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Former middleweight contender Antoine Douglas

Motivational tales from the Sweet Science

Boxing is an amazing, multi-directional sport that continues to benefit humans for ages. The sport is famous for helping talented individuals turn their lives around and create a better future. Here are the most motivating boxing stories that highlight the real beauty of the sport and encourage interested parties to try.

Antoine Douglas

While only a few MMA betting enthusiasts may know Antoine Douglas, his story is very inspiring. Born to a mother struggling with a terrible drug addiction problem, Douglas was taken in by the Child Services Department at the age of three. He was taken in by different families, but he moved a lot as most of them failed to offer him the affection, love, and protection that a child needs.

In his childhood, Douglas suffered neglect and abuse until he found his true home Ė in the ring. The athlete was welcomed and accepted in the first boxing gym he tried, finally getting the care he deserved. He made his sparring partners and coaches are his family, with boxing helping him get out of the emotional hell-hole he was in at the time. That allowed him to start a fresh, happy life as a talented professional in the middleweight division.

Sergio Martinez

This Argentine boxer has stood strong to prove that itís never too late to pursue your boxing dreams. Remarkably, Martinez first tried the gym at 20 years and merely two years later, he had reached the professional level. He became a reigning force in the middleweight division, holding the lineal championship for over four years. Martinez also was ranked as the third-best pound-for-pound boxer in the world, behind Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

Edison Miranda

Miranda was born to a teenage mom, enduring homelessness and neglect in his youth in Colombia. He found boxing at age 16, and he turned pro by the time he was 20. However, he still struggled since Colombian promoters kept much of the money from the fights in which he participated.

Miranda joined the Warriors Boxing Promoters in the U.S. at 24 and things started changing for him. He was able to move to Florida, with Greg Wantman and Steve Benbasat becoming his new managers. His managers provided him with an apartment and food, also covering all sparring and training expenses. During his career, Miranda fought twice for a world title and was considered one of the the most-dangerous knockout artists in middleweight the middleweight division, stopping his opponents in 31 of his 36 victories.

Nicola Adams

Adams is a national hero in Britain after taking the women's gold medal in 2012 during the London Olympics. What makes her extraordinary are the great obstacles that she overcame to become an icon.

 As a woman in a sport highly dominated by men, Adams faced sexism daily, but held on strong and achieved her dreams. However, she at one time struggled with finances and used the same track suit for four years consecutively.

Bottom Line

Boxing caters to people of all ages and gender. The lives of these individuals have turned around inside the ring, and each of them is a strong indicator of what sports can help you to achieve. Whatever your story maybe, youíll find a home in boxing and hopefully live a better life.