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All pictures on this page were captured during boxing competition at the Olympic Games





2012 in London, England


Bantamweight (114): Rau'shee Warren (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Bantamweight (123): Joseph Diaz Jr. (South, El Monte, Calif.)

Lightweight (132): Jose Ramirez (Avenal, Calif.)

Light welterweight (141): Jamel Herring (Coram, NY)

Welterweight (152): Errol Spence ( Dallas, Texas)

Middleweight (165): Terrell Gausha (Cleveland, Ohio)

Light heavyweight (178): Marcus Browne (Parkhill, NY)

Heavyweight (201): Michael Hunter ( Las Vegas, Nev.)

Super heavyweight (201+): Dominic Breazeale (Alhambra, Calif.)

Head Coach: Basheer Abdullah



Flyweight (112): Marlen Esparza (Houston, Texas)

Lightweight (132): Queen Underwood (Seattle, Wash.)

Middlweight (165): Claressa Shields (Flint, Mich.)  -- GOLD MEDAL


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Clemente Russo and Deontay Wilder - Olympics Day 14 - Boxing

Deontay Wilder


2008 in Beijing, China

Light Flyweight (106): Luis Yanez (Duncanville, Texas)

Flyweight (112): Rau'shee Warren (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Bantamweiight (119): Gary Russell Jr. (Capitol Heights, Md.)

Featherweight (125): Raynell Williams (Cleveland, Ohio)

Lightweight (132): Sadam Ali (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Light welterweight (141): Javier Molina (Commerce, Calif.)

Welterweight (152): Demetrius Andrade (Providence, R.I.)

Middleweight (165): Shawn Estrada (East Los Angeles, Calif.)

Heavyweight (201): Deontay Wilder (Tuscaloosa, Ala.) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Head Coach: Dan Campbell

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2004 in Athens, Greece

Andre Ward


Light Flyweight (106): Rau'shee Warren (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Flyweight (112): Ron Siler (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Lightweight (132): Vicente Escobedo (Woodland, Calif.)

Light Welterweight (141): Rock Allen (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Welterweight (152): Vanes Martirosyan (Glendale, Calif.)

Middleweight (165): Andre Dirrell (Flint, Mich.) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Light heavyweight (178): Andre Ward (Oakland, Calif.) -- GOLD MEDAL

Heavyweight (201): Devin Vargas (Toledo, Ohio)

Super Heavyweight (+201): Jason Estrada (Providence, R.I.)

Head Coach: Basheer Abdulla (Fort Carson, Colo.)

Assistant Coaches: Anthony Bradley (Philadelphia, Pa.), Joe Zanders (Long Beach, Calif.)

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2000 in Sydney, Australia

Ricardo "Rocky" Juarez


Light Flyweight (106): Brian Viloria (Waipahu, Hawaii)

Flyweight (112): Jose Navarro (Los Angeles, Calif.)

Bantamweight (119): Clarence Vinson (Washington, D.C.) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Featherweight (125): Ricardo Juarez (Houston, Texas) -- SILVER MEDAL

Lightweight (132): David Jackson (Seattle, Wash.)

Light welterweight (139): Ricardo Williams (Cincinnati, Ohio) -- SILVER MEDAL

Welterweight (147): Dante Craig (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Light middleweight (156): Jermain Taylor (Little Rock, Ark.) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Middleweight (165): Jeff Lacy (St. Petersburg, Fla.)

Light Heavyweight (178): Olanda Anderson (Fort Carson, Colo./Army)

Heavyweight (201): Michael Bennett (Chicago, Ill.)

Super Heavyweight (+201): Calvin Brock (Charlotte, N.C.)

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1996 in Atlanta, Ga.

David Reid


Light Flyweight (106): Albert Guardado (Topeka, Kan.)

Flyweight (112): Eric Morel (Madison, Wisc.)

Bantamweight (119): Zahir Raheem (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Featherweight (125): Floyd Mayweather Jr. (Grand Rapids, Mich.) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Lightweight (132): Terrance Cauthen (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Light welterweight (139): David Diaz (Chicago, Ill.)

Welterweight (147): Fernando Vargas (Oxnard, Calif.)

Light Middleweight (156): David Reid (Philadelphia, Pa.) -- GOLD MEDAL

Middleweight (165): Rhoshii Wells (Riverdale, Ga.)

Light Heavyweight (178): Antonio Tarver (Orlando, Fla.) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Heavyweight (201): Nate Jones (Chicago, Ill.) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Super Heavyweight (+201): Lawrence Clay-Bey (Hartford, Conn.)

Head Coach: Al Mitchell

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1992 in Barcelona, Spain

Oscar De La Hoya


Light Flyweight (106): Eric Griffin (Broussard, La.)

Flyweight (112): Tim Austin (Cincinnati, Ohio) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Bantamweight (119): Sergio Reyes (Camp Lejeune, N.C./Marines)

Featherweight (125): Julian Wheeler (Virginia Beach/Navy)

Lightweight (132): Oscar De La Hoya (Los Angeles, Calif.) -- GOLD MEDAL

Light Welterweight (139): Vernon Forrest (Augusta, Ga.)

Welterweight (147): Pepe Reilly (Glendale, Calif.)

Light Middleweight (156): Raul Marquez (Houston, Texas)

Middleweight (165): Chris Byrd (Flint, Mich.) -- SILVER MEDAL

Light Heavyweight (178): Montell Griffin (Chicago, Ill.)

Heavyweight (201): Danell Nicholson (Chicago, Ill.)

Super Heavyweight (+201): Larry Donald (Cincinnati, Ohio)

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1988 in Seoul, Korea

Andrew Maynard


Light Flyweight (106): Michael Carbajal (Phoenix, Ariz.) -- SILVER MEDAL

Flyweight (112): Arthur Johnson (Minneapolis, Minn.)

Bantamweight (119): Kennedy McKinney (Kileen, Texas) -- GOLD MEDAL

Featherweight (125): Kelcie Banks (Chicago, Ill.)

Lightweight (132): Romallis Ellis (Ellenwood, Ga.) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Light Welterweight (139): Todd Foster (Great Falls, Mont.)

Welterweight (147): Kenneth Gould (Rockford, Ill.) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Light Middleweight (156): Roy Jones Jr. (Pensacola, Fla.) -- SILVER MEDAL

Middleweight (165): Anthony Hembrick (Fort Bragg, N.C./Army)

Light Heavyweight (178): Andrew Maynard (Fort Carson, Colo./Army) -- GOLD MEDAL

Heavyweight (201): Ray Mercer (Union City, N.J.) -- GOLD MEDAL

Super Heavyweight (+201): Riddick Bowe (Brooklyn, N.Y.) -- SILVER MEDAL

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1984 in Los Angeles, Calif.

Pernell Whitaker


Light Flyweight (106): Paul Gonzales (Los Angeles, Calif.) -- GOLD MEDAL

Flyweight (112): Steve McCrory (Detroit, Mich.) -- GOLD MEDAL

Bantamweight (119): Robert Shannon (Edmonds, Wash.)

Featherweight (125): Meldrick Taylor (Philadelphia, Pa.) -- GOLD MEDAL

Lightweight (132): Pernell Whitaker (Norfolk, Va.) -- GOLD MEDAL

Light Welterweight (139): Jerry Page (Columbus, Ohio) -- GOLD MEDAL

Welterweight (147): Mark Breland (Brooklyn, N.Y.) -- GOLD MEDAL

Light Middleweight (156): Frank Tate (Detroit, Mich.) -- GOLD MEDAL

Middleweight (165): Virgil Hill (Williston, N.D.) -- SILVER MEDAL

Light Heavyweight (178): Evander Holyfield (Atlanta, Ga.) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Heavyweight (201): Henry Tillman (Los Angeles, Calif.) -- GOLD MEDAL

Super Heavyweight (+201): Tyrell Biggs (Philadelphia, Pa.) -- GOLD MEDAL

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1980 in Moscow, USSR

(United States did not participate due to Olympic boycott)

Light Flyweight (106): Robert Shannon (Edmonds, Wash.)

Flyweight (112): Richard Sandoval (Pomona, Calif.)

Bantamweight (119): Jackie Beard (Jackson, Tenn.)

Featherweight (125): Bernard Taylor (Charlotte, N.C.)

Lightweight (132): Joe Manley (Army)

Light Welterweight (139): Johnny Bumphus (Nashville, Tenn.)

Welterweight (147): Donald Curry (Fort Worth, Texas)

Light Middleweight (156): James Shuler (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Middleweight (165): Charles Carter (Yakima, Wash.)

Light Heavyweight (178): Leroy Murphy (Chicago, Ill.)

Heavyweight (201): James Broad (Army)

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1976 in Montreal, Canada

Leon Spinks


Light Flyweight (106): Louis Curtis (Washington, D.C.)

Flyweight (112): Leo Randolph (Tacoma, Wash.) -- GOLD MEDAL

Bantamweight (119): Charles Mooney (Army) -- SILVER MEDAL

Featherweight (125): Davey Lee Armstrong (Puyallup, Wash.)

Lightweight (132): Howard Davis (Glen Cove, N.Y.) -- GOLD MEDAL

Light Welterweight (139): Ray Leonard (Palmer Park, Md.) -- GOLD MEDAL

Welterweight (147): Clinton Jackson (Nashville, Tenn.)

Light Middleweight (156): Charles Walker Jr. (Mesa, Ariz.)

Middleweight (165): Michael Spinks (St. Louis, Mo.) -- GOLD MEDAL

Light Heavyweight (178): Leon Spinks (St. Louis, Mo.) -- GOLD MEDAL

Heavyweight (+178): John Tate (St. Louis, Mo.) -- BRONZE MEDAL

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1972 in Munich, Germany

Ray Seales

Light Flyweight (106): Davey Lee Armstrong (Puyallup, Wash.)

Flyweight (112): Tim Dement (Shreveport, La.)

Bantamweight (119): Ricardo Carreras (New York/Air Force) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Featherweight (125): Louis Self (Toledo, Ohio)

Lightweight (132): Louis Busceme (Beaumont, Texas)

Light Welterweight (139): Ray Seales (Tacoma, Wash.) -- GOLD MEDAL

Welterweight (147): Jesse Valdez (Houston, Texas/Air Force) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Light Middleweight (156): Reginald Jones (Newark, N.J./Marines)

Middleweight (165): Marvin Johnson (Indianapolis, Ind.) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Light Heavyweight (178): Raymond Russell (Marines)

Heavyweight (+178): Duane Bobick (Navy) 

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1968 in Mexico City, Mexico

George Foreman

Flyweight (112): Harlan Marbley (Army) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Bantamweight (119): Sam Goss (Trenton, N.J.)

Featherweight (125): Al Robinson (Navy) -- SILVER MEDAL

Lightweight (132): Ronnie Harris (Canton, Ohio) -- GOLD MEDAL

Light Welterweight (139): J. Wallington (Fort Bragg, N.C./Army) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Welterweight (147): Armando Muniz (Army)

Light Middleweight (156): John Baldwin (Detroit, Mich./Air Force) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Middleweight (165): Alfred Jones (Detroit, Mich.) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Light Heavyweight (178): Arthur Redden (Wilmington, Del./Marines)

Heavyweight (+178): George Foreman (Marshall, Texas) -- GOLD MEDAL

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1964 in Tokyo, Japan

Joe Frazier


Flyweight (112): Bob Carmody (Army) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Bantamweight (119): Larry Johnson (Air Force)

Featherweight (125): Charles Brown (Marines) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Lightweight (132): Ronald Harris (Detroit, Mich.) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Light Welterweight (139): Charles Ellis (Army)

Welterweight (147): Maurice Trilot (Marines)

Light Middleweight (156): Tony Gibson (Spokane, Wash.)

Middleweight (165): Jimmy Rosette (Navy)

Light Heavyweight (178): Bob Christopherson (Air Force)

Heavyweight (+178): Joe Frazier (Philadelphia, Pa.) -- GOLD MEDAL

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1960 in Rome, Italy

Cassius Clay


Flyweight (112): Humberto Barrera (Robstown, Texas)

Bantamweight (119): Jerry Armstrong (Boise, Idaho/Army)

Featherweight (125): Nicholas Spanakos (New York, N.Y.)

Lightweight (132): Harry Campbell (Army)

Light Welterweight (139): Quincy Daniels (Seattle, Wash./Air Force) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Welterweight (147): Arthur Baldwin (Muskegon, Mich./Air Force)

Light Middleweight (156): Wilbert McClure (Chestnut Hill, Wash.) -- GOLD MEDAL

Middleweight (165): Eddie Crook (Army) -- GOLD MEDAL

Light Heavyweight (178): Cassius Clay (Louisville, Ky.) -- GOLD MEDAL

Heavyweight (+178): Pearcy Price (Salem, N.J./Marines)

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1956 in Melbourne, Australia

Pete Rademacher, Jose Torres & James Boyd


Flyweight (112): Ray Perez (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Bantamweight (119): Choken Maekawa (Hilo, Hawaii)

Featherweight (125): Harry Smith (Danville, Va./Air Force)

Lightweight (132): Louis Molina (San Jose, Calif./Marines)

Light Welterweight (139): Joseph Shaw (Boston, Mass.)

Welterweight (147): Pearce Lane (Big Rapids, Mich./Army)

Light Middleweight (156): Jose Torres (New York, N.Y.) -- SILVER MEDAL

Middleweight (165): Roger Rouse (Opportunity, Mo.)

Light Heavyweight (178): James Boyd (Rocky Mount, N.C./Army) -- GOLD MEDAL

Heavyweight (+178): Pete Rademacher (Median, Ohio) -- GOLD MEDAL

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1952 in Helsinki, Finland

Nathan E. Brooks


Flyweight (112): Nathan E. Brooks (Cleveland, Ohio) -- GOLD MEDAL

Bantamweight (119): David Moore (Springfield, Ohio)

Featherweight (125): Edson Brown (New York, N.Y.)

Lightweight (132): Robert Bickle (Hoisington, Kan./Army)

Light Welterweight (139): Charles Adkins (Chicago, Ill.) -- GOLD MEDAL

Welterweight (147): Louis Gage (San Francisco, Calif.)

Light Middleweight (156): Ellsworth Webb (Tulsa, Okla.)

Middleweight (165): Floyd Patterson, New York, N.Y. -- GOLD MEDAL

Light Heavyweight (178): Norvel L. Lee (Washington, D.C.) -- GOLD MEDAL

Heavyweight (+178): Hayes Sanders (Compton, Calif.) -- GOLD MEDAL

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1948 in London, England

Flyweight (112): Frank J. Sodano (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Bantamweight (119): William Bossio (Pittsburgh, Pa.)

Featherweight (127): Edward R. Johnson (Wilmington, Del.)

Lightweight (136): Wallace Smith (Cincinnati, Ohio) -- FOURTH-PLACE MEDAL

Welterweight (147): Horace Herring (St. Petersburg, Fla.) -- SILVER MEDAL

Middleweight (160): Washington Jones (St. Louis, Mo.)

Light Heavyweight (175): Charles W. Spieser (Detroit, Mich.)

Heavyweight (+175): E. Jay Lambert (Helper, Vt.)

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1936 in Berlin, Germany

Louis Laurie


Flyweight (112): Louis D. Laurie (Cleveland, Ohio) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Bantamweight (118): Jack Wilson (Spencer, N.C.) -- SILVER MEDAL

Featherweight (126): Theodore E. Kara (Cleveland, Ohio)

Lightweight (135): Andrew Scrivani (Chicago, Ill.)

Welterweight (147): Chester Rutecki (Chicago, Ill.)

Middleweight (160): James C. Atkinson (Norfolk, Va.)

Light Heavyweight (175): Carl Viniquerra (Omaha, Nev.)

Heavyweight (+175): Arthur Oliver (Mississippi)

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1932 in Los Angeles, Calif.

Carmen Barth


Flyweight (112): Louis Salica (New York, N.Y.) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Bantamweight (118): Joseph Lang (Love Lock, N.Y.) FOURTH-PLACE MEDAL

Featherweight (126): John Hines (San Pedro, Calif.)

Lightweight (135): Nathon Bor (Fall River, Mass.) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Welterweight (147): Edwin Flynn, Sapulpa, Okla. -- GOLD MEDAL

Middleweight (160): Carmen Barth (Cleveland, Ohio) -- GOLD MEDAL

Light Heavyweight (175): John Miller (Alvia, Iowa)

Heavyweight (+175): Frederick Feary (Stockton, Calif.) -- BRONZE MEDAL

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1928 in Los Angeles, Calif.

Flyweight (112): Hyman Miller (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Bantamweight (118): John L. Daley (Newton, Mass) -- SILVER MEDAL

Featherweight (126): Harold G. Devine (Worcester, Mass.) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Lightweight (135): Stephen M. Halaiko (Auburn, N.Y.)

Welterweight (147): Thomas Lown (New York, N.Y.)

Middleweight (160): Harry H. Henderson (Virginia Beach, Va.)

Light Heavyweight (175): Leon Lucas (Camden, N.J.)

Heavyweight (+175): Alexander J. Kaletchitz (Palmetto, Fla.)

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1924 in Paris, France

Fidel La Barba

Flyweight (112): Fidel La Barba (New York, N.Y.) -- GOLD MEDAL

Flyweight (112): Raymond Fee (St. Paul, Minn.) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Bantamwight (118): Salvatore Tripoli AKA Jackie Williams (Yonkers, N.Y.) -- SILVER MEDAL

Featherweight (126): Joseph Salas ( hometown unknown) -- SILVER MEDAL

Lightweight (135): Fred Boyleston (Ford City, Pa.) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Welterweight (135): Ben Rothwell (Virginia)

Welterweight (147): Al Mello (Tewksbury, Mass.)

Welterweight (147): Hugh Haggerty (Pittsburgh, Pa.)

Middleweight (160): Adolph Lefkowitch (Newport, Va.)

Light Heavyweight (175): Thomas Kirby (Boston, Mass.)

Light Heavyweight (175): George Mulholland (Indianapolis, Ind.)

Heavyweight (+175): Edward P. Eagan (Denver, Colo.)

Heavyweight (+175): H.G. Greathouse (W. Virginia)

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1908 in London, England -- U.S. was not represented

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1904 in St. Louis, Missouri

Oliver Kirk


Flyweight (105): George Finnegan (hometown unknown) -- GOLD MEDAL

Flyweight (112): Miles Burke (hometown unknown) -- SILVER MEDAL

Bantamwight (115): Oliver Kirk (hometown unknown) -- GOLD MEDAL

Featherweight (125): Frank Haller ( hometown unknown) -- SILVER MEDAL

Featherweight (125): Fred Gilmore (hometown unknown) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Lightweight (132): Harry Spanger (hometown unknown) -- GOLD MEDAL

Lightweight (132): Jack Eagan (hometown unknown) -- SILVER MEDAL

Lightweight (132): Joseph P. Lydon (hometown unknown) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Lightweight (132): Pete Sturholdt (hometown unknown) -- FOURTH PLACE

Lightweight (132): O.L. Bollington (hometown unknown)

Lightweight (132): K. Jewett (hometown unknown)

Lightweight (132): Arthur Seward (hometown unknown)

Welterweight (145): Albert Young (hometown unknown) -- GOLD MEDAL

Welterweight (145): Harry Spanger (hometown unknown) -- SILVER MEDAL

Welterweight (145): Joseph P. Lydon (hometown unknown) -- BRONZE MEDAL

Middleweight (158): Charles Mayer (hometown unknown) -- SILVER MEDAL

Middleweight (158): Benjamin Spradley (hometown unknown) -- SILVER MEDAL

Heavyweight (+158): Samuel Berger (hometown unknown) -- GOLD MEDAL

Heavyweight (+158): Charles Mayer (hometown unknown) -- SILVER MEDAL

Heavyweight (+158): William M. Michaels (hometown unknown) -- BRONZE MEDAL

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