blood existed between Jack Johnson an Joe Louis


Sports Illustrated: April 23, 1990

Ho-hum Nunn

IBF Middleweight champ Michael Nunn won ugly


Sports Illustrated: April 2, 1990

Simon Says: I'm The Champ. Why Won't Anyone Fight Me?

William Nack column


Sports Illustrated: April 2, 1990

A Shrine For The Sweet Science

Canastota, N.Y., a village of 5,000 just east of Syracuse, is home to boxing's Hall of Fame

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