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Sports Illustrated: January 18, 2010

A Bloody Shame

Why, even with all that cash at hand, boxing's poster boys aren't going to rumble

Sports Illustrated: December 7, 2009

A classic detroit gym could be a model of reinvention for the city

Sports Illustrated: Noveber 23, 2009

With a resounding defeat of Miguel Cotto, Manny Pacquiao proved that boxing's best is getting better

Sports Illustrated: November 16, 2009

Despite a shocking lack of animosity, Pacquiao and Cotto promise a great battle

Sports Illustrated: November 16, 2009

Boxing's best trainer is determined to protect his fighters from progressive brain damage

Sports Illustrated: October 19, 2009

A new made-for-TV competition could give boxing a boost

Sports Illustrated: October 5, 2009

His retirement over, the highly unorthodox Vitali Klitschko reaffirmed his place among the top heavyweights

Sports Illustrated: September 28, 2009

Landing seemingly every punch he threw, Floyd Mayweather looked ready to take on the ring's best

Sports Illustrated: June 23, 2009

Best In Class

With lucrative purses and a wealth of talented fighters, the welterweight division is the place to be

Sports Illustrated: May 11, 2009

Flat-out Great

Manny Pacquiao cemented his claim to being the world's best pound-for-pound fighter by knocking out Ricky Hatton

Sports Illustrated: March 2, 2009

Past Perfect

Rebounding from their losses, Miguel Cotto and Kelly Pavlik proved that being unbeaten isn't everything

Sports Illustrated: Feb. 9, 2009

Dr. Strangegloves

Was the champ packing his fists with extra wallop?

Sports Illustrated: December 08, 2008

Political Punch

When Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao takes on Oscar De La Hoya, he'll be fighting for more than an eight-figure purse. He'll be representing countrymen who adore him�and trying to win their votes


Sports Illustrated: October 27, 2008

The Old Magic

Bernard Hopkins silenced critics by thrashing undefeated middleweight champ Kelly Pavlik, 17 years his junior



Sports Illustrated: October 20, 2008

He Ain't Heavy

He's my brother, the heavyweight champion

Sports Illustrated: October 06, 2008

Anyone Want To Fight This Man?

Welterweight champion Antonio Margarito may be too fearsome for his own good


Sports Illustrated: August 11, 2008

Before He Was King

A documentary examines Ali's Miami years


Sports Illustrated: July 07, 2008

Heavy Hitter

Manny Pacquiao, the sport's biggest little star, moved up a weight class and crushed David Diaz for his fourth title


Sports Illustrated: December 17, 2007

Twenty-four-hour Party People

A British invasion livened up Vegas. So what if Ricky Hatton got pounded?


Sports Illustrated: October 08, 2007

A Bigger Boom-boom

Can the kid from Mancini's hometown save boxing?



Sports Illustrated: July 02, 2007

Trading Punch Lines

A quarter century after their contentious bout, the champ and the challenger are still going at each other--but these jabs don't hurt

Sports Illustrated: May 21, 2007

Purse Swinging

Oscar's tops, but elite fighters have always lived in Fat City

Sports Illustrated: May 14, 2007

Failure To Launch

The two most compelling boxers of their time. A $19 million gate. Jack and J-Lo. Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s victory over Oscar De La Hoya had everything boxing could want--except for the thrills inside the ring that could revive this sagging sport

Sports Illustrated: May 07, 2007

Golden Boy Vs. Pretty Boy

THE FIGHT TO SAVE BOXING Can Saturday's showdown make the average fan care about the sport again?



Sports Illustrated: December 11, 2006

Don't Count Him Out

A new bio of Gene Tunney brings a fresh appreciation to the career of an often maligned champion

Sports Illustrated: December 11, 2006

Taking Care Of Business

Super welterweight Oscar De La Hoya has applied his golden touch to land development, boxing promotion and newspaper publishing, but he's still set for another big payday in the ring

Sports Illustrated: November 06, 2006

Having A Ball

Modern-day Cinderella Man Carlos Baldomir is going to find out soon if his glass slipper still fits



Sports Illustrated: October 09, 2006

Size Matters

With his Shaqlike dimensions and fearsome features, Nikolay Valuev--history's tallest heavyweight champ--intimidates foes and titillates fans, but can Don King's colossus fight?

Sports Illustrated: May 15, 2006

Still Golden

Oscar De La Hoya regained his Midas touch--and the super welterweight title--by battering Ricardo Mayorga. Will he crown his career against Floyd Mayweather Jr.?


Sports Illustrated: April 10, 2006

Head Strong

Despite blood clots on the brain, a former contender gets back in the ring

Sports Illustrated: March 20, 2006

Playing The Heavy

After a decade in oblivion, trash-talking, pistol-packing (but downright lovable) former middleweight king James Toney has grown--and how--into a contender for boxing's biggest title



Sports Illustrated: February 13, 2006

Let Us Now Raze Famous Men

The Friars Club roast of DON KING revealed--and reveled in--the vagaries of the honoree's dark and twisted soul. As King has said so many times, "Only in America"


Sports Illustrated: November 21, 2005

On The Ropes

With its heavyweight chumps and forgettable fights, the once mighty sport of King (Don, that is) is staggering toward oblivion

Sports Illustrated: October 10, 2005

Pride And Punishment

Lightweight champion Diego Corrales recently went through hell to win his first bout against Jos Luis Castillo--and now he's eagerly stepping back into the fire for the rematch

Sports Illustrated: September 19, 2005

A pair of historic bouts with race on the undercard are examined with different approaches but the same wallop


Sports Illustrated: July 25, 2005

Jermain Taylor weathered a ferocious finish by Bernard Hopkins and took away his middleweight championship



Sports Illustrated: July 11, 2005

 A quarter century after he famously quit against Sugar Ray Leonard,  former champ Robeto Duran still doesn't understand why he was held in such disdain


Sports Illustrated: June 27, 2005

This Saturday night, the ultratalented Floyd Mayweather Jr. will fight Arturo Gatti for the super lightweight title. It's his biggest bout yet. Few will be rooting for him


Sports Illustrated: May 23, 2005

Having annihilated Felix Trinidad with a razor-sharp jab, Winky Wright is suddenly the hottest thing in boxing


Sports Illustrated: May 09, 2005

He'd been laid low, but nothing--not the Depression and certainly not the heavyweight champ--could keep JAMES J. BRADDOCK down


Sports Illustrated: April 18, 2005

Emile Griffith beat Benny "Kid" Paret to death in the ring after Paret called him queer. That was 43 years ago. He's still struggling to come to terms with it. So are we.


Sports Illustrated: January 31, 2005

No movie can top the outsized drama of real boxing


Sports Illustrated: January 31, 2005

The boxing movie has been a staple of Hollywood for more than a century. Here are some of the genre's champs and palookas


Sports Illustrated: November 29, 2004

In a rematch neither could afford to lose, Winky Wright retained his titles, and Shane Mosley remained in a tailspin


Sports Illustrated: November 15, 2004

Six months after dethroning Roy Jones Jr., Antonio Tarver is set to make his return in L.A. with an eye on Hollywood


Sports Illustrated: October 11, 2004

In his first fight in 29 months, former world champ Felix Trinidad was razor sharp in a win over Ricardo Mayorga


Sports Illustrated: October 04, 2004

Once seemingly unbeatable, Roy Jones lost a second consecutive bout, casting an ominous cloud over his future


Sports Illustrated: August 09, 2004

Mike Tyson's latest comeback�and most likely his career�ended in a stunning knockout by a handpicked opponent



Sports Illustrated: July 26, 2004

With a series of bloody, crowd-pleasing brawls, Arturo Gatti has left his mark on boxing. And boxing has left its marks on him

Sports Illustrated: July 12, 2004

Based in Milan since retiring from the ring 16 years ago, the former middleweight champion is training his sights on leading-man status in Italian cinema


Sports Illustrated: May 03, 2004

Vitali Klitschko finally proved his mettle by seizing the WBC title

Sports Illustrated: April 19, 2004

Cory Spinks beat Zab Judah while the main event showed that the heavyweight division is lightweight


Sports Illustrated: December 29, 2003

Driven by his ambition to reclaim the heavyweight belts, 41-year-old Evander Holyfield soldiered on, even at the risk of a tragic ending

Sports Illustrated: December 15, 2003

Suddenly, Klitschko

Once considered the lesser of two palooka-ish brothers, Vitali Klitschko has emerged as the great hope of the heavyweight division


Sports Illustrated: December 08, 2003

He Drinks, He Smokes, He Fights, He Wins

Welterweight champion Ricardo Mayorga, a reckless fighter with an unruly lifestyle, is boxing's hottest ticket. Next show: Dec. 13


Sports Illustrated: December 01, 2003

Born Again And Again And Again

From nasty heavyweight champ to humble preacher to jolly heavyweight champ to zillionaire pitchman, George Foreman is a miracle of reinvention

Sports Illustrated: Sept. 22, 2003

A Super Lightweight Conspiracy Theory

Oscar De La Hoya lost his long-awaited rematch with Shane Mosley, then made wild charges that suggest he might have also lost his mind


Sports Illustrated: June 30, 2003

The Real-life Rocky

Nearly three decades after he went 15 rounds against the Greatest and inspired a movie, the Bayonne Bleeder is still living the good life in his hardscrabble hometown


Sports Illustrated: April 14, 2003

Blood Brothers

A decade after their epic ring trilogy, Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe are still bound together, hostages to their dreams and delusions


Sports Illustrated: March 10, 2003

Fight-game Inferno

BOXING IS IN A HELL OF A STATE, SADDLED with fading stars and a fragmented fan base, but don't count out the not-so-sweet science just yet


Surprise Package

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Sports Illustrated: February 03, 2003

The Man Nobody Wants To Fight

He calls himself boxing's Ebola virus, and for good reason�few contenders in the heavyweight ranks want to take a chance against Chris Byrd's slick southpaw style


Sports Illustrated: December 16, 2002

Klitschko's Glitch

A desultory 10-round TKO by Wladimir Klitschko did not boost his image as a heavyweight power


Sports Illustrated: November 18, 2002

The Bruise Brothers

A pair of brawny, brainy Ukrainian Ph.D.'s, Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko, hope to soon divide and conquer the heavyweight division

Sports Illustrated: October 14, 2002

Heavy Handed

Roy Jones tries to move up in class


Sports Illustrated: September 23, 2002

Getting Down To Business

Fernando Vargas brought his rage and muscle to the ring, but Oscar De La Hoya had the savvy and skills to make a bloody 11th-round TKO look as measured as a day at the office

Sports Illustrated: September 16, 2002

Dissing Match

(These guys hate each other. No, really.)

Sports Illustrated: July 29, 2002

A Different Kind Of Champion

By beating Shane Mosley to defend his welterweight title, Vernon Forrest joined boxing's elite. But he's already the greatest to a special group of men back home


Sports Illustrated: June 17, 2002

Lights Out

Lennox Lewis lowered the boom�and dropped the curtain�on Mike Tyson's long-running carnival act


Sports Illustrated: May 20, 2002

All The Rage

As he storms toward his showdown with Lennox Lewis, is Mike Tyson the ultimate psycho celebrity in the midst of a public breakdown�or the shrewdest self-promoter in boxing history?


Sports Illustrated: May 13, 2002

Darkness Visible

Boxer Gerald McClellan, blind and brain damaged, leaves home


Sports Illustrated: March 04, 2002

No Bones About It

Paulie Ayala's convincing win over Bones Adams should silence his many doubters

Sports Illustrated: February 04, 2002

The Fight's The Thing

Vernon Forrest's bruising upset of Sugar Shane Mosley should help redeem boxing


Sports Illustrated: December 24, 2001

No Winners Here

Evander Holyfield battered John Ruiz but got a draw, and boxing took a beating


Sports Illustrated: November 05, 2001

The Chosen One

If you've never heard of Zab Judah, who will fight to unify the junior welterweight title this weekend, then you don't know boxing's strangest family saga


Sports Illustrated: October 22, 2001

Everybody's Cornerman

That Eddie Futch lived to 90 without making any enemies was remarkable enough, but considering that almost all those years were spent in boxing, a business in which nice guys generally don't finish at all, it's even more astonishing.


Sports Illustrated: October 08, 2001

Worth The Wait

Long overlooked Bernard Hopkins capped his career and unified the middleweight title with a stunning upset of Felix Trinidad


Sports Illustrated: September 10, 2001

Brush With Greatness

Cuban refugee Joel Casamayor eyes a shot at becoming the bantamweight to beat


Sports Illustrated: July 02, 2001

The Weighting Game

Oscar De La Hoya won his fifth title, but vindication may be more elusive


Sports Illustrated: June 25, 2001

Heavyweight Survivor

Hard knocks outside the ring haven't hindered big Lance Whitaker inside it

Sports Illustrated: May 14, 2001

Spurred To Greatness

Felix Trinidad has emerged from the shadows of lesser champions and is now boxing's cock of the walk

Sports Illustrated: April 30, 2001

Hard Rocked

Hasim Rahman shocked Lennox Lewis with a fifth-round KPO to take the heavyweight chmpionship.

Sports Illustrated: April 16, 2001

Glam Rocked

Prince Naseem Hamed's glitz was no match for the grit of Marco Antonio Barrera in their featherweight showdown.


Sports Illustrated: March 19, 2001

Noms de Guerre?

John Ruiz, who defeated Evander Holyfield on March 3 to claim the WBA's slice of the heavyweight title, is known as The Quiet Man.

Sports Illustrated: March 5, 2001

Dangerous Siberian Husky

Kostya Tszyu, a Russian turned Aussie, has a bite more lethal than his bark

Sports Illustrated: November 20, 2000

Bad Hair Day

David Tua's 'do and his power were undone by the withering jabs of Lennox Lewis, who retained his heavyweight title by decision. So why doesn't the champ get more respect?

Sports Illustrated: November 13, 2000

It Takes Tua To Tango

David Tua is a playful Samoan, but he plans to give Lennox Lewis a serious run for the heavyweight title.


Sports Illustrated: November 6, 2000

He's Bloody Good

When welterweight Arturo Gatti fights, his opponents -- and fans -- often see red


"A fiery, free-swinging pinwheel of a boxer,

 Gatti has built a 33-4 record scuffling straight up,

 like an angry wallaby. He's geared to fight in only one way: to wade in and whale.

 "I love to bleed, love it," he says.

"People at ringside bring umbrellas to my bouts

 so they won't get splashed."

--Franz Lidz

Sports Illustrated: October 30, 2000

When the fragile personalities of Mike Tyson and Andrew Golota collided in the ring, the only question was who would break first

Sports Illustrated: October 23, 2000

Duck, you sucker!

In this corner, Mike Tyson wants to eat your children. In that corner, Andrew Golata wants to keep you from having children.

Sports Illustrated: October 30, 2000

Quitting Time

When the fragile personalities of Mike Tyson and Andrew Golota collided in the ring, the only question was who would break first

Sports Illustrated: September 11, 2000

Macho Boy

Hector Camacho Jr. doesn't party as hard as his dad, but he punches harder

Sports Illustrated: August 21, 2000

Key Punch

The Internet offers fight fans a one-two combination that's difficult to beat

Sports Illustrated: June 26, 2000

L.A. Glory

In a stirring bout that ennobled both fighters, Sugar Shane Mosley beat rival Oscar De La Hoya and assumed the role of boxing's standard-bearer

Sports Illustrated: June 19, 2000


He says he's a gladiator, but Oscar De La Hoya has yet to give a ring performance that proves he has the heart of a great champ

Sports Illustrated: May 8, 2000

Hitting It Big

Heavyweight champ Lennox Lewis silenced his critics and gave his reputation a much needed boost by mercilessly chopping Michael Grant down to size

Sports Illustrated: April 24, 2000

Coming of Age

A bloodied Fernando Vargas proved his mettle by beating veteran Ike Quartey

Sports Illustrated: March 13, 2000

The Upper Hand

Felix Trinidad battered David Reid to earn a new title and a new edge on rematch-seeking Oscar De La Hoya

Sports Illustrated: February 7, 2000

Bloody Good

Treated to a royal reception in England, Mike Tyson proved that he's still a contender with a brutally effecient second-round knockout of Julius Francis

Sports Illustrated: January 17, 2000

Hurricane Warnings

However gripping, the film about Rubin "Hurricane" Carter's ordeal loses punch by fudging facts

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