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Mayweather's 'tweets'

and call-outs

hide his true intentions




When do you see a fight that has reached a conclusion, but has never happened at all? 


Whether Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. would still fight in the future or not, who cares now?  The bout is well over. And the world has come to an end for the “Fight of the Century.” 


Whatever may lie ahead for Pac and Floyd with regard to their “endlessly anticipated” boxing contest is not nearly as important as what has been unfolding right before our very eyes.  Every line and episode would tell everyone the real score in the absence of incompetent corrupt judges and out of reach of an inept bias referee.

Mayweather and Bob Arum are twins.  They have similar ways with words to get what they want, but they don’t know we have a way with reason to unmask them.  The points are lucid, bright as sky after heavy downpour.


Other than a fight with the Filipino congressman, boxing fans want nothing from the jail-bound “Pretty Boy.” It is a fight with Pacquiao that matters to them, no less.


But Floyd continues to duck Pacquiao and enjoys taking boxing for a ride.   His seemingly challenging “tweets” and “calls” to “Miss Pac Man” are mere cloaks to hide his true intentions. Floyd is looking for a convincing justification to sell his fight with another “cherry-picked” boxer, THAT’S WHY!  He came out “boldly” with a “tweet-call-drama” to convince us that he no longer ducks Pacquiao.  But he does, because it was only a drama.

Mayweather is most afraid of two things.  One is  Pacquiao, and the other is the scenario that any of his fights outside of Pacquiao may not go off well profit-wise due to the fact that the boxing world is likely to boycott such Mayweather fight just as he and his camp were made to indelibly understand after the Mayweather-Ortiz farce.


To backstage, Floyd!

Nov. 26, 2011


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by Reni Valenzuela


Reni’s interest in boxing dates back during his elementary and high school days when he would  be asked to compete in boxing matches especially during community fiesta celebrations representing the place in Manila where he grew up. He fought in boxing competitions probably the same number of times that he joined in singing contests also during fiestas of the same period.  Reni took part in different songwriting festivals but it was his God-given talent in drawing and painting that made him win the grand prize.

A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, he has been into different business ventures and currently owns and manages a herbal production and trade company. Reni is a resource speaker in different Christian mission gatherings and forums. He travels to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in various congregations.  He is into other sports interests like basketball, table tennis and swimming.  Reni loves writing. But his one most consuming passion is the Word of God.