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Winner of The Jay W. Beeton Literary Award
for "Best Humor Novel of 2013"

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In the dusty,
one-stoplight town
of Durwood, Oklahoma,
nobody commands more attention
than Dewayne "Miracle" Moses,
who was once the whole package:
handsome ... charismatic ...
and the greatest high school athlete
Poncotoc County had ever seen.

Two decades
and too many screw-ups later,
a paunchy "Miracle"
works for Roto-Rooter
and plays slow-pitch softball,
mixing beer with bluster to deny
his squandered potential
and dead-end future.

"The Miracle Myth"
is a rowdy humor novel
about the self-proclaimed king
of a wind-blown redneck town,
and the emasculating conflicts
that arise when middle age
begins to catch up.

Snarky, small-town politics
become monumental
when Durwood's new
"golden boy" athlete --
the youngest of a weird clan
of hayseed brothers --
comes home from college.
Conflicts intensify among
the town's quirky characters
when rumors spread
that the young stud
might be gay.

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Also by Dennis Taylor

  In the second round of a defense
of his IBF super featherweight world championship,
 Tony "The Tiger" Lopez felt the elbow
of challenger John Molina slam into his eye.
The impact of the accidental shot
shattered his orbital bone
and jammed Lopez's eyeball
back into its socket.
Swelling immediately sealed the eye,
 a problem made worse when,
in the next round,
Molina opened a cut
over Lopez's other eye.
The notoriously gritty champ
 fought seven more rounds
that night in Sacramento
before losing his title by TKO
-- a story typical of those you'll read
in "A Puncher's Chance: Amazing Tales
from The Ringside Boxing Show."
This book chronicles the strange-but-true lives
of some of the greatest boxers
and boxing personalities of all time
-- yarns spun in their own words
during live interviews
on The Ringside Boxing Show,
a weekly radio program that originates
from Monterey, California
and streams worldwide.
Prepare to be astonished
by more than a dozen
of the most remarkable
and improbable stories ever told
about the brutal and astonishing sport
known as "The Sweet Science."

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